ghostly incounter!

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sometimes I think I see a dark figure on the corner view of my eye..when I turn over thur nothings thur!

i get that all the time

isn't it scary!

I always see it when I m alone and I see it in the back of my house!

I tend to see it when i walk at night or when sat alone (witch is most of the time)

It's me. Muahahahaha! evil face

WOW your one evil little shadow thing stick out tongue

most of the times i see that is when its 3 am and im laying in bed

I'm watching one of you now, can you guess who it is? Teehee!

are you sure your no having a wet dream about a really black/really hot lady?

Barry? eek!

gee..thanks darkcrown for changing the subject!!!!argue

darkcrown expression

your welcome?


Time Of Evil
I see dark figures, I also hear creaks. I know they're not there but I'm so scared that I have to stay where ever I am to try and hear the noise again!

that has happend to me but i think its just your imagination, because sometimes when i see something in the corner of my eye, i mistake it for something else, for example, once i saw a brown grocerie bag in the corner of my eye and mistaked it for my cat, so its probably a shadow or something......or maybe your house is haunted,,,

its something to do with the blind spot in 270 degree vision, it happens to everyone.

hm... this is weird messed
Anywho, its normal, but the figure is part of your imagination.
I hear loud noises like a whislte sometimes, which is really annoying, especially when everything around is silent glare.

rajah kalantiaw
that happens to me all the time. i have plants (not that kind, i swear) inside the house and sometimes their shadows resemble that of a person. i give a second look then tis gone.

me my house..especially at brother sees it too..our parents think were insane...

Hmmm i have seen a lot of things that are considerd Ghostaly kinda creeps you out the first time you see something

Once when I was lil I thought I saw bigfoot in the woods but he had white fur,its just my imagination embarrasment

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