Noah's Secret

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a little background on a character in the X-men Soap Opera (a role play)
a little swearing

Location: a small neighbourhood in England

Noah was in his room, flying around, listening to music, he had really good control of his flight. Jane (Noah's mother) had just set the table and put their supper on the table too, David (Noah's father) sat down at the table, "where's Noah?" David asked, "he is in his room" Jane said. David looked at the stairs "Noah!" he called, "come down for dinner!" there was no reply.

David stood up, "he is probably listen to his music again" David said, a little annoyed, he walked up the stairs, down the hallway until he got to Noah's room. David knocked on the door and opened it. Noah saw the door open, he got shocked and fell to the floor. David stared at Noah, "you were flying again, weren't you?" he said with anger in his voice. Noah stood up, he didn't say any thing. "how many times do we have to tell you not to use your powers!" David shouted, "we are the only mutants in this neighbourhood, if any one found out..." David stopped. He looked at Noah disappointedly, "just go eat your tea" he said with no expression, and walked down the stairs.

Noah slammed his fist down on the desk, he hated the fact that he couldn't be himself. Noah turned the music off, and went into the dinning room and sat down. His parents were already eating, they were having crumbed breast fillet chicken, with mashed potatoes and gravy. Noah was slowly eating his potatoes, every one was quiet, the awkward silence was making Noah eat slower, his parents had already finished, and Noah had only eaten half of his potatoes. Noah pushed his plate to the center of the table, "may I be excused?" Noah asked dully.

"you have barely eaten any thing" Jane said, "what's wrong Hun?" she was concerned. "I'm just not hungry" Noah replied. "he was using his powers again" David said sternly. "Noah?" Jane said, "is this true?" Noah looked at his mother, "I was only flying" Noah said in his defence. "that's no excuse!" David yelled, "don't you ever listen?" David slammed his fist on the table. "David stop!" Jane ordered. David looked at Jane, "he needs to learn, he needs to be punished!" David said. Noah pushed his chair back, as he stood up, the chair fell over. "punished?!" Noah said shocked, "I get punished for being who I am, that is bull shit"

"you do not swear in this house Noah" David said, "you are going to be punished and that's final" David stood up, and was thinking of some punishments. "right, firstly no music" David said to Noah, "you can't leave this house, not even to go in the back yard". "that is ridiculous!" Noah yelled. David stared at Noah, he could see Noah was angry, but David was angry too, "you will do as your bloody told!" yelled David. Noah clenched his fists, "I hate you!" he yelled as he run to his room, and locked the door.

"you didn't have to go off at him like that" Jane said calmly. David was pacing, "that little...bastard needs to learn respect, and has to listen to what we say" David said, still angry, but he had calmed down abit. "just give him some time, and when you have both calmed down, we can all discuss this reasonably" Jane said, she was the calm one in the family, always stopping David and Noah from at each other's throat. David stopped pacing, he sat down, "yeah, you're right, as always" David said with a smile, Jane came over to David and sat next to him, "I know" she replied, with a smug look on her face.

Noah was in his room, stuffing a suitcase with clothes and some toiletries. He put on his sun glasses, to prevent any normal person discovering he is a mutant. Noah opened his window, and jumped out, while holding the suitcase, he floated to the ground, and jumped the fence into his neighbour's yard. Rose was out the back, playing with her dog, she saw Noah, and walked over to him, "what's with the suitcase?" she asked curiously. "I'm sick of him, not letting me do any thing, so I'm leaving this place" Noah said sternly, he was angry, but didn't want to drag Rose into all of this.

"Noah... you can't leave, you don't have any where to go" Rose said, a little bit worried. "the streets are better then with him..." Noah replied. Rose looked at the sky, it was already dark, "at least wait till morning, you can stay here tonight" Rose said. "okay..." Noah replied, Rose and her parents were friends with Noah and his, they are the only ones that know that Noah and his parents are mutants. Noah went to sleep in the spare room, he woke up and had some breakfast that Rose's mother made, then noah went out the front, to leave his old life behind.

Noah walked past his house, David's car was gone, meaning he had already went to work. Noah walked around the corner, and his father was standing there. "where do you think you are going?" David asked. Noah turned around to go the other way, but his mother was blocking that way. "Noah, come back to the house, and we can sort this all out" Jane said, almost pleading with Noah. David came closer and so did Jane. "I'm going to leave, and you two can't stop me" Noah said. "listen mister, you are going to stay here, whether you like it or not" David said, with anger building up in his voice. "screw you!" Noah yelled at David. "don't take that tone with me young man, I am your father, you will listen to me, and do what I say!" yelled David, as he came closer to Noah. "fu(k off, I hate you, I just wish you would die!!" Noah yelled, as he flew over David. Noah landed back on the ground and stared running away from them, David and Jane were running after him.

Noah was running as fast as he could, he looked back and saw his parents running after him, and calling his name. Noah was still running, then he looked forward again, and stopped dead in his tracks. A 50 foot purple robot was standing in front of Noah, "mutant target identified" the robot said, "terminate all mutant life forms"
The robot aimed it's hand at Noah, a hole in the palm of the robot glowed, and a red beam shot from the palm at Noah. Noah closed his eyes in terror. Noah heard an explosion, he opened his eyes and saw a crater in the road, from where the beam had struck. Noah then realised his mother had telekinetically moved Noah out of the way.

David and Jane run up to Noah, "are you alright?" asked Jane, Noah nodded in shock. David charged at the robot, David's skin had changed into his rock form, and he was punching the robot's leg. Jane kinetically threw a car at the robot, hitting it in the chest, as the car blew up, the robot fell to the ground. David jumped onto the fallen robot, and punched it's face it, the robot no longer functioned.

Five more robots landed near the family, and started shooting their beams. Noah was frozen with fear, but Jane had put up a force field to protect them. David ran out of the field, and started attack the robots. All the robots started to only attack David, Jane put the field down, and started to help David fight. Jane flew into the sky, kinetically lifting up cars, and hurling them at the robots, but they ignored her, and all five robots blasted David with a powerful beam from their eyes, Jane screamed, Noah saw David fall to the ground, back in his normal form, his body laid on the ground motionless, in a pool of blood. The robots now started to attack Jane, who was enraged.

The robots circled her, shooting beams from their hands. Jane's eyes were filled with tears, she couldn't see that well, so she flew higher into the sky. The robots followed her, now shooting their eye beams at her from below. Jane used all her anger and power to kinetically send an eye beam back at one of the robots, it hit the robot in the chest, and the robot started to fall do the ground. Jane could barely stay in the air, and before she knew it, four eye beams hit her straight in the chest, she screamed in pain, and started falling to the ground with out a sound.

Noah just stood there, trying to understand what was happening. The robot that was falling was headed straight for Noah, he saw it, but couldn't move. The robot was about to hit Noah, he closed his eyes, and uncontrollably turned into smoke. The robot landed right on top of Noah, while he was on smoke form. The robot exploded, the force knock Noah unconscious while he was in smoke form...

Noah awoke in an unknown place, he was lying on the cold ground. He stood up shakily, and looked around. "where am I?" he said out loud, "who am I..."

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