Is this legit?

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I came across this by accident today, andwas wondering if some of the more knowledgeable people on this board could clear it up.
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there now its an actuall link..

Sounds like someone is money grubbing to me...

I looked a bit into this awhile ago. The book she wrote that was supposedly given to the Wachowski sounded like really crappy, pseudo-mythical sci-fi, nothing remotely close to the quality and style of the cyberpunk classic we all know and love. I'm just saying this judging from a few scans of her book I found online.

Ok, she might have come up with the original idea for the matrix and she got ripped off and not credited for it so she deserves a fair trial, but please tell me...

"The Mother of The Matrix is a BLACK WOMAN!"

What in the **** does this have to do with anything?!?!?!?!?!?

I hate that kind of shite.

The Omega
One question: When did this person start claiming SHE came up with the idea for the Matrix? When the movie went into production? When the first movie opened? When it became a blockbuster?

... Questions, questions.

Pff, feckin weirdo.... wonder how long it takes for that case to be dropped.. roll eyes (sarcastic)

It is said that she filed the first law suit after the first movie was released but who knows, its always been kept under wraps.

The story and ideas of The Matrix have been around forever, there are probly 100s / 1000s of stories based around the same subject / concept.

Its her word against theres and it is said that FBI agents have witnessed the W Bros using the script or some shite while it was in production, what the **** were FBI agents doing there? It sounds kind of stupid to me.

Good luck to her, i don't think she has a chance.

Fans will believe that she is lying. Others on the other hand may not.

Remember folks whatever you're feelings on this, we are in the minority.

I don't doubt that she is telling the truth, but she doesn't have much chance, she has no evidence what so ever, its all her word against theres.

WOW, interesting

The Unknown
It's possible that she's telling the truth. A guy is suing Universal over The Fast and the Furious and its sequel. He said he wrote a script for it and showed it to Universal; they said they didn't like it. But then when he went to The Fast and the Furious, it was the same story and Universal used lines from his script.

The problem with this woman is that, everything she does is suspect...i cannot tell you how many times i have seen CNN or the New York Times print something that "Big Brother" the AOL/Time Warner might not approve of, and they would even say, while printing the story, "CNN is a subsidiary of AOL/Time Warner"... so the fact that she does not go through what i would call 'legit' channels but rather through and Da Ghetto Tymz tells me that SHE, in fact, is the one that doesn't want the truth about her statements to come to light. I distrust her.

uh...since wen does AOL-Time Warner own 95% of the media??? yeah thats a lil exaggerated i think..especially cuz Time Warner is dumping AOL...anyway..seems like a waste of tax payer money to hold a trial over something as trivial as the matrix at this point...the trilogy is over...shes not gonna c any return on it...n wut r they gonna do? pull off production of dvds? yeah rite...that whole case seems like BS n sumone whining about the Matrix...comeon, the initial premise is universal, its a matter of developing the ideas and making the movies... ive never heard anything about "The 3rd Eye"...

It's dumping AOL just off of its name. AOL should die, though. Dummied down internet no


no they're gonna dump AOL completely...the original creator is tryin to buy it back for 10 Mil...

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