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ello all

on monday i have a job interview with a video shop and wondered if ne one can help get through it ...plz plz plz

wel....your bright person and I know you can do it grl!!!

Do they sell porn video's??

good luck, i dobt you will need it tho

If they ever ask you where you'll be in five years, say I don't know. Because iif you say "this video shop" they'll know you just want the job and are sucking up to get it and if you say somthing else, they'll think you'll want to leave in a year or so.
Doubt you'll need luck though, just keep a positive attitude.

Be confident, thats all the advice you need.

Good luck big grin

Time Of Evil
Just don't suck up to them too much. Tell them that you feel you'll be able to help customers, because of your positive attitude and your widespread knowledge of films of all genres.

That should lure them in. big grin

I've always wanted to work at a video shop after I saw Clerks

so true cool

"My mom's been f*ckin' a dead guy for 30 years. I call him dad" -Randal laughing laughing out loud laughing

laughing out loud

wait i found this one

Dante Hicks: It wasn't me.
Caitlin Bree: Yeah, right. Who was it? Randal?
Dante Hicks: Was it you?
Randal Graves: I was up here the whole time.
Caitlin Bree: You two better quit it.
Dante Hicks: I'm serious.
Caitlin Bree: So, we didn't jus have sex in the bathroom?
Dante Hicks: No.
Caitlin Bree: Stop it. This isn't funny.
Dante Hicks: I'm not kidding. I just came in from outside.
Caitlin Bree: This isn't ****ing funny Dante!
Dante Hicks: I'm not fooling around!

Dante Hicks: Who went back there?
Randal Graves: Nobody, I swear!
Caitlin Bree: I feel nauseous.
Dante Hicks: Are you sure there's somebody back there?
Caitlin Bree: Well I didn't just **** myself! Jesus Christ, I think I'm gonna be sick!
Randal Graves: You just ****ed a total stranger?
Dante Hicks: Shut the **** up!
Caitlin Bree: I can't belive this...
Dante Hicks: Call the police!
Caitlin Bree: No, don't!
Randal Graves: Why?
Dante Hicks: Because there's a stranger in our bathroom and he just raped Caitlin!
Randal Graves: But she said that she did all the work.
Dante Hicks: Would you shut the **** up! Who the ****'s in our

embarrasment i'll stop now

laughing out loud I feel like watching that movie now

Time Of Evil
lol laughing

lucky me , i have it on dvd cool

I do to, I have the 3 disc 10th anniversary's edition cool

i dont sad

ohh man!

Ah ha ha ha! zorro

mad lucky bastard!


now thats the strangest intreview i HAVE ever been on ...the only question they asked was if i liked movies then showed me how to use the computer then sed theyd ring me later ...

i was in there no longer than 10 minutes ...

That is kinda short for an interview.

if they showed you how to use the computer its prolly a good sign

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