I hate the 'Simple Life'

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That show better be fake and scripted because that shit with them working for the funeral service was F*cked up.

If it is not, TV has reached an ultimate low.

Lets have 2 stupid spoiled rich unattractive blonde girls f*ck up somebody's loved one funeral, and then in the same day pick up someone elses ashes with a vacume cleaner.

Please, somebody tell me this show is phony.

I don't watch the show, for the reasons you listed. I really REALLY hope that the show about the funeral home was fake because that is so disrespectful.

Those girls are SO annoying on that show. YOu just want to ***** slap some sense into them.

I saw the preview and I was disgusted. I don't get what's so appealing about it. It's just another dumb reality show.


I really wish people wouldn't even turn on there tv when shows like this come on,...they make me sick...stop giving them ratings...it a stupid fake, spoilt, playing up to the camera bimbo fest of a show..

those two girls are so hot.. i would **** the shit out of the both of them. I watch this show whenever i can just to see them lol.

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That show is so horrible...I refuse to watch it.

i think its effin hilarious..and all that about the funeral was not real.....as mentioned at the end of the program.....

I don't care!! Why waste my time watching two dumb bimbos go around learning different intern jobs?! I think all they're doing it for is for laughes and not actually just to discover what it's like.

Why do you guys say that stuff about paris and nicole, there hot, paris hilton is especially the hottest when you meet her in real life, my homie Won-G introduced me to her (hes a famous rapper here in LA) cause he had her in his music video, i know him cause I work at a cool church that he goes to, simple life is the funniest reality show.

For those of you that think they look good:


Check out their before and after pictures. They are robot women (artificial).

What! you people are crazy Paris rocks and so does the simple life.

the reason its so big is becasue its PARIS and Nicole , hello. their hot and shit plus its a funny show to

The Simple Life is scripted. I have seen it once and could not stand it, I had to leave the room.

I sincerely hope that Parisrocks person is a joke account. Let's see what Ms. Hilto did to become famous:

1.Born rich.
2.Got banged in front of home video camera

If anyone else could come up with the rest of the points I would appreciate it. For some reason I can't remember any of her accomplishments.

It leaves a lot to be desired. I can't watch that show. It's just terrible.

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