Favorite Dark Side User

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Out of these who have mastered use of the dark side, who's your favorite?

Exar. He ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

IS this a joke?
No one in the history of the Star Wars galaxy will ever compare to Darth Sidious. The execution of his plans (until Luke shows up) are flawless, he manipulates the entire Jedi order, the Republic, and the chosen one. (Who is destined to destroy him.) Sidious rules and that's all there is to it.

Hm. I voted Revan, but Malak popped up. I'm disappointed. Also, I imagine you may not have had the space, but it would have been neat to see others on the list, like Darth Traya and Markos Ragnos.

Where'S Bane ? ****! He is by far the number one super mega giga dude
Vader right after, then Ulic, Sidious .......

I didn't have the room to put in everyone, or I'd have put in as many as I could.

Anyway, my favorite would have to be Revan. Kicked the Mandalorians' asses and unleashed the Star Forge on the Republic? Number 1 in my book.

I agree. Sidious was... well, insidious... but Revan was a general and leader of amazing proportions.

Definitely Vader....

Here's my list if anyone is curious:

1. Vader
2. Sidious
3. Revan
4. Malak
5. Maul
6. Dooku
7. Exar Kun
8. Bane
9. Nihilus (no idea who this is, but has a cool name...)
10. Ulic

ARC Trooper 117
Same as you, SnakeEyes. wink

Exar Kun

My List:
1.Exar Kun
2.Darth Bane
5.Ulic Qel Droma
6.Marka Ragnos
7.Darth Maul
8.Freedon Nadd
9.Count Dooku

Great minds think alike...

Happy Dance Happy Dance Happy Dance Happy Dance

Exar Kun is my favourite.


Darth Revan is the my favourite

xX Revan Xx
I definetly would put Revan as #1 big grin

heres my list:

1- Lord Revan
2- The Exile (even thought hes not on there)
3- Evil Bastila =D (not on there)
4- Darth Traya (not on there either)
5- Darth Malak
6- Exar Kun
7- Anakian/Vader
8- Darth Nihilus
9- Marka Ragnos
10- Darth Sion


Slytherin Girl
Mostly boys takes Revan 'cause this KOTOR game ^^
but I choose Sidious 'cause he will be great in the next E-III *g*

01. Sidious
02. Revan
03. Maul
04. Bane
05. Vader
06. Dooku
07. Exar Kun
08. Ulic Qel-Droma
09. Sion
10. Nihilus

Reborn Again
Maul, Sidious, Vader & Dooku - I know. But who is everyone else?

Exar Kun and Ulic Qel-Droma started the Great Sith War before the events that take place during KOTOR. Darth Revan and Darth Malak begin the second Jedi Civil War that takes place during KOTOR. Darth Sion and Darth Nihilus are two Sith lords in KOTOR 2. You can find information on all of them on the Star Wars website.


Lord Banshee
Jerec (why is he not listed sad)

Reven for sure

darth maul

exanda kane
Revan's my fav. That cool japanese samurai stance he pulls in KOTOR 'bastila dream' movie rocks. Sidious is cool for orchestrating the demise of the republic and jedi, but he just doesnt look cool enough!
And Malak, he's just cannon fodder.

1 sion and kun
2 revan
3 malak
4 nilous
5 douk
6 maul
7 del
8 sidous
10 bandon

Darth Mantis
Ozzy Osbourne... just kidding. My favorite force user is Nihilus... but he is a moron for having a fuc*ed up ship, letting the exile run freely getting stronger when he is your weakness, hunger for more and more power which blinds you to your true objective...

My favorite dark side user is Darth Decadence. His signiture moves included Force Nap and Force Chocolate Bath.

exanda kane
Go Ozzy!

Naga Sadow
nihilus is my favourite, he is pure dark side power, which is growing.........all till the exile fu*ked it up.
but his looks, his voice, his description and mysticism are just too much for me, thats why revan went to second place.

Revan Eu Vader canon

Its a tie between Darth Vader and Darth Sidious.

Doctor Strange
I can't believe this is being debated

Vader beats all.

He beats all, eh? Another worldly person.

Don't you just love those people who don't have oppinions just facts?

Yeah. Must be nice to know the one and only possible answer to all questions.

I'm guessing he's a politician

Darth Sidious, hands down. He is the greatest.

Vader is second, but he is no Sidious.

Revan ,what can i say?I'm a big fan of KOTOR.

Darth Revan33
My list:

1. Darth Revan
2. Darth Maul
3. Darth Bastila
4. Darth Sidious
5. Darth Vader
6. Darth Malak
7. Exar Kun
8. basically everyone else.

probably alf
then alf

Delta 62
Sidious pwns all other Sith. None compare to him. His plans are brilliant, reminding me of something Thrawn would think of. One Dark Side user was forgotten though - Joruus C'Baoth. He certainly isn't my favorite, but I prefer him to some of the others.

absolutely correct^^^

Agreed. Sidious is the greatest. If his second in command hadn't betrayed him, he would never have lost. Ever. Period.

1. Sidious
2. Sidious
3. Sidious
4. Sidious
5. Sidious
6. Sidious
7. Sidious
8. Sidious
9. Sidious
10. Darth Vader

Agreed. I agree with all of you. Sidious Rocks! I do like Exar Kun too actually.

I liked Count Dooku style. He had more character than the rest of the Sith Lords. Vader was to robotic in his actions. totally predictable. Know wonder Obi-1 kicked his punk ass.

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