Cyclops vs. Hawkeye

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hmm... depends on distance apart really... i wonder could cyclops blast the arrows?

i'd say whoever hits first wins...

I'm pretty sure that Cyclops could blast some of Hawkeye's arrows. I doubt that Hawkeye has anything in his arsenal to block or deflect Cyclop's optic blasts though.

Eden Unicorn
Hawkeye could just drop a smoke arrow and then fire a tracer arrow

Or Cyclops unleashes a SUPER OPTIC BLAST (38 HIT COMBO) and fries Hawkeye.


from what i understand hawkeye cannot stand one blast from cyclops, it would have to be a critical hit from hawkeye, he'd have to kill cyclops with his first shot, otherwise cyclops has him...

muffin man
as much as I hate to say it cyclops


people's hatred of cyclops astounds me sometimes...

muffin man
why hes a cheating dick.
who bosses around the whole team werse than my sister would

Alpha Centauri
"who bosses around the whole team werse than my sister would"

It might be because he's the leader and all that.

That's why I don't get all this X-Men hype. To me Cyke is nothing special at all, he's the leader of this supposed crack team of mutants.

"people's hatred of cyclops astounds me sometimes..."

People's hatred of comic characters astounds me overall. I really dislike the character Captain America but only in the sense of how he's portrayed and stuff. I don't actually hate the man, coz he's not real.


It is unlikely that Cyclops will start this match with a "destroy the room" level blast. If he doesn't and tries his normal level blast to begin with. Then Hawk Eye should have time to respond with gas and smoke arrows at which point he can either close and beat the hell out of Cyclops with his hands or just incapacitate him with an arrow.

bullshit... the whole cheating thing was bad... but read some comics... its not like he just woke up one day and decided to shag emma...

he's arguably the best battlefield leader in marvel... only cap is superior in any way, even then cyclops has some advantages... wolverine (and the rest of them) respect cyclops for good reason

and as for the xmen being a crack team... the strongest x-men team is probably the strongest team of mutants you can reasonably assemble ... excluding jubilee of course...

excellent battlefield leader does not translate into excellent solo combatant, hawkeye has superior skill and resources...... he'd take this one

skills? cyclops is as good if not superior shot to hawkeye...

resources... as long as cyclops has his eyes he has resources...

cyclops isn't his name just because of his visor, its his singular vision on the battlefield, he sees unique solutions to combat problems... cyclops is as good a combatant as hawkeye imo...

i still say unless hawkeye's first shot is a fatal one then cyclops tales him...

muffin man
well he does seem to be wanting to hump her definatly flirting and the x-men were Xorn first appears they go to bed together so

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