alias:the rombaldi prophecy

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Sydney and Nadia were both in a stare down with their guns aimed at each other,"is this how it was in your vision?"Sydney asked her,"yes but i dont want it to be like my vision"she told her shaking a bit."why are you helping Sark?"Sydney asked this time steadying her aim,"i was under orders to help him"Nadia anwsered shaking even more,"i dont want to do this"she added but Sydney showed no signs of emotion.

Sark was running at full speed down the hall when out of nowhere Vaughn tackled him into the wall,"damn it Sark,i am going to finish this once and for all"Vaughn said getting to his feet but Sark kicked him in the stomach and tripped him to the ground,"i sat in prison dreaming of this day"Sark told him as headbutted him but Vaughn flipped him over and jumped to his feet and kicked him in the face as hard as he could making Sark spit a mouthfull of blood on the floor."Sark,i have wanted to kill you ever since you and my wife tortured me"Vaughn said as he pulled out his gun,"come on Vaughn,you cant kill me,you dont have the authoraztion too"Sark told him smiling btu Vaughn said nothing as he aimed the gun at his head. Sark got onto his knees and prepared for the bullet when another gun shattered the silence and the light and Sark took off as quick as he could into the darkness but did not go far and smiled as Vaughn ran past him and he stepped out with a gun and fired and saw Vaughn fall to the ground.

Dixon and Weisz stepped off of the helicopter,"are you sure this is where they went"Weisz asked as they approached the building,"this is where they said they were going to find Nadia and Sark"Dixon anwsered as he readied his assault rifle,"are we going to have to kill Nadia?"Weisz asked as they entered the building,"it depends if she survivies the fight against Sydney"he anwsered as they made their way down the dark hall.

Vaughn was laying on the floor with blood flowing from his mouth when he saw Sark standing above him but he was too weak to grab his pistol so he tried to block him out,"Vaughn,i love this moment,me standing in victory over you"Sark said smiling as he kneeled down beside him but a bullet raced past his head so he took off down the hall as Weisz and Dixon found Vaughn,"agent down,we have an agent down"Dixon said into the com."I know i can see him with my own eyes"said a voice behind Dixon and he turned around to see Jack and was filled with relief. "where did Sark go?"Jack asked and Dixon motioned down the hall and out of nowhere Jack blasted him in the face and he fell to the ground and Weisz pulled out his gun and pointed it at Jack but before he could do anything else another gunshot went off hitting him in the chest causing him to drop his gun and fall to the ground as Sloan stepped out of the darkness and followed Jack down the hall.

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continuation of the story

Sydney and Nadia were still in the staredown when Sark entered the room,"you guys are fullfilling the propechy"he said smiling when out of nowhere he kicked Sydney in the side of the head knocking her out and turned around to Nadia pointing the gun at him,"what is going on you son of a *****?"she screamed at him but he just smiled and she thought back to how she got into this situation.

Nadia had stayed up all night watching chick flicks with her sister so when her phone started ringing she did not want to anwser it but it was APO she crawled out of bed and made her way to the compound and was surprised to only see Jack and her father when she got there."you are probably wondering why we called for a personal meeting with you arent you?"Sloan asked her and she nodded,"you are to become Sarks bodyguard"Jack said as he threw a file in front of her but she still looked puzzled."he is our enemy,why do you want me to work with him?"she asked flipping through the pages in the file."it deals with the rombaldi prophecy,it will be your mission to find out everything we dont know"Sloan said as he got up and left the room,"and remember Sydney is not to know"Jack added leaving the room.

"are you sure you have to move?"Sydney asked her sister as she spacked her bags,"yeah i need to go home for a little while but i will be in contact"she replied hugging her sister.

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