Have you done something nice today?

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Yes! eek!

I made pancakes for breakfast for all the drunken strangers at my house, they kept asking for more! eek!

i cooked stuffed carrots for my sweet parents happy

I forced my mom to make me shrimp....oh wait...thats bad....Oh yeah Im gonna sign up for TexPrep and it makes her really happy.....

i played solitaire for myself

Yes I was extra happy at work today happy

Silver Stardust
I didn't kill anyone big grin

.......I slapped the guy at the gas station across the road for flirting with me and did the whole world a favor stick out tongue


Thankyou if you were serious, and he was a pervert and deserved it if you're being sarcastic. dontgetit

Na-uh! you lyin'! eek!

Sweety I'm so proud of you! hug

Thanks BC, they tasted great...

Anytime happy

Wait a minute...you were the stranger sleeping in my bed so I had to sleep on the floor! eek!

No no, that was Mr Jackson lookaround

Silver Stardust

Arggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! fear

*Burns bed-sheets*

nothing today...yesterday i held the door open for some girls.naughty

......no expression anyways, I ate foo? I dont know anything else nice ive done in a while. sad

I called XIA a doh

i had chicken for dinner
and milk tea

Red X
....HOw dare you accuse me of Trampeling a grandma on a pickup truck, spit on my sisters face?

WEll I did something nice today!

Made out with my G/F!

I punched a hole in my wall

Red X
Great job man!

I paid my debt ($320, argh!!) to a friend.

How did you get a debt. that high?????

eek! yay!

We gambled twice, I lost twice

First gamble was 200 that East team (All Star Game) lost, I said it was gonna win. and I lost

I dont remember the second one.

Are you all adults or what thats a lot of money??!?!?!?

OR you probably have jobs......*weeps*

I dont have a job either JLred, its okay *pats JLreds back* its okay

Red X
...Heh... NO depts for me!

Im 19, Go to Pace COllege, Part time job to pay for the rent of my apartment, and to somehow save up for an engagement ring for my G/F.

Its freaken hard.

I'm sorry Red X, I hope the best for you.

Hopefully people will do more nice things tomorrow smile

You have one of those crappy cardboard and plaster walls?

I helped my sister with her homework... big grin

i didnt fight with my dad today.
thats sumthink nice.

Jackie Malfoy
I am still sick with the flu but I promise my dad I would go to the temple with him and my stepmom and twin sister today.JM
Even through I really dont' want too!

Been fighting over the right to sit on a couch that we set outside, and in the end we torched the thing cause it got all battered up. After that I installed a car-radio in a bar and it was time for a hard earned beer and trowing some dice with my friends. It's 18.25 now and soon off to a party so I'm curious what else this day might bring...
Guess tomorrow will be like 'Got a headache like a mottha but that's the price of my thrills'

no kill everyone

yes, i fed my monsters today happy

I went to the pizzeria but I realised that I'm not hungry so I ate fruit salad. I was with friends there and it was very nicesmile


The 'Pizzeria' is also off Spider-Man 2! eek!

I fed my kitty happy

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