who understands the matrix

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i have absolutly no clue

Let's see, dizzyblondegirl...nevermind.

well it gets pretty confusing in the two sequals i just found it hard to follow this is a movie discussion forum after all

what is it you dont understand exactly?

what exactly is the archtect saying and is neo actually dead in the third film

These pages should tell you everythng you need to know:





i understand that the 2nd and 3rd were sh!t

hahahahah, me too!

why dont you check out the matrix forums faq's? The matrix crew would be happy answering your questions happy

Alpha Centauri
Understanding The Matrix is fairly easy if you look into the philosophy and theological references surrounding it.

Understanding why The Wachowski Brothers bent over and took a fast one for the money and sold out the greatest movie ever, is much more puzzling.

The Architect isn't saying much essentially. Just leaning on a thesaurus.



you seem to like the matrix alot

i like it alot my self

That was a bit harsh, don't you think?

thanks for your help guys so howcome you guys didnt find the matrix confusing?

right so you do know that they had the story of the triligy decided when they did the first so its not like they got offered all this cash then made up some crazy story real quick.. this was how they intended it to be regardless of the pay check

becuase i paid attention and i understand big words i suppose?

good for you then

i totally understood the first one and i was happy. then they released the sequels and that just totally threw off everything i thought i knew. but i almost have a complete understanding of the entrie matrix trilogy now because of this: www.matrix-explained.com

It doesn't matter what the Architect was trying to say. That whole thing about "other ones" or whatever he was talking about is better left ignored.

As for if Neo died. I believe people who normally hang in this forum debate on whether or not he died. He did though. It would have been the perfect ending if they hadn't added that whole sunshine super-happy scene at the end.

Who dosnt understand The Matrix USELESS THREAD!

My brother thinks that the movie was a reference to NEO as Jesus

how he was the chosen one. How he had to die and come back to life

Silver Stardust
Yeah, a lot of people have brought that up.

I understood the Matrix fine, it's just a matter of actually paying attention.

And I maintain that Neo is not dead...because really they ended it so that we really don't know...

I understand alot about the Matrix I know alot too, that doesn't mean I know everything.

sati is the one...trust me...all will be revealed in time

rajah kalantiaw
how can she be the one when neo alreday is?

no he isnt...trust me...i know these things...

and how would you know that? What the f**k?

there are a lot of different theories and I guess maybe that is one of them but it doesnt say anywhere that that is definitely the ONE theory

not that you know of...but some of us are different...

so random saying something like that,
could you please tell me why you are so different, and why I should believe you? coz, it just doesn't make sense to the most of us... huh

Now although the process of watching the matrix would have altered people's consciousness they will remain irrevocably human, ergo some of them will understand it others won't concordantly even though you first question was the most pertinent it was also the most irrelevant.

from my other forum...posted by yours truly

ight lets see if i can remember the whole of my theory

morpheus told neo of the prophecy of "the one" and how " his coming would herald the destruction of the matrix and end the war"

he also stated that when the matrix was first built there was a man born inside who had the ability to change whatever he wanted...remake the matrix as he saw fit"

my theory is based on the concept that the way morpheus describes it in the film doesnt neccessarily mean that all those criteria need to be the result of a single person "his coming would herald the destruction of the matrix" is not the same as "he will destroy the matrix"

so essentially it brings us to the events of the matrix and how it was built

the architect tells neo that his life "is the remainder of the sum of an unbalanced equation inherent to the progamming of the matrix"

what this means is that then the matrix calculations were being done one of the numbers ended in 0.999999...onto infinity

the machines work on the same principles as calculators and computers in that they dont round up numbers...they simply give an increasing number of decimal points

now who has the ability to round up numbers easily as a matter of course while doing calculations?...human beings

so the machines enter a code into a selected human that makes them unconciously complete the calculations needed for the matrix to exist...in the cycle of the matrix seen in the films it is neo that contains this code

what this code effectively does is make its carrier exempt from the rules of the system and as such is a danger to the machines as they are by nature unable to go beyond the rules of the system and its programming

what happens during the course of the matrix films is that the code continues to gain and aquire knowledge of the system and the rules that can be broken...giving the carrier ever increasing levels of ability

so how do the machines control this "anomaly"

by way of the prophecy

this is the oracles job in the system...she plants the seed of the story of "the one" and makes it seem to the people freed from the matrix that there job is to find the saviour of mankind...this entire prophecy is simply a way of controlling the anomaly to the source

it is my beleif that there were several attempts to control this anomaly that were unsuccessful in the previous matrices

think about what smith and the architect tell neo about the failures of the previous matrices

these failures are a result of the person containing the code gathering to much information and thus destroying the belief system of the rest of the matrix inhabitants and causing a collapse of the system

the previous ways of controlling the anomaly that failed are quite easily apparent

the first attempt at controlling the anomaly was the merovingian programme...made to investigate cause and effect....the premise being that if the effect was the collapse of the matrix then there must have been a cause

the merovingian failed to find the solution...at the same time along comes the oracle...a programme designed for a different purpose who "stumbled across a solution whereby 99.9% of all test subjects accepted the programme"

her solution that she stumbled across was getting the anomaly to the source...removing it from the carrier...deleting the information it had gathered about the system and then reinserting it back into another person in the matrix...simple...problem solved

but was it?

how do you get the anomaly to go back to the source

well the first attempt at doing this was to physically force them back to the source...and hence the agents were created...and hence smith calls the oracle "mom"...because she came up with the idea for their creation

the agents failed and would probably have been deleted if it were not for the fact that they proved useful in controlling the other 0.1% of the human s who didnt accept the programming...in other words...killing the rebels

so that idea of the agents controlling the anomaly didnt work so what next

well the oracle had to find a way to get the anomaly back to the source by choice...so how is this accomplished

what better way to get somebody to do something than telling them if they dont do then all of humanity will be exterminated...this is effectively what the architect tells him at their meeting during the "levels of existance they are willing to accept speech"

essentially he is lying to neo to get him to choose the other door and go back to the source

neo chooses not to and goes back to the matrix to save trinity ( a deliberate cause initiated by the oracle but well come back to that)

because neo chose the different door it effectively made him more advanced than any of the previous people who have contained the code...his abilities evolve at a ever faster rate

these abilities begin to manifest themselves outwith the matrix...and is described by the oracle in revolutions

"the power of the one stretches from this world all the way back to where it came from...the soucre"

what this means is that the code neo carries was created in the source and has remained linked to the source continauly to allow the matrix programme to run correctly

the consequenses of this for the programmes and machines is that neo has a connection to everything else that is connected to the source

this is why even when he is blinded he can still see the machine city...the sentinals and smith...as they are all connected to the source...he cannot however see the logos or trinity after they crash because they are not connected to the source

this conncection also allows neo to manipulte the sentinals...hence he could stop them through that connection

i believe the machines new that this would be the result of the continued evolution of the code the longer it is carried by a single person and hence it had to be controlled

this is where i think that the oracles influence stretches back over all three movies

when neo destroyed smith in m1 something was "overwritten or copied"

what was copied was essentially the negative or the code inserted into neo

eventually smith can realise these abilities as neo has and would also have been able to connect and manipulate the source and neo knows this and so do the machines..."soon he will spread through this city as he has spread through the matrix...you cannot stop him...but i can"

during the fight neo realises that the only was to stop him is to allow the codes to cancel and balance the matrix negating the need for the anomaly code to exist

the oracle new this and manipulated the events to also end the war


the war ended as per the prophecy...thanks to neo...the matrix was techinically destroyed as per the prophecy...thanks to smith

so that leaves the only actual ability ever attributed to "the one"...and that was the ability to change the matrix as he saw fit

as we know...neo was never able to do that...he could makes the ground and walls wobble a bit but he certainly didnt change the fabric of the matrix

so who could fill these shoes

along comes sati...a programme designed without purpose who is exiled to the matrix to avoid deletion

now we already know from the oracle/neo park bench scene in reloaded that there is a programme "to watch over the wind...the trees...sunrise and sunset"...and of course the birds

but what is the programme without a purpose or ability that is sati able to do

change the sunrise "for neo"

where did she get this ability from?...logic would dictate that if she had been given it by the architect then she would have a purpose and would no longer need to be in the matrix...so why then is it that she is still under the care of the oracle?

its because she was never given a purpose...she is simply the first and only "one" that fulfills the ability foretold in the prophecy....a story that was initially conncoted simply to control the anomaly

the oracle knows this and hence in the game "enter the matrix" she says that a programme gave up her termination code to the merovingian "for life and for the love of their child"...when asked by ghost why the oracle allowed it to happen she replied " i dont know...but i know the child is important to the future of both our world and your world"

but what of the oracles ability to see the future...why couldnt she tell for sure that sati was "the one"

well as the oracle puts it..."even i cant see beyond the end"

what this means is that she cannot see beyond the end of the matrix cycle...and it is only after the matrix is renewed that sati and her abilities become apparent

this brings us on to the final and controvertial scene in revolutions...sati and seraph run up to the oracle and after the sunrise for neo bit...seraph looks at sati as she runs off and says to the oracle..."did you always know"...and the oracle replies..."no...but i believed...i believed"

did she know what?...simple...did she know that sati was "the one"

and all these events come down the oracle being "bored" of the cyclical nature of the matrix...how can she change the future and the cycle

well that comes down to what "bakes your noodle"...namely "would you still have done it if i hadnt said anything"

what this pertains to in would trinity still have fallen in love with neo if the oracle hadnt told her that whe would love the man that was to be "the one"

it was this seed that changed neo's desicion in the architects room...it was this descision that led neo to wake up in m1 and destroy smith thus duplicating the code...it was this that made neo evolve the abilities he had to force the truce with the machines

good ol oracle

the end

Can we have that in English please?

no expression

rajah kalantiaw
jaden101> intereting theory. i actually read its entirety. but wasn't the man who had the ability to change the matrix as he saw fit be the architect since he's the creator?

second, programs that are not needed have a choice, to become an exile or be deleted. exiles don't need a pupose. they just want to continue existing. isn't that purpose enough for an intelligent entity with a choice to be deleted or not?

good points...the architect can change the matrix...but this is arguably his purpose anyway

then we can also argue that he cant do this...take the animatrix...the one about the supposedly haunted house...it was not the architect that fixed thr glitch...it was a team of agents and a strange truck that came to sort out the problem...

exiles do indeed have a choice to either be deleted or to be exiled to the matrix...but none of them have the ability to change the fabric of the matrix itself...some like the merovingian add their own programmes such as the famous and well sought after "orgasm cake" that he serves the woman in the restaraunt...and the train man also has his "mobil ave" programme although this isnt part of the matrix itself

sati was able to change the sunrise despite us being told very deliberately in reloaded that there was already a programme to do that very job...

i understand the matrix very well me is neo after all after watching the movie i started hering vioce saying that was me in the vat like womb ffs
on my video it said neo the matrix has you ...... and it will find you if you want it to hehehehehe i found the matrix and saw wat it was and that i had to remake the matrix to become thomas anderson laughing out loud

The matrix is an action packed movie(s) that is about one man that is to save the human race for this evil guy (his twin) and he dies in the end mad which i don't get why the hottest guy has to be blinded and die i mean that is just bogas and he is hot i must say my self. eek! cool smokin' Happy Dance cool

architect smart

yeah ok but don't u agree that the hottiest damn guy is the one to die thats was just totally out there i mean seriously

Also, if you don't understand anything, search this forum...i know that we talked about just about everything one could get confused about in here, way back when.

Freaky Zeeky
Originally posted by T.M
i understand that the 2nd and 3rd were sh!t

Number #2 wasnt that bad.

To have an understanding of the matrix you need to have an understanding of the 5 major religions Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism. The disciplines and doctrines of these religions are interwoven into the trilogy, for example, the 3 films in the trilogy mark the 3 stages Neo passes through. Birth, life and death with a hint of ressurection at the end, (similar to the life of Jesus). The names of the character are particularly important in deciphering the religious themes the Wack-oww-ski brothers use in the three films. In Greek mythology, Persephone ("per-SE-fo-neh"wink was the queen of the Underworld. In the matrix this is also the case.
Even the music has a part to play in telling the story. The title "Navras" when broken down, defines the 9 different states: Love Humor Pathos Wrath Heroism Horror Disgust Supernaturalism Peace.

If we look at the choral works we can see that the lyrics also have meaning in the film:

Katha Upanisad 6.7
indriyebhyah param mano
manasah sattvam uttamam
sattvad adhi mahan atma
mahato vyaktam uttamam

"Beyond the senses is the mind, and beyond the mind is reason, its essence. Beyond reason is the Spirit in man, and beyond this is the Spirit of the Universe, the evolver of all. " The lyrics from the song "Navras" are taken from the Upanisads, a set of documents written in sanskrit used in the Hindu religion.

So its really a matter of taking in many different sources to piece together the puzzle that has been left for us from the trilogy, which unfortunatly is one f**ked up puzzle because the third trilogy should have been written with more care. blowup

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