Colored Dice

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Stealth Agent
Where can I find Color Dice I needa red 1 I lost from my RISK set and two yellow ones I lost from mah simpson's clue

like im talking about department store places i called K-Mart and Walmart and they told me they didnt have any


Try hobbyist shops, there must be loads out in the US

big gay kirk
Try games Workshop, Forbidden Planet, or any Games shop out there... most large towns in the US have one... they are also incredibly easy to buy mail order... ask your local newsagent or bookshop if they can get you a copy of White Dwarf or Dragon magazine, and look through the ads...

Wal Mart no expression

Stealth Agent
hmmm walmart why havnt i tried there before?

oh maybe because i have! mad mad mad mad mad cool mad mad mad

why not just paint som dices

Jackie Malfoy
DIce is cool but it is evil!JM

I'm sorry I cannot help you as I do not know where to get colored Dice, I know where to get coloured dice if they would suffice instead?

ass stick out tongue

....oh my fault , arse roll eyes (sarcastic)


How positively rude.

Stealth Agent

where are those?

you know i adore your arse happy

You know there's a big difference between his ass and his arse...

His ass is a beast of burden that he keeps in a field... blink

His arse is what he talks out of... stick out tongue

See Baylin knows the difference stick out tongue


I was unaware that the game RISK did not function without the correct proportion of colour coated dice. That being said, why are we talking about red dice as if they were the holy grail? Any shop that sells games, a hobby shop, a K-mart, a walmart, a toys'r us, just about any place has dice.

Stealth Agent
that could be true but how many times have your aunt and uncle won?

big grin laughing evil face
Top that Sister Kharma

And to that I say, WTF are you trying to say?

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