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"OOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!!!!"wailed Lou's little brother,Sammy.
"oh shut it will you?im TRYING to talk to Michael!!so shut up runt!" Lou snapped back at her daft brother. She only poked him so he'd go away and leave her to talk to her boyfriend!! How annoying was he?
"So we'll meet up tomorrow at thecinema at 5:30? OK see you there! Love you...see ya..." Lou always hated this part where she had to hang up. Well, it had to be done!
"oooooooooooooh you lurve him do you? MAMMY MAMMY Lou is scaring me again!" Sammy teased then whimpered as his older sister gave him the 'shut up NOW or I'll kill you' look.
Of course, because Lou was the oldest,she got blamed. She was sooooo annoyed! Why did she ALWAYS get blamed? Why wasnt she allowed to talk to her boyfriend in PEACE?!?!?!?! With all this zooming around in her head, Lou was all set to storm out of the house.
"And where do you think you are going young lady?" Mum asked her teenage daughter.
"To see my boyfriend. Is that ok? Your highness?" Lou slammed the front door behind her in utter rage. Could she do ANYTHING without getting snapped at?
After a short while, Lou reached her boyfriend, Michaels house. When she knocked, Michael answered, looking as gorgeous as ever. He greeted her with a quick snog, then smiled at her.

"i didnt know you were coming over!"grinned Michael"i couldnt wait to see you, i thought i'd have to wait until monday...anyway, come upstairs i've got something to show you."
"oh, okay..."said Lou nervously as Michael took her hand and lead her upstairs.
"close your eyes" he said. Lou did.


"sleep over tonight babes"Michael whispered into Lou's ear.
"I'll ask"
"oh c'mon,live dangerously!"
Lou pulled away.
"I cant my mom would murder me, and besides, I'm only 15 and so are you!"
"Well whatever, but that doesn't stop you sleeping over does it?No i didn't think so. So what's the prob?"Michael pulled her onto his lap. "I love you, you love me, and we don't have to Do It, so sleep, please!"
"okay I'll sleep, but no sex right?"
they agreed and started to make out

Uhh I liked it.
A good love story.But if i were u i would had made it more graphic.
If u no what i'm saying... devil

Uhh I liked it.
A good love story.But if i were u i would had made it more graphic.
If u no what i'm saying... devil

PinkDiamonds u wanna carry on for me? and we'll take turns? plz say yes coz i h8 this story!

Uhh.I'm busy.
Sorry.check out my story Riders Of the Apoc.It is hot.
Yours is aought to


''Micheal...Micheal''Lou said.''I don't think this is right..I've got to go home.Ma will kill me if I came late''.Micheal looked at Lou with a blank face."Is there something on my face"Lou asked." just so beatiful"They kissed again."I want to show you something at home said Micheal.Please"With goo-goo eyes.."alright..Just for a little while"

As they started walking to Micheal's house Lou looked at Micheal.He had a blank stare in his face.As if he had no soul."no..Don't be ridiclous Lou"Lou said to herself.But something was different about Micheal.As they stepped into the house a chilling breeze came upon Lou."Brrrr.It's cold in here"said Lou."Don't worry.I'll put on the heat"When he came back Micheal came and grinned at her.But nit just any grinn but a wicked tormented grinn.Lou was scared.But then Lou looked into Micheals eyes and felt the warmest felling she ever incounted in her life."Come..It'll all be alright"Lou mysteriously got up and grasped Micheal thight."It all be alright"said Micheal.Lou then said" I love u" She bent down slowly until...she then began unbuckling Micheal's belt.Suddenly Lou jumped up"This isn't right..I have to go home.I'll call u".."Please don't go Lou..Please"..Lou was in such a rush she didn't even hear his soft cry.As Lou walking she took the short cut through the forest"lou felt alone and scared."Lou what is wrong with you..Your late and you almost had sex with Micheal"..Suddenly a strong gust hit Lou and her metro card feel out her pocket..It feel into the dark bushes to retrive her lost item.

As she walk toward the bush she felt like she was being watched....Al of a sudden a hand with tremendous force grabbed ger arm...

Ur turn

Lou tried to scream but couldn't. A hand clamped over her mouth. She struggled, but the person kept their hold on her. They ripped the necklace from her neck and the bracelet from her wrist. Her neck and wrist red and sore, she slumped down to the hard, cold ground. She sat and cried. Rain fell on her shoulders and hair, and almost instantly she was soaked. She didn't know what to do. Then it came to her. She was only 2minutes away from Michael's house. She had no choice but to go there.
"What if he's angry though..." Lou thought "if he's a decent boyfriend, he won't be."
Lou staggered to Michael's house, preparing herself for the worst. She felt so! She had to carry on, to get to Michael's house...
Knock, knock. Lou knocked on the door.
"Lou, I thought you were going home! God, first you get all moody, then you come back five minutes later and...babes, what's wrong? What happened? Come in, now!" Michael pulled Lou firmly but caringly(if that's a word) into his house. He was worried about Lou, she was a pale greenish colour, and her lips had a bluish tinge to them.
"Tell me what happened chick."
"I w-was walking down the street and...ticket, blew away, someone grabbed, woman, whoever pulled...necklace...charm bracelet, off wrist, neck...gone" Lou babbled.
"Right...well, don't worry, it's okay do you wanna ring your mum?" Michael stroked her hair.
"Sure, give us the phone..."
Lou's mum decided to pick her up, as she was worried about what had happened.

who was it...the person that stole the necklace nd braclet?

Uh.A stranger

yep. it was...

choo choo!!!!

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choo choo!!!! huh??????

interesting might want more scenery and such objects, etc...oh and go easy on the !!!!'s distracting:-)
nice job

syko freak
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thanx! i have writers block at the mo!


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Darth Odious
Can I try Pink?
" Sammy would you piss off, I'm on the phone with Mike!" Lou hissed as she pushed the little brat back away from her bed
"Mom! Lou just smacked my head!" Sammy shouted as he swung at the phone Lou was holding. It snapped out of her hands only to bounce off the bed and then the hard wood floor.
" Look at that! Look what you did!" Lou said through gritting teeth.
" He justs wants your panties!" Sammy giggled.
" You little snot nosed--" Lou reached for his shirt.
" Mom Lou's got a joint in her drawer."
Luo jumped out of the bed and stood over the mop haired 8 year old with murder in her eyes.
Say it again was what that look said. Sammy cringed.
" Wait never mind! I think it was a pencil!" He screeched and bolted for the door. Lou snatched a paperback copy of Pet Semetary of her side table and nailed him in the back of the head just before his exit. She could hear Sammy conjuring up fake tears as he sprinted his way down the hallway to tell mom of course. Lou picked up the phone.
" Mike?" she said out of breath.
" Yeah?" he replied calmly.
" Sorry bout than, Sam knock the phone from my hands. Little pissant."
" I'm telling you that kid needs some Ritilan." Mike chuckled. " Are you still coming over tonight?"
" Yeah." Sex. It was about sex. If he pushed she would walk out.
" Well I got something for you."
" Really?" she tried not to show too much enthusiasm." What?"
" Come over."
" Your not gonna tell me?"
" Come o-ver."
" Okay then,"she laughed," By Mikey!"
" Bye. Hey stop calling me that my---"
She hung up. She went to her her drawer and took the that Sammy found. she put it into her pack of smokes. When she enter the living room her mom turned from the tv.
" Stop picking on your brother. He sensitive and you know better."

Darth Odious
"He's a demon mom! He smack the phone out of my hands when I was the phone with my Mike." Lou was once again the enemy as usual. Sammy smiled slyly, never taking his eyes off the tv.
" That's enough. Where are you going?"
" Why?" her mother said coldly.
" To smoke crack mom! Then were going rob the 7-eleven by his house!" Lou said with perfect smarm as she walked out the front door." You know like the people in the movies do!"
" Watch it missy." her mother called from inside.
Lou slammed the door ending another speech.
Five minutes later she was in Mikes bed room sitting on the bed. 90% of her was on guard. She love Mike but sex was something that she wasn't ready for yet. She was a virgin. Mike declared the same, but she doubted it. She had caught Mike in a couple lies before. He could be clever. Yet the other 10% percent of her called to her from the far corner of her mind. There voices were melodic and burned with a lust that made her head spin. They were tempting and full of hot wonder.
" So what's the surprise Mikey?"
He smiled and shook his head. He reached under his bed and brought out a tiny white box. He handed it to her
" What is it?" She said with a smirk.
" Well open it Louie and find out!" he said evenly.
She giggle and torn open the box. Then she gasped. Inside was a silver chain that sparkled, sending strange patterns across her on bare belly under her mid driff. She looked up at a grinning Mike.
She reached over and kissed him, her tounge swirled and danced into his mouth. His reaction was instantanious and he kissed her hard and fierce, both theirs tounges now dance savagely, and what was a mere
10% of lust grew to a cruel 50% in a matter of seconds.
Lou pulled away from mike fiercely and stared at him panting.
" Wait. Just gimme a second." she breathe.
" What? What so bad about this?" he snarled. His face was flushed with anger and lust. The combo gave Lou a shiver.
" I didn't say it was bad! I'm just scared about doing this allright?"
Mike rubbed his eyes and nodded.

Darth Odious
Lou had told herself she would walk out of the room. But she wasn't going anywhere. She was stalling for something to save her from her self. But it was pointless. She was now at 70% soon she would crack.
" Mike look I love the gift. No one has ever gave me something like this. I love you." she turned Mike's sour face towards her." I love you."
" I love you too." his heavy with emotion. " It's just...I'm not some pervert you know?"
" I know." she whispered running her fingers through his hair.
She kiss him again. The damn within her broke and she plunnged into the unknown wide eyes no longer lying to herself. She was scared but telling herself this was wrong was wrong in itself. She wasn't being her true self to deny the obvious. That was her mothers job. Time seem to bend as soon their clothes were scatterd over the bed and they both rolled around, flesh meeting flesh, as their own heart beat heavily in their own ears. Lou all of a sudden felt something hot pierce her insides down below. It felt like a hot poker had been jammed into her guts and gasped and hissed through her teeth as mike brought it out and back in again. Each time was less horrific but still painful as ever. She would of screamed if it wasn't for the searing bliss that rose up withing every inch of her body. The ecstasy it brought was harsh and intoxicating, and Lou's eyes filled with tears as they rolled up to the back of her head. Mike layed on top of her pump into her slowly, as Lou gripped his ass for dear life as pleasure and pain slammed into one. Lou began to shudder as something explode within as she began to orgasm visiously, her body buckled and twisted as waves of fire roared across her with reckless abandon. Feeling all of this Mike buckled as well bursted inside, popping like a cork, flooding her insides. Lou began to giggle as Mark began to spasm with a males less graceful attempt at the classic orgasm. Mark began to laughed as well as he twitch his way to ever man's Holy Grail.
They soon both layed back, drenched in sweat. Then Mark's breath froze in his throat
" I came in you." he panted.
" Relax. My mom has some stuff. It's okay." she soothed.
Mike closed his eyes and took a deep, deep breath.

Darth Odious
Lou looked up at the ceiling and thought quietly to herself. It had been her first time and she had no regrets. It was better than she could have possibly imagined. She wondered if her mother had the same experience. Some of the most restrained people were usually the ones that have the most to hide. But she would never ask because she would never get an answer anyways. Beside this was her life.
This was her story. Her friend Pink would listen though and would want the details no doubt. But for now Lou laid back and savored the after taste of the moment. After all it was her as well. She fished the joint out of her cigarettes and lit up. She wondered if the next time would be better but she doubted it. Like they all say: there's nothing like the first time. love rock

Darth Odious
santa Remember boys and girls!
Stay in drugs and don't take school!
bunny And also remember to stop, drop and roll before crossing the street!
smart It one can apply themself to simple rules like these the would be a less dumber place or something.
Thank you for you time. devil


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