The Crow: my story

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People once believed that when someone dies, a crow carries their soul to the land of the dead, but sometimes a terible sadness is carried with the crow and the soul can't rest, and sometimes..just sometimes, the crow can bring that soul back from the dead, to put the wrong things right. Things can never be right, my soul will never rest untill we are together.

I though Eric was the last...I never thought there would be another.

This is my story...Listen....

Can a boy really have vengence? Do people ever get a seccond chance to make things right? Of corse, but for actions there is always a price to pay. A boy making his way through high school, a hate loving family, abusive father, a scared sister, a silent morther, and a saint brother. at sixteen he had witness things even adults should never one should. His brother murdered by his father, sister scared and raped. driven insaine by his fathers actions he took his own life. Though life..or not...I will always have a reason to live.

One year, the same night he took his life...things have changed, yet stayed the same, the crow carrying the boys soul was hurt by the childs pain, the brid could not take it and wanted to set things right to rest in peace. The crow brought the boy back to life, reborn into the night hurting more then ever before but growing stronger because of it. The boy knew all of that which had happend, the thoughts plagued his head, killing him over and over again untill he couldn't breath through his own screaming.

Wondering the streets he stops looking at his own reflection.
"Why must this face haut me?..Get away....I SAID GET AWAY!!!!!"
punching the window bits of glass shatters everywhere. Weeping he cowards in a corner next to a dumpster holding himself, his eyes peering into the shattered glass. He looks to his hand as the wounds heal themselves.

"this face..will be painted in shadows to hide my fear."
Scaring his face with the glass with the symbol of the crow markings..tears..and smiles wild like the shadows.
"Can a boy have vengence? a crow can..hahahahahha"
laughing insain he walks down the streets the scars turning black on his pale skin.
"my life was taken by my own be will my fathers"



wondering the streets once again, the brid..crow flying towards an old home, the boy stops and places his hand on the letter box, visions flash into his head as he falls to the ground "no..what is this...ARGH!!! NO!! STOP!!!!!" visions of his father drunken and feeling up his siter, hitting her..."NOOOOO!!!!" trusting his fist into the box it explodes with his might. "you...why must you do this to me..our are the reason will never be rid of me..." a voice coming from behind him "excuse me..are you ok? you know your gonna have to replace that im afriad" the boy stops and his face is shocked.."your voice.." turning around he looks into the eyes of his sister for the frsit time in a year..the girl speaks again "yeah you, did u hear me bub?"...he stands up "dont u recognize me?.." she startles "..what..what did u do to your face?"..he backs away into the shadows.."i had an ..accident..a year ago..i took a gun to my u remember?" he walks up to her "what?..remember what?.."...he grabs her head and covers her eyes "REMEMBER!!!...we were a family!..our father hated us, he still does! ..BANG!!! i fell and blood on the walls..REMEMBER!!!" ....the girl screams "AHHHH NO!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!! WHY ARE U SHOWING ME THIS!!!"..he lets her go and collaps to the floor "" the gril rushes to his side "oh my god...luke...but..your" she holds him close to her stroking his hair as he was a lil child. "we will know the answers soon.." the boy said closing his eyes regaining his strength.


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