Cyclops vs. The Human Torch

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blowupFor the most part, Torch owns the X-men. What about one eye Cyke. is this a real battle or what. I mean one scrape from Cykes eye beam would be enough to blow a hole through him or rip off a limb.

I'm not sure. How much of Cyke's blast is heat and how much is concussive?

It's pure force. no heat. the heat forms off the object as it is obliterated

i already did this thread buddy

muffin man
human torch cause I really want to get rid of cyclops

Cyclops even though he sucks.

muffin man
he's a right pain in the ass who I want wolverine to kill which might be on my next sig but my next one will probably be an easter one

dami wilson
human touch can and should beat xclops because he can fry cyclops whole body while cyclops can only use his eyes. Another thing, when Jonny boy says flame it on and flies at very high speeds, cyclops wont be able to hit jack and by the time he tries to get a proper aim at a guy flying at super speed high in the air, he's getting hit with flames from all over the place! I once saw or read a FF comic where he exploded into a min super nova to take out a bunch of robots that impersonated the other FF members. So jonny wins as Human Tourch!

The Human Torch i saw him to nova blast that will turn cyc into dust.

and human tourch can fly and move faster than cyc can so The Human Torch takes it

muffin man
yes cyclops would be turned into crispy bacon

oh ffs...

just cos u don't like cyclops u immediately assume he'll lose...

'i hate cyclops' is not a valid argument...

if this is normal 'flame on' johhny, then cyclops can beat him, i'm not saying he will, just that he's capable... there are a few reasons why...

johnny is way too cocky for his own good...

cyclops never underestimates opponents...

one decent shot from cyclops can take out johnny... don't assume he can't hit him... cyclops' aim is damn near perfect, he's quick enough to hit johnny too...i'm just saying its possible...

if johnny uses his nova blast of course he wins...

I voted for Scott.

Cyclops has a chance.

muffin man
yeah and frys cyclops.
like I said cyclops becomes crispy bacon

with nova blast he wins, without it cyclops can take him... though a nova blast seems like overkill...

ya that why i said he can win cause he can use nova blast without that cyc will probably win

The first one who hits the other, wins. I don't think this is a far fetched scenario.

I vote for Cyclops, because he's smarter and I think he can be even more precise with his eyebeams than Torch with his firepowers. And at least as fast, probably faster.


muffin man
first one to hit the other?
if cyclops misses he could put out johnny but jhnny just has to grab cyclops and scott gets 3rd degree burns

to grab cyclops he has to get close to him...

muffin man
not hard if he has something to distract him or if he traps him or maybe neutralise his blast.

Alpha Centauri
Taking everything into consideration, who is more likely to get the first hit?

Cyclops has a near perfect aim but he DOES have to aim at a flying object and if Johnny were firing back at him, it would be easier for Johnny to dodge Cyke's shots being that he is flying and unbound by gravity.

So I think that nova blast not included, Johnny has a better shot at getting the first shot. He could also confine Cyke to a certain point if he created a high enough firewall perimeter, at least confuse him.

The reason I lean toward Johnny is the flight advantage. If he flew around and dodged long enough to build up a supernova blast, Cyke would be reduced to cinders. If Cyclops caught him with a strong enough blast, then theoretically it might be able to take him out of the sky or something. It's hitting him that's the trick.


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