Flame of Fury

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a story about a character from an X-men Soap Opera at another site

Location-unknown, Time-some time after midnight

The group of three were standing at a metal door, a computer locking system was at the side, three guards, dead on the floor, the security cameras were broken.

The green haired man turned to the blue haired man, "Flare, how many guards do you think are in there?". Flare was setting up a heat sensing camera. The green haired man was getting impatient, he was tapping his foot. "Blood please!" said the orange haired woman, "Flare is finding out now, be patient!" she ordered. Flare looked into the camera, he then turned to the woman. "Rain there are about twenty or more guards, just take me in there and leave right away" Flare said the Rain. She nodded, and put her hand on Flare's shoulder, the two melted into a puddle of water, and the puddle went under the metal door.

Flare was reformed on the other side of the door, and the puddle went back to Blood and reformed into Rain. All the guards aimed their guns at Flare, "freeze!" one guard said, "put your hands in the air!" yelled another. Flare put his hands in the air, they burst into blue flames. The guards jumped back, "he's a mutant! fire at will!" yelled a guard. But before the guards could even get a chance to shoot, Flare's body was surrounded in blue fire. The flames exploded in every direction, the room was covered in fire. The flames faded, Flare was the only one standing, the room was burnt, and the guards incinerated. Flare pressed the button on the center of his belt, "you can open the door now" he said.

Blood nodded, his hands glowed red, and a red glowing axe, made out of pure energy was in his hands. Blood slashed the computer on the door, the door opened and the alarms were triggered. Blood and Rain walked up to Flare. The group were walking towards a safe, when suddenly the laser wall, protecting the safe, was turned on, and thirty guards were behind the group. "Rain, you get what we came for, Blood and I will cover you" Flare said, his hands were on fire again. Rain melted into a puddle of water again, and slided into the web of lasers.

The guards started shooting at Flare and Blood. Flare made two huge fire balls in his hands, and hurled them at the guards. Blood created an energy shield in his left hand, and in the right he created three energy daggers, and threw them at some guards. Each dagger hit a guard in the neck, killing them soon after. Flare was burning many guards with one flame thrower. While most guards were distracted by Flare, Blood create an energy bow, shooting arrows at the guards. Soon all the guards were dead, Flare cracked his fingers and looked at Rain. Rain was at the safe, she melting into a puddle and went in to the safe, she came back out, and reformed, but she was holding a huge crystal. Blood shot an arrow at another control panel, and the lasers turned off. Rain walked up to Blood and Flare, she was smiling, "job well done guys" she said with a smirk.

The three were walking out of the building, Flare picked up he cell phone, "we got the crystal, and are heading back" he said into the phone. The three got into a small jet and flew off. The jet landed on a small island, there to greet the group, were two cloaked men.

The men handed the group a briefcase full of money, and Flare handed them the crystal. "you have done a good job Furies" said one of the men. "any time" replied Blood. The Furies took their money and flew off in their jet. The jet landed at a big house, all most a mansion, it was in a open plain, not another house or town for miles. The Furies got out of the jet. "it's been a long night, time for sleep" said Blood. "I wonder what they wanted that crystal for?" Flare asked. "who cares?" replied Rain, "I just wonder when our next mission is?" Rain walked into the kitchen, she got out a glass of coke, and drank it all.

"well I'll see you all later" said Blood, as he went into his room. "night" replied Rain, as she walked off to her room. Flare soon descended into his room. All the lights turned off, and the house locked, all on computers of course...

End of Part One

Comments and Questions please

pretty good. just wish we had some background info. I guess that will come later huh?

OMG 8 days later and i finally get one comment, and yes, the whole background comes later

big grin i like it..it's been viewed 21 times though that's good...

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