Shazam vs Terrax the terrible

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After seeing enough "Superman vs" to make my eyes bleed, I was wondering what everyone thought of DC's "other" super man- Shazam.

Since Shazam supposed to have "wisdom of Solomon,strength of Hurcules,stamina of Atlas,power of Zeus,courage of Achilles, and the speed of Mercury.
does he have what it takes to take on the might of the ex herald of Galactus-Terrax the terrible?

I think he could. He is at least as strong and fast then Superman. He isn't as ruthless, though, Black Adam would be.

Class 75 Strenght without supplementing it in any way by additional cosmic energy.

Terrax possessed vast cosmic power granted him by Galactus. Terrax's body was coated with a flexible rock-like shell that was impervious to extremes of heat and cold, from 50 degrees above absolute zero to the interior of a small sun, pressure up to 100 Earth atmospheres, and concussive force up to a fall at terminal velocity from the limit of Earth's exosphere. His body had been sustained by cosmic energy, making it unnecessary for him to eat or breathe.

Terrax's mutant ability to psionically manipulate the molecules of rock and earth was augmented by Gaiactus's transformation at least a hundredfold. Terrax could move planetary masses up to 100 miles in diameter. He could move asteroids of 10 miles in diameter at speeds of up to thousands of miles per hour. He could control the direction of a swarm of meteors within 100 miles of his person. With concentration, he could affect a small piece of matter 1000 miles away from him. The farther the distance, however, the less mass he was able to affect. Standing on a planetary surface, he could affect tectonic plates sufficiently to cause earthquakes and create chasms in the surface thousands of feet deep or wide. Deploying his powers to the maximum extent, he could separate a landmass the size of Manhattan Island and levitate it miles off the Earth's surface. On worlds with lesser gravities, he could lift even greater masses.

Terrax, like all of Galactus's heralds, was able to enter warp-space and negotiate through it in order to cover great spatial distances. Traversing through the normal universe, he was able to attain .75 the speed of light.

Terrax wielded a cosmic axe which had several powers of its own. It was capable of emanating waves of destructive force sufficiently powerful to rent a tear in Galactus's own ship. It could also project highly impervious force shields. Since it operated independently of rock and earth, the axe augmented the scope of Terrax's power.

Captain Marvel:

Class Superman Strenght, around the 80-90% of that of the Man Of Steel
Class 100 Strenght in Marvel Universe
He can also charge his fists with magical lightning enhancing the strenght of his blows

Invulnerability of Superman's level

Flight at great speeds, considering that is speed is a gift that rend him fast as Mercury or near to him, he can be put on Supes level
Superhuman Speed and Reflexes, his reflexes are 20 times or more than the human norm.

Now, i haven't seen the strenght limit of Terrax, but if the Thing can withstand against him, Captain Marvel can beat down him with superior strenght.On the other hand the power cosmic grants to Terrax the ability to increase his base strenght, maybe into Class 100, but not at Marvel's level.The axe can damage the spaceship of Galactus, it means it's a weapon that can seriously give problems to Shazam, and mixed with the other powers of Terrax this could grant him the chance to keep Marvel busy and knockdown him with his strenght, but it depends of the strenght limit the former herald can reach

thats not shazam that is cap marvel
shazam is ALOT more powerful than billy...

the old guy with the really long white beard in the quintessence

Ok captain Marvel then

Ummmm, Billy IS expression

isn't shazam the name of a wizard, captain marvel just shouts shazam to change........... doesn't he?

The name of some black dude whose a genie...

Shazam, Captain Marvel, they're the same person in DC. That's what CM says, but he's called that sometimes too.

And Dragon, you're thinking of Kazaam, that movie with Shaq.

either way, Galactus doesn't mess around when handing out power to his heralds, terrax has a portion of the power cosmic which means he has a good chance against most of the earthbound heroes of Marvel or DC

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I have to go with my man Shazaam on this one. Terrax does have a portion of the power cosmic in his command but Shazaam has the power of the gods.

His name is Captain Marvel, in the comics, that's what the call him. He envokes the name Shazam to turn his powers on and off. Because of legal hoo-haa, they can't label his comics Captain Marvel anymore (under fair use and some other copywrite laws, Marvel has the dibs on that name for comic titles for awhile, until they don't use it for a certain amount of years, then DC could probably take it back, lots of weird legal statutes and crap). Storywise, there is a vast difference between CM and Shazam. They just call Billy Batson's comic Shazam for legal reasons.

that's what i thought

Ok...Captain Marvel.....Shazam...Billy....whatever....I think its safe to say whenever there us a thread about this guy no one is talking about a old bearded wizard.

Now that that is cleared up, on to discussing If he has what it takes to hold his own against Terrax

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