DC team Vs The Living Tribunal

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DC team:

Archangel Micheal
Lucifer Morningstar
Saint of killers
The Endless


the overrated Living Tribunal

If they are in the Marvel Universe and they pose a significant threat to the multiverse then Living Tribunal reigns supreme over all of them.

Regardless of how powerful they are in the DC universe, Living Tribunal's edicts reign supreme over all of them in the Marvel Universe.

Living tribunal nuff said

the top list, if they worked together, the DC ones on the list above could easily beat LT

Um, no.

Um, YES!
Do you realise how powerful they are?
I suppose it would matter where they fought. If it was within marvel, LT would have the advantage. If not, the others could whoop LT's asss

Um, no.


In the Marvel U, LT can blink them out of existence. Outside of it, Lucifer himself would own.

In marvel megaverse: LT
Outside marvel megaverse: Others

Lt is supreme power so he whould win it doesn't matter how many powerful entity you have you only need one God to take them out.

Like LT vs marvel universe (all of them combine) LT will still win same goes with DC it doesn't matter how many you only need one God

and LT is like God in marvel(has all his power)

unless there is a being in DC that can do the same like spectre or the presence am not too sure about thire power. Can they do what LT can do i high doubt it.

and they are not even on this list so LT will own this.

Does anyone else find it disturbing that eleveninches as a banner made up of pictures of a little girl with the words eleven inches on it? Seriously dude, its weird.

LT wins in marvel... else where it seems unlikely.

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Why do people insist to put anybody against a cosmic entity that does NOT get into any confrontations? It makes no sense to me.

really mega cosmic uber being threads are pretty annoying as there's no way to know if one beings blinking out of existance powers over rule anothers......... i say rick jones talks to them and convinces them all to go for a frosty duff beer

haha rick jones

"HUlk SMAsh , Hulk fight to get freind(rick jones) back"

i agree enough with fight with LT and Spectre and those high level beings , it's been done so many times

you people are so funny LT wins in marvel? half the characters in there could whipe out marvel totaly and utterly give me a break and so what if he has a pic of a chick that says 11 inches maybe its just your filthy ass minds that make it perverted. LT has supreme power, LT has nothing close to supreme power if he did a few universes wouldnt be dead including when captain marvel helped eternitys brother distroy it oh and lets not forget when eternitys son killed all those galactus. The Living tribunal is a fraud he has no real power over everything and thats really stupid to say that just cause they enter marvel he suddenly has jurisdiction over them thats a load of bullshit and you all know it he didnt have jurisdiction over the beyonder in secret wars II but yeah you LT fan boys love to twist the truth i dont remeber him saving any universes when set was taking over the universe or Korvac. LT is a joke so are half the things you people post about him.

What do you have against LT? He's a comic book character. RELAX.

And Secret Wars II was a peice of shit.

It doesnt look anything like it. Not that I would know what that looks like

Nope. DC wins in or out of the Marvel Universe. LT is guardian NOT master of the MU. The HOTU was more powerful than LT. And LT had to convince Warlock to give before LT was able to enact his verdict. Sure both could've fought and LT would eventually come out on top - but that still have to fight.

And since LT does not gain more power from TOAA, he's just a representative, the DC deities would mull LT.

In comics: Infinite power does not equal Infinity power (ex: HOTU, LT, Infinity Gems, Eternity)

LT Vs. Archangel Micheal, Lucifer Morningstar, Preacher, Saint of killers, The Endless?

LT loses. Argue if you want about LT's role, that still does't mean an automatic win for him. He may have powers to effect the MU, but the MU isn't a part of him to do as he pleases. Only TOAA has that power. And LT only has a fraction of TOAA's power; he ain't getting more.

And he's fighting other beings with infinite power as well.

"Nope. DC wins in or out of the Marvel Universe. LT is guardian NOT master of the MU. The HOTU was more powerful than LT."

Uh, there's a bit of a technicality there. The HOTU is the source of Cellestial Power, and what the Cellestial's used to empower Akhenaton (don't ask why). TOAA is the Head Cellestial (if you are familiar with the "4 Hosts of the Cellestials" storyline). The HOTU is HIS power. That's why Thanos was able to mop everything, he literally had the power of God.

Now with that said, I'm kinda leaning more towards the DC team now and it's not based on firepower. The Preacher that merged with Genesis (the demon/angel hybrid) has the "Word of God" as his power. His power is that he can control anyone that listens to him. ANYONE. And considering that Tribunal is more powerful than anyone save God (TOAA), and The Preacher controls the "Word of God", he's what tips the scales in DC's favor. Without him, I'd take Tribunal over the other four. When it's all said and done, Lucifer and Michael are still just rogue Archangels, and Saint of Killers is a redneck Angel of Death. They don't have "Supreme Power", and it takes Supreme power to defeat/override Tribunal. I'd say the "Word of God" counts as a Supreme Power.

If that's the way you feel about it, then why the hell would you open a thread like this? I think I know why, but I'd like to hear your answer before I jump to conclusions.

Well then that proves the LT is not shit cause TOAA celestial appeared in infinity gauntlet and guess what? He got his ass kicked. And why did i open this thread? Cause im sick and tired of hearing about how the LT can snap his pussy fingers and do anything any of those characters ive just mentioned would hand LT his pussy ass alone by themselves but since its a team the LT would be killed a million times over. And yes TOAA appeared in infinity gauntlet he was one of the celestials who battled thanos he lost he was traped soooooo how is the LT gonna win if TOAA cant even win anyway it doesnt matter weather or not that was TOAA over the multiverse of the celestials LT would die in this battle with any of the characters ive just mentioned alone or with help. DEATH TO THE LT.

The HOTU is the power of TOAA, the supreme being, not the top Celestial. They both have the same name but one is the top supreme being in the MU and the other is the head of the Celestials. Thanos w/ the IG beating up The One Above All "Celestials" and Ziran.

It's called the Heart of the Universe, not the Heart of the Celestial's power. Secondly, LT got his butt kicked by a more powerful being, not because Thanos had LT's master's power.

Higher powers beat lower powers. That's how comics work. No matter how powerful and infinite in power you claim to be - there's always something more powerful waiting to contradict your beliefs.

LT ain't beating the combined might of all these guys whether it be in or out side of the MU.

Mider has been acting a bit unstable lately. I think some people just take this board, the debates herein, and fandom of comic characters and companies a bit too far.

Chill homie, it's not that deep.

And Beyonder, I think you refuted the point being made here. TOAA, the Cellestial (as I mentioned before, refer to the 4th Host of the Cellestials story, TOAA is the head Cellestial on the Ship) was the one defeated by Thanos, not the God TOAA, the one that created The Tribunal. The "Heart of The Universe" is where TOAA (God) power is derived from. Essentially, it is his power. When the Cellestials took Akhenaton he gained HIS (TOAA/GOD's) powers from the Heart of The Universe. Thanos then merged with this power. That's why he could do what he did, he merged with the ultimate power (or, at least the ultimate power for the time being until another plot device is derived).

So with everyone saying that Thanos was more powerful than The "God TOAA" when he had the Infinity Gauntlet, they confused him with the "Cellestial TOAA", and Tribunal is only less powerful than the "God TOAA".

But anyway, Jesse Custer's power of the Word of God would be the difference. The other's are extremely powerful but aren't of the "Supreme Being" Class, and that's Tribunal's only antithesis.

DC wins a 5 on 1 handicap match.

And you're saying Thanos is more powerful than Tribunal Beyonder?

Well, you just gave me a good enough reason to close this thread then. And if you open another thread solely for the reason you opened this one I may consider having you banned for a few days, the same goes for anyone else.


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