Green Lantern Show Down

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Max Spidey 24
This would be sick. All the lanterns from earth battle it out . I think kyle will go down first because hesa joker even though creative but hal and john willgetr to him . John dont play games and will beat kyle while hal could probaly beat both of them since hes the original and knows alot

John would probably win. I think so because although Hal knows alot from experience, John knows a heck of a lot more because he has the advantage of modern battle tactics on his side. He also has experience and he has seen a lot more than Hal. (More inter-galactical stuff, etc.)


Max Spidey 24
Its either hal or john i cant see kyle winning at all

Poor Kyle. He's often underestimated. But I'm gonna go for John.


Corlock Striker
I'm going for the man that realized the full potential of his power, and did it with only one ring. That's right the guy that became Ion, the guy that stopped an entire alien invasion fleet that was still light years away, without leaving the Watchtower. He just thought about stopping the alien invasion fleet that was light years away for a few seconds, and poof it was no longer a threat. In case you're still wondering who I'm casting my vote for, it's Kyle.

Dude, he tried to punch Deathstroke. That is just retarded, I'm going with Hal.

Quick Freeze
Guy Gardener!

The Flash

Best (cuurrent) GL's in order:

4.Alan (not a GLC member)

most of the others are still dead

You gotta put in to perpective that Kyle is not only the coolest one but also the one with the best imagination so I gotta go with Kyle smart

although mogo is still alive.


i concurr...

Hal Jordan.

Hal as GL.

Although, Hal as GL wasnt challenged nearly as much as Kyle has been, although most of Hal's biggest villains would be way beyond kyle's league. Still, Hal is way more experienced than kyle.

Hal enemies he beat:
Old Timer
All old GLC
Mad God 3600
Parallax (cosmic parasite. yet to be seen if he will win)

Kyle Enemies he beat:
Solaris (contained him for a while, instrumental in his defeat)
Mogo constructs
Dark Lantern

Alan is the best in power use so I actually could see him winning this.

But, if Alan doesn't win this, then Hal does. After all, he has actually almost taken the GL corps by himself.

Yeah. Alan has internalised all of the starheart power. He's actually made up of green energy, and makes himself appear human through sheer willpower.

Corlock Striker
Hmm, Alan might take it then, but I'm still unsure.

After all with a single ring Kyle became Ion, capable of any feat anyone can imagine, as he realized the full potential of the power of a Green Lantern.

In order to reach that level of power Hal Jordan needed to collect the ring of every Green Lattern in the Corps, because he could not wrap his mind around the concept that all the power he needed was in his head, and instead mistakenly thought the power was in the rings.

Despite his years of experience with the ring, Hal could never come to grips with this concept. A concept Kyle came to grips with and understood within months or a few years of wearing the ring.

Because of that, I really can't say I see Hal as winning the fight. Considering that he doesn't have nearly as good an imagination as Kyle, nor as true an understanding of the actual limits of the Green Lantern power.

Also all that talk about Kyle being inexperienced I view as utter crap. I really don't like the way DC handled the character as he had a whole lot of aweful stuff happen to him, like having two of his girlfriends brutally murdered by super villians.

After experiences with super villians like that Kyle was still green around the gills? He was still naive about the way super villians act? That I find hard to believe. So I blame the perception of Kyle as being inexperienced on bad writing and character development on the part of DC.

As for Kyle punching Deathstroke, I'll need to re-read that issue of Identity Crisis.

Right now however, I will raise the point that Deathstroke caught Kyle's hand and broke it before he did anything. If the punch you are talking about lead directly into Kyle getting his hand broken, the following situations are what may have gone down.

Therefore, until I re-read the issue and see if it is blantantly obvious that Kyle was attempting to punch Deathstroke, exactly what Kyle was intending to do before his hand was broken is unknown as the action was never completed.

It could be that he was thrusting his hand out, in a typical and unnecessary Green Lantern manner, before doing something to Deathstroke with his ring. But Deathstroke stepped towards Kyle's thrust and caught Kyle's hand before anything happened. Deathstroke then broke Kyle's hand. The intense pain of a broken hand kept Kyle from being able to focus well enough to create anything with his ring for the rest of the fight.

It could also be that Kyle was simply in a state of panic and his first instinctual response was to puch Deathstroke. In that case, I once again chalk that up to poor writing on the part of DC in relation to the character. As by the time of Identity Crisis Kyle had been through so much tradegy and super hero stuff that he should have known better, and so should have been written as though he knew better. That he wasn't written as knowing better, is not his fault, but rather the fault of DC for not realistically developing his character.

If the punch you are speaking of occurred after Kyle had his hand broken. Then the intense pain of a broken hand kept Kyle from being able to focus well enough to create anything with his ring for the remainder of the fight. This inabliity to focus well enough to use the ring is what caused Kyle to punch Deathstroke, not any amount of inexpierence or anything like that. It was simply the only thing he could do, because he did not have the clarity of mind necessary to make use of the ring.

Again my view of this situation will have to wait until I re-read the issue of Identity Crisis. But as it stands my vote goes to Kyle if this fight only includes members of the Corps. And it leans towards Kyle but ultimately goes to Alan if we include him in this fight.

Well, kyle created oblivion and 6 other GL's just out of his subconcious. He didnt even know he was doing it.

Personally the only way that you could possibly get away with kyle as ion would be to have a SANE hal working as the parallax. Ion would outclass parallax considering that parallax's origional power was mixed with oblivion to create Ion... Personally i think Judd Winnick's Kyle would win while Ron Marz's would fall flat on his face. otherwise give it to Hal.

I still think hal takes the cake this time. yes

It's not a fair fight. Kyle and alan has the raw power. Kyle has the imagination. John has the imagination and intelligence. (when john uses his ring to create an airplane you can actually see the working parts form first) . And hal has the will power. John has destroyed a planet. Kyle has held and exploding star. Well we all know what hal and alan have done. It would be a 4 way tie.

Hal def. Then Kyle. John gets last place

I can almost understand Kyle. because it was his "supposed destiny to be the greatest GL" And he has done some things like teleporting that I have only seen Alan do. But what is so great about Hal, give me some kind of evidence. I've seen John construct advance machinery using his ring and architectual abilility not to mention he served on the GL corp as well as the Darkstars and he has proven himself with every group including the JL. So we can all see where he has like a lot of experience. But hal, what did he do besides use his ring to form a giant fist and pummel people. Because he siphoned energy from his friends and fellow GL doesn't make him very strong. It just makes him devious. So I missed a few issues what is so great about Hal Jordan.

3.Kyle (close, but not quite as experienced as alan)


most of the others are dead

Any reason why you ranked it that way. I would like to know. Cause I like Kyle and now they got rid of him to bring back Hal. because the original is somehow better I suppose. But I stopped reading cause kyle was at least a cool developed character.

Hal has fought against much more powerful enemies than kyle. He is far more experienced. Before the glc was destroyed, the guardians acknowledged him as the greatest green lantern, possibly the greatest EVER. They have been around for bilions of years and even they admitted that theyt had not seen the like of hal jordan for a long time.

Alan has far more experience than either hal or kyle. Alan has totally internallised the power of the starheart. He isnt even human any more, he's made of pure energy, but only makes himself appear human throught force of willpower.

Kyle managed to be a great green lantern without the guidence of any other corps members and without the guidence of the guardians. He was all alone, and still managed to do well.

Mogo is a living planet, so could squash most of the other GL's.

Kilowog is back from the dead, and was one of the strongest, more veteran members of the old GLC. He was one of the 2 that trained hal Jordan (the other being sinestro).

I like john stewart, probably cause he is the only black lantern, but
Hal jordan would pretty much kill them all by himself, if he is parallax.

Originally posted by eleveninches
3.Kyle (close, but not quite as experienced as alan)


most of the others are dead

Guy seventh? out of the guys you listed he's fourth. Without a doubt.

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