Return Of The Living Dead 4 story

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Directed By:
Brian Yuzna

Written By:
Jamie James (HydroKronic)

Genre: Horror

Tagline: She's back!

Plot Summary: Ten years ago, Colonel Reynolds and his group of government scientists escape from the disaster that previously happened at the Military base where they left his son Curt and his girlfriend Julie behind to die due to them both being infected by the Trioxin virus.After Curt and Julie threw themselfs into the burning chamber Colonel Reynolds escaped with his team and headed to his new icolated government base located at the Sierra Nevada. There they are conducting even more scientific experiments using a new form of the Trioxin virus. The newly developed Trioxin is capable of mutating humans with animals and now has the ability to transform humans into giant biological tyrants. Now that they have developed a even more deadlier virus for bio weapon purposes a secret organization has been established to steal the Trioxin virus and assassinate Colonel Reynolds and bring his rotting corpse back to HQ, this secret organization hired one man to do the job, his name is Albert Wesker. This secret organization now taken over and run by Albert Wesker himself have conducted a new secret experiment, one that take the DNA from previously killed zombies and revive and enhance them into even more powerfull biological weapons. If you havent guessed it already the secret organization has obtained the DNA from Julie Walker from the previous story and revived her into an even more powerfull BIO weapon now known as J-Tyrant (Julie Tyrant). J-Tyrant, though looking her usual self has no self control over herself and now seeks to kill anything that stands in her way. The only control over her mind is her long lost boyfriend Curt that died in the previous story, she now wishes to seek revenge on those that created this horrible virus and put an end to this madness for her long lost boyfriend Curt's sake and the secret organization's cause. But is this really the best thing to do? Will Julie just cause even more madness then even before? Or will this bring an end to the Trioxin horror that started this all. If J-Tyrant fails to succeed in assassinating Colonel Reynolds and fails to obtain every last bit of the Trioxin virus then Albert Wesker must take this matter into his own hands and may even be forced to eliminate J-Tyrant if she fails and gets too uncontrollable. Then again, if Albert Wesker succeeds who knows what he might do using the Trioxin, he could alter the horror even far more worst than before. We will soon know...

Kent McCord ... Col. John Reynolds
Jamies T. Callahan ... Col. Peck
Sarah Douglas ... Lt. Col. Sinclair
Melinda Clarke ... Julie Walker Reborn (J-Tyrant)
Basil Wallace ... Riverman Reborn (T-100)
Jamie James ... Albert Wesker

Also Known as:
Runtime: Unknown
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color (also available in black & white)
Story made in: 2005

The movie starts out inside the newly developed Military base located in the High Sierra Nevada, there Colonel John Reynolds from the previous story is yet again in charge of this newly formed icolated military base. With Col. Peck and Lt. Col. Sinclair by his side they are yet again conducting more biological experiments using the Trioxin virus previously developed back in 1969. There they are conducting even more experiments using the Trioxin and have now developed an even more powerful, deadly virus capable of transforming humans into cross-breeds between animals, insects and even prehistoric creatures. Not only are they conducting even more powerful BIO Weapons but are now enhancing the ability of an infected human being to mutate into an even more powerful Tyrant-like creature capable of killing anything in its path, and also has the strength of ten people. Now that they have developed an even more horrific Trioxin virus a secret organization by the name of BIO Elimination Corps B.E.C. led by Albert Wesker, an experienced Military Captain that used to belong to a group of commandos. He is now the leader of this secret organization where there number one goal is to assassinate Colonel John Reynolds and anyone involved in his experiments and obtain every last bit of the Trioxin virus and bring it back to HQ successfully, though still trying to get over the fact that Colonel John Reynolds lost his son he is still conducting experiments on dead humans and bringing them back to life. After weeks of researching the last trategy that happened between Curt and Julie, Albert Wesker and his men find out that bits of Julie's DNA tissue is still lingering at the base and still well preserved. Wesker and his team of military officials head over to the abandoned base where they collect the DNA sample and bring it back to HQ. There they had developed a machine capable of cloning DNA and reincarnating human beings back to life. They bring Julie's DNA tissue back to HQ and re-create a perfect Julie, thus J-Tyrant is born. Albert Wesker plans on using the new Julie to take out Colonel John Reynolds and steal all of the Trioxin stored there. But if all else fails then Albert Wesker will be forced to take all matters into his own hands and do the job himself, and if Julie fails Wesker may be forced to destroy Julie.

Heres how it starts:

Cradle Of Filth music on the background and the title "Return of The Living Dead 4" appear on the screen in sharp knife like letters similar to "Resident Evil"

Military Base Outpost #56

(The camera rolls through the base and shows scientist personal working on dead corpses)
(Scene goes to the Military personel looking at a dead corpse on the table though a glass window with scientists working on the body)

Col. Reynolds: Hows it doing?

Scientist: Not good

Scientist: His vital signs are low

Scientist: He doesnt seem to be moving at all sir.

Col. Reynolds: ...

Col. Reynolds: I still dont see the need for this.

Col. Reynolds: I just lost my son 10 years ago because of this damnit.

Col. Peck: Sir, I know it was a tragic lost to lose your son and wife but...

Col. Peck: Your son has been dead for over 10 years its time to let go.

Col. Reynolds: How can I let go?!

Col. Reynolds: If it wasn't for that girlfriend of his my son would still be alive.

Lt. Col. Sinclair: I know I am sorry this had to had happened but now we must focus on getting our jobs done.
(interupting Col. Sinclair...)
Scientist: Sir, his vital signs are raising.

Scientist: I think he may be coming to alive.

Col. Peck: I hope its not another failure like the last time

Col. Peck: If we fail this time our lives could be at risk.

Captain: Our lives are already at risk working on these horrible creatures.

Lt. Col Sinclair: Its a dirty job but some one has to do it, (looking at col. reynolds) right colonel?

Col. Reynolds: Yeah if it were up to me I would'nt even be here now, this is just insane.

Scientist: Sir. His vital signs are getting higher. He seems to be moving...

Scientist: Hey what the...

Scientist: Something seems to be coming out of his mouth!

Col. Reynolds: What is it?!

Scientist: I don't know, it seems like smoke is coming out from the mouth or something...
(The dead corpse suddenly wakes up and the scientist screams in horror as a roaring sound occurs, the zombie spits acid into the scientists eyes, blood every where)

Scientist: SHIT MY ****ING EYES!

Col. Peck: Quick, lock down all doors.
(The electronic doors shut)


Scientist: PLEASE HELP ME!

Col. Reynolds: Im sorry we can't risk opening the doors untill we get a team in there to control the situation.
(As the zombie is sitting on the table in his restraints the scientist is still screaming for help)

Col. Reynolds: Another accident.

Col. Reynolds: I knew this would happen again.

Lt. Col. Sinclair: But Sir, this proves that the new Trioxin can be even more powerful then we ever imagined.

Lt. Col. Sinclair: No one will stop us now.

Col. Reynolds: This just doesnt seem right to me anymore.

(The scientist finally stops screaming and dies)

(Screen goes black)

(Scene goes to the B.E.C (BIO ELIMINATION CORPS) Hq)

(Shows a view on Wesker)

Wesker: Soon we will prepare for the J-Tyrant procedure.

Wesker: And then, we will begin...

Scene 1 Ends.

Stay tunned for the next scenes.

Jamie James AS - Wesker

My story is kinda crappy but its my first try so give me a little slack.

Scene 2

After we had just seen in the previous seen, the military personel were experimenting on an acid spitting zombie, as a result another scientist got killed.

Then it went to the B.E.C Hq were we first met Wesker, what will happen next? Lets find out...

(Scene begins as Wesker is heading for the bio experimental room where they are holding Julie's DNA and currently working on making Julie Reborn)

Wesker: Hows the DNA Sample doing?

Scientist: We're currently preparing the re-incarnation procedure.

Scientist: Everything seems to be going great.

Wesker: Good.

Wesker: I want her finished by next week.

Scientist: Yes Sir.

(1 week later)

(Wesker walks into the room)

Wesker: Well?

Scientist: Well what, Sir?

Wesker: Is she finished yet?

Scientist: Yes, she seems to be doing just fine.

(Wesker walks up to this giant tube like container filled with water with the Reborn Julie inside and naked)

Wesker: What an amazing creature she is.

Wesker: It was a shame she had to die so younge.

(As Wesker looks up at Julie, Julie opens her eyes)
(Julie has woken)

Scientist: *gasp* Shes awake!

Wesker: No shit.

Scientist: I didnt expect to see her awake yet.

Wesker: Welcome back Julie.

Wesker: Its been a long time.

(The scientist pushes a button that removes all the water inside the container)

(Scientist pushes another button that removes the restraints)

(Julie is reborn and free)

(You just hear an Evil laugh in the background)

Scene 2 Ends

Scene 3

(On Scene 2 Julie was re-born and is now alive. Julie may be as calm now but who knows what shes capable of doing once shes fully recovered.)

(The time is 3:50am. Scene begins outside the B.E.C Facility where the Heliport is located)

(Heliport is heavyly guarded by Wesker's sentries armed with assault rifles)

(Wesker appears)
(He faces one of the Captains)

Wesker: I want that chopper here before 4:00am

Captain: Yes Sir.

Wesker: And bring the container here so it can be picked up

Captain: Alfirmative Sir.

(Captain leaves the scene)

(2 men come out with the BIO Container)

(Helicopter arrives)

Wesker: Ok lets get this over with.

(The men attach the BIO container to the helicopter rope)


(Julie punches a hole through the BIO Container...)

Sentry 1: Holy... she broke loose!

(Julie jumps out of the BIO Container)

(She steps down)

(Julie screams)

(Julie grabs the sentry closest to her by the neck and lifts him up)

(She snaps his neck and throws him clear across the other side, she then grabs the 2nd sentry, rips him in half)

(Blood splatters everywhere)

(Julie walks up to Wesker)

Wesker: Julie.

Wesker: Calm down.

(Julie hesitates to kill Wesker)

(Then she attempts to grab his neck)

(Wesker does a double-side kick and kicks her across the face knocking her down)

(Julie gets back up and punches Wesker in the chest, he flys clear to the other side of the heliport)

Wesker: Arggh!

(Julie screams)

Wesker: You wont escape from me.

(Wesker does a matrix style run up the wall and does a tripple side kick and misses)

(Julie runs up to Wesker)

(Julie grabs Wesker by the neck and holds him up in the air)

(Julie attempts to snap Wesker's neck but its no use)

Wesker: You can't kill me.

(Wesker does a double back flip then grabs her by the arms and throws her down)

(Julie screams)

(Julie gets back up and does a side kick in Wesker's groin. He falls. Again, its no use)

(Wesker gets up)

(Julie has disappeared...)

Wesker: Damn she escaped.

(The Captain we last saw before appears)

(Captain looks around as he sees the concrete walls surrounding the Heliport area smashed and dead mutalated bodies and blood everywhere)

Captain: What the hell happened?

Wesker: She escaped...

Scene 3 Ends.

Scene 4

(Previously Julie had escaped from the container and had an all out brawl with Wesker, when it was over Julie had disappeared)

Major: What should I do Sir?

Wesker: Find her.

Wesker: Dont let her escape into the forest.

Major: Yes Sir.

Wesker: When you find her, bring her to me.

Major: Yes Sir.

(Wesker leaves the scene)

Scene 4 Ends.

If anyone wants to continue the story you can.

chilled monkey
This is really good.

Thanks dude, appreciate that. By tommorow ill prolly finish the rest of it.

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