It Burns!!!

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Ok the other day I was taking a shower. I had just gotten up from sleeping and I'm kind of unaware of what can be happening when I first get up, so I' get some shampoo in my hands so I can wash my hair and I just start using it as soap instead (still unaware of what's happening), I didn't realize it until I put it on my legs, it started to burn really, really bad. I was like holy crap I just put shampoo all over me and now my legs burn! I don't know if the burning had to do with that I was using dandruff shampoo, but I never heard of shampoo burning. confused

That doesn't sound good.

ouch sad


I done that before too..had shampoo all over me and it burned soo bad. I think it's something in the shampoo that does it...maybe rub moisture lotion on your legs or something, that should help

STYX Chick
Odd o.o;;;

Do an experiment. Try another shampoo and see if it does the same thing. If it doesn't it's that shampoo big grin

I think it's just shampoo in general that does that

That's never happened to meeee

chelsea17 idea

I used shampoo as soap before, since I didn't realize there was no more soap left, and that burning sensation never happened to me...

Maybe it's just because it's a different type of shampoo

I've done that before, and it never burned.

I think it means you are an alien.

what was the name of the shampoo?

messed thats mad

whats mad?

It only burnt for a few seconds wile the shampoo was still on me, and then a little after that but anyway, I did some testing this morning and put the dandruff shampoo on my legs again and it didn't burn, then I tried scratching my legs, at first it didn't hurt but then it started to burn again really bad. so I guess for some odd reason I was scratching my legs at the same time which made it burn.

I tried it with some kids shampoo, it burnt a little but not as much as the dandruff shampoo, then I just tried scratching my legs with no shampoo at all, it burnt a little less than the kids shampoo. So this has something to do with shampoo and scratching I guess. but ti hurt the worst with the dandruff.

Da Moose
First off you weren't in the shower, you were in the laundry tub.

Secondly, that wasn't shampoo, it was Draino.

In the future, WAIT a few minutes after getting up, to get your bearings straight, then lather, rinse, repeat. big grin


dude. wtfbbq.

lol, it was one of the stupidest days I've had in a wile. Maybe I was sleep walking and didn't really know it. stick out tongue

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