When you see money lying around your house, do you take it?

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I just pocketed $20 before! ninja

lil bitchiness
There are no money to be lying around our house...

yes stick out tongue

Hehe evil face

Cute poll laughing out loud

Frosty Beverage
if i do see money in my house it's probably mine no expression

^ me too


Jackie Malfoy
Yes I would take it!You know the old saying "Finders keepers losers weepers!JM laughing

Alpha Centauri
Nah I tend to not steal from my fam.


Thanks happy

No, because I know it's not mine.

*Steps Mum walks in and puts handbag on the counter, she goes to the fridge. Takes her handbag and leaves*

*Cat takes $50 from pocket*

Check what I got from her everyone! *Puts on english accent* A lil' 'see' money for the party! eek!

A ghosts? fear

I never see any lying around the house, I have to go digging through purses and wallets! naughty

Why? In return for your services I keep your wallet plenty full. You shouldn't need money ever again!

Yea, that isn't "finding money lying around the house" that's stealing.

I'll see you in hell. I'll be the man clad in red holding the whip.

That's hot! eyes

Uh-oh, is Arachnoidfreak getting angry? naughty

Is Arachnoidfreak gonna'...spank me? naughty

A funny guy and a thief, finally a Tex I can get into naughty

Soon enough [email protected], soon enough.

Don't keep a girl waiting naughty

My rule is if its there for more than a day...
Its mine, and then I buy something tasty to eat...

Oh, [email protected], you'll wait, and you'll frickin like it. Cuz I said so.

[email protected]

one time i want into my dads office and as a joke and took $200 and put it in my pocket. that night i slept over at my sisters house and found it in my pocket. then i was like oh crap.

Take me Man Meat! stick out tongue laughing out loud

*takes [email protected] to the space under the stairs*

Bad girl. Now you stay there and be good!

*hands her a Buddy Christ action figure*

Here, play with that. Keep it...clean.

Or else! whip

Buddy Christ? Ew! sick

*Throws doll away*

Buddy Christ is the greatest action figure ever.


How can you argue with that!?

And what's cool, is that when you're angry with God, you can stab and crucify it!

Alpha Centauri
Looks like a roman Serj Tankien.




Sadako of Girth
I haven't lived with my family in 8 yrs, so naturally, I take any cash I find about the place especially in my wallet ,
but any cheques or cards, I'll leave cause of the bounce factor..... wink

Alpha Centauri

Actual Jesus.



Mick Foley!! No, Serj! No, Jesus!

Alpha Centauri
Man I've been saying he looks like Mick for years.


I bet he and Mick have the same...uncle.

yes, sure smile
but it isn't very often that money are lying in our house...

The Ones
what i do: i take it, put it in a letter and say: to (name) heres (how much money you stole) for you to spend as you wish. from (name). . works every time

Time Of Evil
laughing I'd put it in a post box and send it to myself and they won't suspect me!

The Ones
thats what i do. if you read my thing

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