Baby Project in school!

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Jackie Malfoy
Anyone ever in there school life had to assinged a parnter to be a mom and dad for an egg before?I did and I am fine with it even through it is lame but my parnter is not doing anyting what so ever.
We are supose to be sharing the egg(baby)and he just lefted me with iT.So I am stuck with an egg this whole weeken.
Any suggustions on this?jm confused

A divorce and a maintenance allowance.

I got told off cuz I brought in a portable camping stove and cooked the egg in fron of the class... whistle

Jackie Malfoy
If this did not count as a school grade I would do that! laughing Fo me to get a good grade in health both of us have to take care of the baby or the teacher will fail the both of us.JM

Time Of Evil
Put it in the fridge.

lol.. at my skewl they are given dolls to take home and care for im so glad i didnt take child development

How can they possibly tell if you looked after it?
Could just wrap it in bubble wrap and leave it in a drawer

^ yeah.

Lol this is just preparing you for later life

Mr Wiggles
scrambled eggs!!! eek!

and just get another damn egg, and make a smilie face on there, the teachers give u extra credit for that!! (i think)

At my school they bought baby dolls that cry. They have a RAM chip so they keep on memory how many times it cried without being taken care of. If they are broken, you have to pay the school 500 dollars. euro

i know one class was doing that

funny as hell

But what is worst is bringing a fake baby home that feels and acts like one *SHHHHHHHHHHHHITTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

Alpha Centauri
I did.

Then it got complicated and my lab partner accused me of not being there and not caring. Got dragged through the courts, very messy.


laughing out loud

that is some funny shitright there

Time Of Evil
lol laughing

lates just keep laughing laughing out loud

Norma Jean
Random Access Memory? No it didn't have a RAM chip.

total random things coming out of the blue

what are we talking about

I DON'T KNOW laughing out loud

Time Of Evil

Mr Wiggles
hey, drop the "baby" off of a three floor building and see if it starts crying eek!


your so mean

at first i thought it was dead it wasn't crying so i tilted it's head back and then *WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

loud as hell

then i calmed her down and as i lay her to sleeep i wake up to *WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

wonderful :rollseyes:

Mr Wiggles
i thought you had an egg?

Red X
Oh... The old Baby Project... Had it in High School, long time ago..(Im now in college) It was a flour sack, there was a memory chip on it, which keeps track of all that shit. It also has some weird thingys inside which makes it cry if you yell, or if you shake it too much.

^ kindof like that except for the flour sack it was a doll

Jackie Malfoy
We are supose to write in a notebook on what we do everyday.and bring it to class every day.I would cook it but my teacher gave us one with faces on it.
I have a brown egg with blue eyes name Dolly!Don't ask me why!JM laughing

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