Hi, it's time to reveal myself.

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Inspired by shadowy_blue'sMask thread...I have decided I should reveal my true identity to you all.

Many of you know me as 'Smodden'. But my Real name is Peter Jackson, and I directed the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. I decided to become a member here, at this KillerMovies forum, so I could get feedback from the TRUE fans of middle Earth.

All of you have helped me better understand Tolkien and his books, and for that I am thankful to you all. I am sorry that I did not tell you sooner of my true identity, but as you can understand, if I had told you all sooner, things could have gotten out-of-hand. Now that things have died down a bit, I feel it is safe to come forward.

Let me clarify somethings though:
I do NOT have Orlando Bloom's phone number, e-mail, address, or fax number. So don't ask for it...I can't give it to you. This applies to ALL the actors.

I can't give you free merchandise...I'm sorry, but that's up to New Line. If you would like books, DVDs and the like, you know where you can buy them.

Information on KingKong is confidential, and I will NOT reveal any pics or videos of the upcoming movie...I'm sorry, but you will have to wait for the release of the film, before any information concerning the characters, plot, story, location, or ending is discussed.

Nothing will change! I'll still post here often about LOTR...and I'll gladly answer any questions...

I'm sorry I have kept my identity a secret for so long...But you must understand...for the good of the fans...
I'm surprised nobody noticed before, my licence plate says 'Smodden'.
and At the Academy Awards, if you look closely you can see 'kmc' tattooed on my forehead.

I dedicate my career to KMC and the LOTR forum...big grin

Thank you

-Peter Jackson

I'm shocked. no expression



PJ, is that really you?!?!!? eek!

ARC Trooper 117

Why, yes I am Peter Jackson...

But please you can call me Pete, or P.

If you ever get to know me, you'll find I'm not as scary as I look, I have as gentel of a heart as an ent, and a warm smile, even if it is buried behind some big rosy cheeks and fur.

LMAO! I can't get over this...I'm just cracking up. laughing


Well tell me Smod, If you are Peter Jackson, then why is your Birthday

May 26, 1987

That would make you 12 while filming LOTR

That was my cover-up of course. You don't really think I would put my real birthday in my profile? That would lead to suspicion. I pretended to be a 16/17 year old boy, so I could be better accepted into the community...yes

You see, I have many aliases. I can asure you, OB1-adobe, that I am genuine.

But it's not even April Fool's Day yet! stick out tongue

I shall call you PJ. I will laugh, and then realize it's just a joke.



your favourite movies are those you directed yourself?

you're so selfish. stick out tongue

peter jackson?! really!? blink

i'm six days older than peter jackson...hahaha


LOL! laughing out loud

The Inkeeper
omg, i remember when he put his cam on!

So that WASNT a poster of peter jackon you held up!

no expressionstick out tongue

ARC Trooper 117

SO Pete tell me one thing

why the heck did you leave out the Rangers?
are you stupid?

My intelligence has been proven in many ways. I don't mean to brag, but I AM a genius. Question answered.

Besides...I don't like rangers very much...One in the film is quite enough for me. The fans should be happy with my creation. I am intelligent. I am supreme.

Arn't you forgeting I have an Oscar, for 'Best Director'. That means I'm the best.yes

hmmm confused

yeah the best for ONLY ONE YEAR

lets see you win one again.

King Kong!eek!

roll eyes (sarcastic)

dear smeater J...

screw the hobbit...

when are you going to do a sequel to meet the feebles...?

Meet the Feebles! are you bloody mad? Mr. Bar? may I call you bar?

Bar, I think I am under the influence of your MAD ideas, because you know what...I think I agree...

*I will now go into hybernation for 2 months and live on miracle whip and bagels while I write the scripteek!*

But first I must clear up some things with the so called FANS of my work?

Bar you seem to have a problem...I tell you, tell it to my face...or beter yet..lets rpg over it!eek!
you be the witchking I'll be eowyn!

-Peter Jackson future world ruler, and dominating director of disaster.

I can't believe this thread made it to 2 pages lol roll eyes (sarcastic)

Mandos? I've heard of you...Maybe you would like to give me money.yes I like money. New Zealand cash please.

Shit... ok, how much? lol

Mr Jackson, when did you move to the US?

Frosty Beverage

hi P!

Hey P, you still smokin that weed?


ah Raz, when will you learn? I will overpower you one dayyes

Hey P. it may not look like it, but im a true, LOTR fan stick out tongue. especially of John Davies, who plays Gimli. I just have to say, well done on ur moviesclapping

holy s***! its you! i only saw the first one, sorry! but it was good!


the people here need proof, show us webcam footage of you saying you are pete or do a tv interveiw wink as proof, these are easy things to do

somebody has issues roll eyes (sarcastic)

so tell us your plans of the Hobbit and King Kong, Pete.

me??? I just find it highly improbable... He probably would have Orlando blumes number, and no-one would put in a fake birthday for a cover-up, it just seems a tad melodramatic

of coarse he cant its all "confidential"sounds like a cover-up for i don't know

if on the off chance he is telling the Truth i bow down ask for forgiveness and pick the $1 million hanging out his pocket

lil bitchiness
Mr Jackson sir, please make an epic movie, involving Hayden Christensen and cast me as someone who gets to have nude sexy scenes wit the said actor.

Thank you sir, and i loved Lord Of The Rings!

Wow nudie sex scenes with lil b, id buy that for a dollar stick out tongue

this amuses me.

Royal Knight
oh the attention seekers...gotta hate them

omg !!... you left KMC for a couple of days and when you're back is full of crap!!! mad


eek! Peter Jackson is a Metroid fan! eek!

peter jackson is a big headed git

i noticed that and i was about to point that out

is there going to be a movie on The Hobbit made?

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