America's Army-the game

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I recently downloaded the new version of the game America's Army. Personally, i think it is a decent game. Also it is completely free, which is a bonus. I was wondering your thoughts on the game. Say whether you like it or not, and why.

Its pretty good because its free.
I liked the rifle range to qualify for markemship but I hated the idea of going to class to learn how to be a medic. Forget about for that one.

On the wholes, its a pretty good game. Havnt played it in awhile though.

I hate training...why not just go straight to the battlefield?

Because it doesnt go with the whole ideal that your a recruit.
I find it useful because it really gives the sense that people are playing the game because they want too. Also, everybody has the same set of skill going in. I like some other games have the same thing also.
WHat i dont like is the idea of having to sit through a virtual classroom to be allowed to be a medic or special forces. That I hated. They could of done it alot better.
Another thing about this game is how they controll teamkillers. THier this honor system and each time you accidently kill somebody on your team or if you mean too, it lowers your honor system.
So servers could automatically have a standerd 15 honor system, so that everybody who is about to join, needs to have over 15 in their honor system. I wish other games did this as well.

besides. training is easy. i finished almost all of it in under an hour, including advanced marksmanship and most of spec ops

Yeah, it takes about an hour to finish the last mission alone.

Been playing CSmessed and AA recently. Even though CSmessed is arcady, I find that game is more polished and is alot better to play(fun) than AA will everbe.
I could never get into AA. Maybe its the horrible grenades physics (not realistic at all), matches that never play like the game was suppose to play(everything turns into long range shooting matches with grenades that exploded like a nuclear bomb), and generally alot of campers.

I know CSmessed is not realistic at all, but atleast when you play, its exciting. Im sick of always using the damn M16 or getting blown up for a grenade 8 miles away and through two walls.

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