War : Muggles vs. Wizards

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Does Lord Voldermort REALLY think he can take the muggles on? I mean attacking random people in small towns is one thing. But launching a full-scale war against the muggle world? He's kidding himself. The books say that muggles drastically outnumber wizards. Unless he has this really powerful dark spell that will somehow eradicate billions of muggles in one fell stroke...

And are the Death Eaters THAT ignorant of the muggles' technology.

What does everyone else think?


He could wipe them all out with one spell noone will be able to stop it

We can kill Voldermort!! devil

Or he can kill us (jokeing!!!!!!!!!) big grin

A couple of little somethings, AKA A-Bombs.

Lets see if they can stop it with a simple Shield Charm.
evil face

Exactly. What the heck is Voldemort going to against a NUKE?

Remember that the wizard's society is strongly eluded from the general populace and an engagement would most likely remain this way. If something happens in the muggle world, the people involved have their minds erased and I doubt Voldermort would just wipe out everyone in one night. Voldermort was evil, but not exactly dumb.

Also, Ron's father might have been ignorant of muggle technology, but it doesn't mean Voldermort's cabinet was. They used forbidden spells and using the taboo muggle technology isn't beneath their rules or pride either.

I agree. People would never see it coming.

So they go down together.

Nuke the WORLD!


Zahn Romanova
You never know what ol Voldie has up his sleeve but what can he do when an RPG is aimed directly at him.

Raven Guardia
Wizards would win yes

Two hundred megaton-bombs.

Voldemort: "What in - "

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