Halloween On ElmStreet

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"We have to shut down Freddy Kreuger?" a police men says
Then we see Micheal Myers walking. The the Halloween theme starts to play. Two weeks until Halloween or until the legendary halloween serial killer Micheal Myers comes back and kills kids. Meanwhile on elmstreet Freddy was making the children afraid very afraid Freddy was now invincible he could kill in the realworld and in the dreamworld. He was gaining power like never before. The fear of Freddy Kreuger was increasing everyday now the body count was well over 60. "Yes my children be afraid very afraid." Freddy grins
On tv screens everywhere halloween commericals were playing. Little halloween jingle songs and rhymes were also in the commercials.
In the boiler room Freddy was ready to kill a little girl about the age of eight. The girl seemed very frightened and feared Freddy alot. Freddy lifted the girl off her feet then crushed her skull with one finger. But then Freddy heard something he'd never heard before. He had seen halloween commercials. The tv screen had said buy one costume and get another costume of your choice free. Freddy threw the television down and started smashing it with his bare hands.
"Micheal,elmstreet is mine so go back to wherever you came from" Freddy shouts angrily. Meanwhile people at elmstreet schools where talking about halloween. "Do you know about this Micheal Myers kid?"
Jim asks "Yeah,I heard this guy like kills people on Halloween" Craig anwsers "Welp lets get to thrid period people the teacher has a cow." Jim says "I will kill Micheal so that he doesnt take over elmstreet." Freddy says

Freddy takes over Dr.Loomis body. Dr.Loomis (possessed by Freddy Kreuger now) goes to Haddonsfield,Illinois. He finally finds Micheal's house. "This house looks like a piece of crap." Freddy whispers

Dr.Loomis finally finds Micheal. Micheal immediately swings his butcher knife at Dr.Loomis. Micheal finally calmed down. He just stood there breathing heavily. "I need you to go to elmstreet to kill Freddy Kreuger and i need you to do it on Halloween." Again Micheal just stood there breathing heavily. Dr.Loomis then started laughing.
One more day until Halloween.
The halloween spirit was rising in the air.
This halloween would be different. A halloween without Micheal Myers.
It was 11:00 p.m. Micheal awoken and did some early halloween slashing since he wouldnt be at his home. Micheal was on his journey to elmstreet to fight Freddy Kreuger. Of course this is the climax of the story.Micheal Myers arrived exactly an hour later. Freddy turnt into Micheal Myers. Freddy wanted to test Mike's knowledge. Micheal just stood looking puzzled. Freddy then instantly turnt into himself.
"Surprise" Freddy said Freddy punched Micheal knocking him over.
Freddy sat on Myers then stuck his claws into Myers stomach.
Then Freddy took Myers mask off. "Oh, Is that all you got you weakling" Kreuger said Freddy got up and started walking away "Well that was easy." Freddy then heard Micheals knife pop into his back. A red liquid started to pour out of Freddys back. "Oh no you dont" Freddy says
Freddy continued to stab Micheal but it seem unaffective. Freddy then pulled Myers into the dreamworld. Freddy made illusions of Myers family. Myers then attacked the illusion of his sister. Freddy then continued to beat the stuffing out of Micheal. Micheal got up,then freddy stuck 10 tranquilizers in Micheal. Micheal finally fainted."At elmstreet they all die." While Micheal was fainted Freddy stuck his knives in Myers eye balls he pulled them out. Freddy then turnt into 100 Freddys. "Lets see you kill all of the Freddys." "Micheal give it up you cant ever stop a nightmare they keep coming and coming" "They never go away"
Micheal woke up and retaliated at Freddy like never before. We were back in the real world. Micheal pulled off Freddys head and cut them in a million pieces. Then Micheal cut the body in half. Micheal went back to haddonsfield,illinois and put Freddy into his house on the floor. Myers then went out the house to kill his kids. Freddy then regenerated and said "Did you really think nightmares go away" "They never die."
Freddy then invaded micheals dream. "Micheal,nightmares come back and they live forever and next halloween you'll get punished".
Freddy then laughed. In reality Freddy and Micheal where both sent to the hospital in elmstreet. "So who did you get this time?" Dan asks
"Ummm Freddy Kreuger and Micheal Myer." Sheryl says
Freddy was in room 100 floor one. Micheal was on room 325 floor 2.
In room 100 Freddy came alive and killed his doctor. The he said revenge is sweet. They all will die and none will stay alive.

The End or is it ? NEVER!!!!!!!!!!

its a good start,too eratic though and a lot of plot holes

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.