If you met your fav video game character of all time, what would you say?

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Jedi Shmedi
Imagine.....actually meeting Link, or Master Chief!

What would you say? Ask?

What would you do if you met your favorite video game character of all time?

mine would be link i would ask him what keeps him looking so cute!!!!!!

total metalhead
id say ''oh fu'ck no!!!! please god dont kill me!!! AAARGHHH!!!!!!!''

my fave character is Nemesis from Resident Evil 3 confused i hope i dont meet him no

If I met solid snake Id ask him how to do the box trick

Hmm....If I were to meet The Prince of Persia I think I would ask him......"What is your real name????"

I'd say "WOW! You're Pierce Brosnan! Can I have your autograph?"

I'd love to meet Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury // King of Fighters, I'd ask him to teach me how to do his special moves (power wave, power dunk, burn knuckle, rising tackle, crack shoot, round wave, Power Geyser, Buster Wolf etc.) @[email protected]

lol that would rock, somebody flips you crap and HADOKEN!!!!
*hides under box*

id say Hi
and of course it wud b to Gambit lol

I'd say, "Hello Mr Bond"

mine would be piane, i would say....... anyhting i could think of at the time! hopefully nothin embarrising ya no!

I'd ask Tifa if they were real!

Hey i was gonna say that to Lara Croft mad

I'd say: OK, Lara Croft, strip naked and mount up, and ride me like I'm Billy Bob! YEEEE HAW!!!

I'd ask her to bang me wink

..stick out tongue

I'd ask Link if he's ever gotten tired of all those quests he's always going on, and if he wanted to hang for awhile.

I'd ask Link if he can really talk...

Lord Ryugen
I'd ask Sephiroth to make me his disciple lol

to Lara Croft I would say 'Well Helloooo".

i'd tell ivy to use a different whip in bed. wink

and i'd compliment kilik on his very long rod.

Sephiroth ff7
i'd steal sephiroth's sword and vincent's death penalty and run like my ass is on fire

I would want to meet Fei from Xenogears and say, "Man, you've been through a lot, have you?"

hmmm i would have say Sephiroth if i ever met him i would say please dont kill me and i wpuld also ask him if i could like be one of the peoples that would help him be ruler of the worlds

Lara Croft ..... Shall we shag now ... or shall we shag later ?

Red Superfly
Solid Snake from Metal Gear - best video game character EVER!

Other faves of mine would be Grey Fox (also from Metal Gear), Link (the hero of time adult Link), Auron (Final Fantasy X), Samus Aran (Metroid).

How about Lara Croft I hear thee ask? How about NO!

Jill Valentine (Resident Evil - and also the next Resident Evil movie!) is the thinking man's real female icon.

Dark Horn: Sephiroth, that really you?
Sephiroth: ...Traitor...
Dark Horn: Huh... uh oh... w-w-wait! I'm not HUMAN!!!!
*Slashing noise*
Dark Horn's dismantled head: Oh well.... at least the sword got stuck in my head... and luck for me, I landed on something soft, a pillar of fire!!

I would say...

"Yo Pacman, how the crap do you eat all those freakin' ghosts and not frown and turn green?"

if i met sub. i would say "freeze biotch! i own u now!" lol

to link , i'd say"wat brought u bake 2 like all those times?

If I met Barret I would cut his hand and keep the machine gun.

Xavier Draven
Link, Dude, Gotta get rid of the green tights man

Rogue Jedi
i would meet bloodrayne and ask her to bite me and make me her *****.

holy shit i need a life? or maybe cool im inside a computer.. something along those lines

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