Coolest Guy In A Movie?

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has to be Ving Rhames from well any movie. Hes such a badass

Aku, you're cool and all, but you sure do have a lot of time on your hands to think up thread subjects. It's 12:15 (my time), and I think you just started five threads in various forums within the last five minutes!

BTW, I've always like the Michael Douglas adult thrillers. I think he gets my nod for those.

Ron Perlman.

Is this thread about actors or fictional characters?

You Suck
Laurence Fishburne. raver

Samuel L. Jackson

Aroll Flynn

Steve McQueen

Paul Newman for Cool Hand Luke. thumb up

Red Superfly
Johnny Depp?

Christafer Walken

Sam Jackson in Pulp Fiction. Every scene was cool! cool

Definitly Chrstopher Walken.

Tom Cruise in Collateral or Sam Jackson in Pulp Fiction

Christopher Walken1

Harrison Ford for Indy and Han Solo

David Carradine- Bill

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also Brad Pitt (How can you beat Tyler Durden and Mickey the Pikey??)

I haven't known Laurence Fishburne to play many "cool" guys, other than in "King of New York".

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I make Brad Pitt my first choice.

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Really? Morpheus? Bishop? I think he always plays those CCC parts.

Carrot Top!

al pacino in scarface

Ethan Edwards
Toshiro Mifune in Yojimbo.

What about Event Horizon? He was cool to me in that.

Jackie Malfoy
I would have to say Harrison Ford from star wars.He is the coolest.JM

gotta love vin disel

This topic doesn't need a thread. It's quite obvious the coolest, baddest mother****er to ever grace the screen is Sam Jackson. Shit yeah.

And Morpheus isn't cool, he's way too pretentious to be cool.

Harrison Ford as Indiana jones
Robert DeNiro in most of the movies he's been in.
James Dean in rebel without a cause
Brad pitt in fight club
Samual L Jackson in most movies he's been
Johnny depp

Jeff Anderson- Clerks
Samuel L. Jackson- Pulp Fiction
Johnny Depp- Once Upon A Time In Mexico

Red Superfly
Harrison Ford - hell yeah.

Sean Connery (Bond)
DeNiro (Taxi Driver)
Ray Liotta (Goodfellas)
Michael Madsen (Reservoir Dogs)
Samuel L Jackson (Pulp)
Bruce Willis (Die Hard)
Johnny Depp (Pirates)
Christian Bale (Equilibrium/Batman Begins)
Al Pacino (Scarface)
Eric Bana (Chopper)
Jean Reno (Leon)
Tom Cruise (Collateral)
Matt Damon (Bourne Identity/Supremecy)
Hugo Weaving (The Matrix)
Michael Beihn (Aliens)
Alec Guiness (Star Wars)
Michael Keaton (Beetlejuice/Batman)
Jack Nicholson (Batman)

Even though Arnie is excellent in the FIRST TWO Terminator films, Robert Patrick as the T-1000 was f**cking awesome. He was so cool he shattered into a million pieces!

There's loads.

Brad Pitt in Fight Club.

Wow, i can think of a bunch, and i dont really look at the actor. I tend to lean towards the character. John McLane, Indiana Jones, Mr. Blonde, Bill, Nic Chen (from the corruptor, not a real good movie, but he is a total badass.) Morpheus, Mike (from Bad Boys), Tony MOntana, Castor Troy, Cleric John Preston, Henry Oak (Narc, Ray Liottas best performance), Tyler Durden, and i dont care, BP as Achilles was sick, movie was lame, but Achilles was nuts, Detective Tequila (JOhn Woo's Hard Boiled, Marcelus Wallace, JAMES BOND, Wolverine, Vincent (In Collateral), Dutch Billy Blaine and Man in Predator, JUST TO NAME A FEW


bruce willis-die hard1,2,3,
sam jackson-pulp fiction,jackie brown
brad pitt-fight club,snatch
mel gibson-lethal weapon1,2,3,4
tom cruise-collateral
de niro-taxi driver,goodfellas
michael madsen-reservoir dogs
johnny depp-pirates
christoher walken-anything
benicio del toro-usual suspects

Cool Hand Luke is the reigning bad ass

Casey jones in Ninja Turtles.

Chow Yun Fat - Li Mu Bai - Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
Gordon Lieu?.. as Pai Mei from Kill Bill 2 big grin

Jhonny Depp in just fanatastic in everthing he does
and Jake gyllenhaal just for looks

Garth - Waynes World

Now that is one cool mother funker.

But Ving Rhames forever. (Dawn of the dead 2004)

Oh shit that's true. Luke is my idol.

Wow Sam Jackson Vs Paul Newman, that's one tough choice.

Johnny Depp, Pirates
Orly B, anything, mostly Pirates

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