*gets a phone call*

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*looks at phone*

Oh it's Amy ...

*picks up*


All I hear is a load of random screaming... sad

She is at a kickin' concert tonight in Cambridge (The Killers) and I REALLY wanted to go, but she invited her friend. HOW SELFISH! stick out tongue

She promised to take loads of pictures though *will post some when she gets back*

*still wishes I was there*

*dies a little inside*

Haha diss.

"I got you a T-shirt."


lil bitchiness
Sorry, I cant really feel your pain, because I hate The Killers.

I'm not that big of a fan, but they are the biggest band to come to Cambridge since...


... Wheatus in 2000 O_O

Seriously. So missing out on it makes me feel a lil crap.

The Killers smell disgust


Ok, so Somebody Told Me (or whatever) was good to begin with, but played too much sick sick

I am totally going to the Greenday concert in Keynes in June cry

I LOVE the Killers!! They are one of my fave bands!! There are never any gigs where i live tho erm

It turns out it was an NME Party gig, it had The Killers, Futureheads, Keisa (SP?) Chiefs and Bloc Party. The T-Shirt rocks though! big grin

Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine and Indie Rock And Roll are great tracks smile

Indie Rock and Roll is my fave!! Jenny was a Friend of Mine and On Top are amazing too! Happy Dance Happy Dance

I was gonna go to one of those gigs, but i wouldve had to travel to Glasgow Academy and the Killers weren't even playing there, so i didnt go sad

Btw. its Kaiser Cheifs stick out tongue

Time Of Evil
Green day rock! With ya all the way Syren

Whoever just said they r goin to the Greenday concert better take me with them. They're awesome!!!

I'm getting tickets from a year 8 boy at the school where I work big grin I was up for getting them the other day, but my best mate decided last minute that he couldn't afford to pay for his ticket this month disgust So I was all gutted and pissy and this kid at school said, Hey Miss, I have two spare tickets. You want them? I was like YEEEESS!!!! Have 50 merits you adorable child laughing out loud So I'm buying them in march so my mate can afford his happy


La Vierge
I understand the person who dissed you. I'm going to an Usher concert like in a week and I'm taking someone other than my brother or my sister.

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