Spawn w/ the Carnage symbiote vs. Batman w/ Punisher & Wolverine mentality

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Who would be deadlier in a fight? Spawn fused w/ the Carnage symbiote or Batman w/ Punisher and Wolverine's mentality? The choice might not be as easy as you think. Indeed, Spawn's power & abilities would incerase significantly w/ the symbiote. Batman, though, by himself has defeated countless foes with his cunning and brains. Not to mention he's a pretty damn good fighter. Give him Punisher's "bring down evil no matter what" attitude and Wolverine's ferociousness you have a pretty good fight here.

My pick goes to Batman w/ the added mentalities cuz he would stop at nothing to beat this uber-Spawn. He would just keep going after him no mater how damaged he was.

No Contest, Spawn doesn't even need the symbiote. Spawn is so outta Batman's league that I'd be suprised if many people even respond to this thread (batman fanboys not withstanding).

muffin man


I don't even see how this is even close to being a fair match up.

There was a cross-over between Batman and Spawn, where they had to work together to take out a nuclear missile. But before they started doing heroics they fought against each other (hey, 2 dark knights in an alley would always lead to a fight). And after they stopped the nuke the comic ended with Batman throwing a shuriken (i find the term 'batarang' silly) that embedded itself in Spawn's forehead. The last page showed Spawn with a shuriken deep in his head.

Anyways, I'd give the win to Spawn. Why? He is already dead! The only way you can 'kill' a dead person is if you are beyond death yourself. Batman is cool, and he has faced the undead (eg he killed Dracula - although he had to be turned into a vampire to do that), but Dracula was the undead. Spawn IS dead!
Batman could hurt Spawn, but couldn't kill him. Even the whole chopping off his head thing is not as easy as it seems (as the Maleboglgia and the Violator would ascertain).

One more thing.
Giving Batman the mentality of the Punisher and Wolverine (especially Wolverine) would get Batman killed. Remember that Wolverine is at best a feral beast held in check only by his Samurai spirit. If things get out of hand he always goes berserk.
That is ok. IF you have a HEALING factor.
Wolverine's mentality is to face whatever opponent head on, unleash his adamantium claws that can cut through anything, and rip and shred until the said enemy is gone. And any injuries, be they slashes, shots, wounds etc, are gone in a brief amount of time.
Batman on the other hand is a thinker.
He does not engage his enemies directly without regard. He always thinks things out. For example when he went against Darkseid, and started punching him with some Apokolips armor, he knew that he was covered. As in he was covered because he had rigged 500 hellspores (bombs that create holes reaching all the way to a planet's core) to detonate, and only he had the codes. Thus Darkseid wouldn't kill him! Batman is the only person in comics, apart from Orion, Superman and Doomsday, to punch Darkseid in the face and live to talk about it.
But he did this using his mind, in that he knew Darkseid wouldn't kill him.
Batman's greatest asset is his mind, and thus if you give him wolverine's 'rip and tear at any cost' mentality it would only raise the chances of Batman not making it.

Anyways, Spawn wins. With or without Carnage.
But Spawn would never forget Batman since Bats would do some serious damage to the hell's pawn!

This has to be a trick question.

Spawn, with or without the damn symbiote.

The Flash

Quick Freeze
the spawn/batman and batman/spawn were so disapointing. i actually think the frank miller one was worse. i was so exited. 2 of my favorite heros, one of my writers, and one of my favorite artists (TMF) all coming together to make the dark night look like a stubborn, reckless, imature, arrogant macho man who uses the word "punk" every other sentence and spawn this little weakling crybaby. plot was full of holes and nothing was happening. and todd can't draw batman for sh*t

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