Namor vs. Superboy

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Before falling unconscious, Superboy hears:


is this an underwater battle or what if not narmor is dead.

namor can take care of himself, superboys invulnerability isn't near superman's so fish boy has a chance

Namor takes that little whelp to school. No contest.

muffin man
Arsenal you sure like compile Images Namor would sooo win with his nutty little ankle wings

You not know who do you are dealing with.
Superboy's invulnerability is pretty much uber.He was able to survive to nuclear annihilation thanks to an amazing healing factor, he fought with Black Zero, and evil and adult version of himself who was stronger on all plans than the Post Crisis Superman and show his own.
He fought Valor, a Daxamite, that is race similar to Kryptonians but slightly powerful.He takes Aquaman best hits and laugh at him, then knockdown the King with a hit.He can fly at Mach 3 Speeds if not superior cause actually is powers are on higher level then the past.He can project heat vision thanks to pyrokinesis, and his physical strenght in terms of hitting you with a strong punch his very high thanks to his telekinetic aura.And you think Namor can take this easy?LOL
P.S. Don't try to put here Spidey beating SB, it was a fan voted battle and one of the worst comig fight ever.

Spider-man kicked his ass............ stick out tongue it was original powered superboy who was still feeling out his own abilities against the Ben Reilly spidey with the impact webbing, it was way too short, but not unbelievable

Please be seriour, you take Marvel VS DC battles likes that or Wolverine beating Lobo as a real fight?
Superboy is no more the "look i'm Superboy and cool" guy, yes he's still a teen ager and not always acts in the more logic way but he's not a poor idiot.He can just stop the web and make the cartdriges of the web shooter exploding with the Tactile Telekinesis

If he touches them......... and back during that fight he wasn't really sure WHAT he could do, so i don't have a problem with the outcome....... maybe now it would be different, but for the time it was written it was fine

The Flash
Superboy would so whoop Namor's ass that it wouldn't be funny... well maybe it would be.


I would give this to the newest version of Superboy. His TK is SUPER powerful and its not just tactile anymore as well as having super strength, speed and durability without his TK. With his TK he could just suck all the moisture ouot of Namor.

I give this to SB 6/10 due to his strnegth and range of powers however Namor still gets wins simply due to the fact he is Namor and owns!

Superboy is pretty damn powerful. I'd give this fight to him...unless his field is like it used to be and only protect him from kinetic attacks? Namor could electrocute him.

namor all the way

The Ion
Slight, slight advantage to Superboy. Strength is likely par for course, Namor has way more experience and skill but Superboy is really versatile.

Darth Kal-El
Namor has a chance 6/10.

Namor wins 8/10

Namor with a slight edge because he's more of a tactical fighter.

In his old comic, where 2/3 of the enemies he fought were more powerful then he was, he indeed did something tactical to beat them instead of just punching something until there isn't anything punchable left. But I think that he might resort in using the latter way of fighting with Superboy.

But, like he himself says, he has far more then strength in his command:

...and electricity is how Spidey KO'd Suberboy.

LOL that was old school connor nowadays he certainly doesn't look they he did in that picture and his TK isn't just tactile anymore.

This is the kid that took hits from Superboy Prime getting up again and again (well he did keep getting smacked down) however he has huge durabilty and with his TK alone could smoosh Namor Just like I believe he could smoosh Hulk.........Connor can now use his shielding to stop energy attacks on him......................still Connor for the win 6/10

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