is it worth the hassle

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this is more of a question for the ladies of the forum

i used to be seriously over weight but have lost a considerable amount since last year...

i go to the gym 4-5 times a week and once i lose the last of the fat i should have a pretty nice body

but is it worth the bother that im going to...

do the ladies really notice it as much as i think they will or does it not matter a bit


Krypt Keeper
IF you want a good weight loss program that has permenent and fast results consider one of the following:
Get cancer
Get a seizure disorder

I used to be 260 pounds. I developed " Juvinile Seizure Disorder "
around thanksgiving, since then i've had 14 seizures and lost 150 pounds!!! And Im not proud of that. But They do work.

jaden101 can i but one of those?

stick out tongue

Krypt Keeper
I dont know????...........

lil bitchiness
I notice, but then again, thats just me.

I take care of what i eat and how i look, and i kinda appreciate if guy did too - not overly so of course...but to an extent, it would be nice.

for a joke i thought i'd google search for "buy cancer"

and i got this

"breast cancer : Buy at the best price on Kelkoo -"

laughing out loud laughing

Krypt Keeper
smokin' beer doctor wacko devil sad = laughing out loud

Holy crap laughing messed laughing out loud

i notice confused not very exactly, but it is easy to difference if the guy is taking care of him or just spending all the time on eating french fries messed and drinking beer

You dont need to weigh 60 lbs to be noticed, Many people are happy with themselves weighing 180, its all a matter of opinion

i weigh 115 big grin

cool? confused

i weight 57 kg confused

who me

why should you lose wight for girls to notice you girls like that are not worth the hassle they are shallow just to be with you based on looks alone you should lose weight for yourself not for others

good points
just cuz a girl notices you cuz of your looks doesnt always mean their shallow

happens if you put buy corpse as well... buy corpse on ebay...

well no but there is something holding them back

hey, if you feel better for it good luck and yes us women do notice just dont over do it. cuz it can become an obession.

but good luck and congrats *shakes hand*

Mr Wiggles
nice story

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