Lost Within Dreams

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Soon, I will be working on a story that will be in normal writing style, not like my other story posted on here. ^.^ I'm sure a good amount of you will like this story. I'll post more details later today.

This story will star a 15-year-old named Henry Matthews. The story will start out at a prison yard in St. Louis, Missouri where he is escaping. We don't know why he is escaping, but I will reveal the reason eventually in the story. The reason for his escape is because he still has things to do in life........dreams to fulfill. ^.^ Sound good? Well, it will premiere soon.

Lost Within Dreams

Chapter 1-The Cunning Henry

Heavy snow blanketed the empty yard of the local state jail in the outskirts of St. Louis, Missouri. From the watch tower, 2 men get ready to sound the alarm, for a young boy has escaped from his cell.
"Sir, how many times does this make it?" asked the right-hand man of the person who runs the jail.
"I'm not sure, but this boy is persistent on escaping, I'll tell you that."
"Could it be......that he might be innocent, and that he doesn't deserve to be here?"
"There's no way to run from what he did. The hell he created in town will be remembered for years to come. Besides, there's no way he can run from me." He laughs.


"Look around, he should still be in here!" yelled a guard to others over the blaring of the alarm.
They all scatter in each direction, guns at the ready. Then, we're shown a young boy, around 15 years old, hiding around the corner, trying to catch his breath. His name is Henry Matthews. He's about 5 ' 8, brown hair and blue eyes. He has somewhat of a slim figure, weighing around 137 pounds. The clothes he's wearing are regular ones, for when he arrived, they were out of uniforms.
"Boy, this sure is getting old," said Henry. "Why the hell does this have to happen to me? I never did anything. I just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. That guy......who was he?"
A flashback suddenly plays in his head of a guy in a trench coat, standing in front of a burning building, glaring at Henry till the cops come and he escapes. The police apprehend Henry, thinking that he was the cause of the chaos.
"No, what are you doing?!" yelled Henry, trying to escape from them. "I didn't do anything! Your man escaped already! No, don't!!!
BAM!!!!! Henry get's slugged on the back of the head, knocking him unconscious. The flashback then ends. "I swear, I'll find the one who framed me, and kill him if necessary!" He clenches his fists. "Mother, I'll be home soon."


"Sir, have you caught him on the radar yet?"
"Not yet, but once he steps outside, it'll be able to pick him up easily."
"Do you have units all over the outside boundary?"
"They're waiting, ready to shoot if possible."
"But sir, how could.......?"
"Hold your tongue Larry! He should never know the true and real reason! Besides, he's fine as he is."
"Then......is there anything else I can do then?"
"Just stand down for now. I'll give you orders if needed."
"Yes sir." He bows and leaves.
The man, Mr. Allen Codman, then remains in front of the radar, awaiting Henry's every move once he steps outside.


"Okay, this hallway seems clear," said Henry when he arrived to the hallway that connects to another leading outside. "It's weird that no one is guarding my exit. Heh, it must be my lucky day." He charges for the exit, looking every which way for a possible ambush. "Finally, I'm about to step outside." Suddenly, a man turns the corner at the end of the hallway in front of him and yells out. "Men, he's over here!!"
"Shit!!" yelled Henry. He charges faster then jumps the corner, dodging the gunfire safely. He barges out the door and runs into the woods surrounding the jail yard.
BEEPBEEPBEEP!!! The radar picks up the movements of young Henry. Allen watches, then yells into the microphone that is sent out to the yard. "He escaped east through the woods! Get him!!"
"Damn, this will be close!" said Henry, running as fast as he can. "I expect the fence boundary to be another mile! Let's hope I make it! Lucky I have wire cutters to cut the barbed wire!" He takes them out, then says to himself, "God, please help me through this horrible ordeal."


"Heh, so he's escaping again, huh?" said a young man in his cell, waking up from all the commotion and overhearing talk over the guards. "Figures, I know he's not the one behind the burning of half of St. Louis. It was "him."
"You still believe in that damn rumor, Rick?" asked another young man in the cell next to him. "Everyone knows that man died in the late stages of the Vietnam War and was burned to death. Believe me, I know."
"But Casey, have you any evidence he died? You know, people CAN survive after a major burning. Doesn't it make sense that wearing a trench coat 24/7 is a good idea, next to bandages, to protect those burns all over his body?"
"You do have a point, but.......what reason did Henry have of being in the wrong place at the wrong time?"
"Who knows? Maybe.......he was partly behind it the whole time. I heard he was knocked unconscious when they were apprehending him. He might've gotten amnesia from it."
"Maybe, but......I trusted him."


"The woods in the outskirts of St. Louis State Jail are harsh this time of year, and it will be hard to lose the guards since they can just follow my footprints in the snow. I don't know why.....How was I convicted? Why was I sent to this shithole? What about my mother? She's probably killing herself over finding me. Why.......why must it be this way?"
Suddenly, a loud crack can be heard about 20 feet away from his location.
"Who's there?!" he screamed out.
Three men come out with guns armed and ready to fire, aimed at him.
"Give it up Henry!" yelled one of the guards. "You have no chance of escaping from one of the greatest jails ever built in the country!"
"Like hell I would go back there! I don't deserve it!"
"You have no choice! Now, come along!!"
"**** off!!" yelled Henry, then he runs off.
"Kill the bastard, I don't care! Just shoot!!"
They all fire, all of them hitting the surrounding trees everywhere, but a few bullets hit Henry in both legs and his right arm.
"Dammit!!" But Henry kept running, till he finally arrives to the barbed fence. He climbs it carefully, the fastest he can, and cuts the barbed wire on top. As soon as he makes the last snip, the men catch up and start firing again. Henry avoids them and runs off towards town.


"Sir..........we............" started Larry to Allen, as he walked into the watch tower. "We........lost him. He has escaped."
Allen remains silent, staring at the blank radar. "Henry........"
"Should we have men chase after him?"
".........No.........there's no need."
"Huh? Sir?"
Allen turns towards Larry and says, "I'll follow him myself."

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