Battle of the Supermen

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Superman(current), vs Hyperion vs Prime vs Captain Marvel vs Supreme vs Gladiator vs (insert more superman rip-offs here)

Battle royal style. Every man for himself, doing whatever it takes to get the win. Insert more superman rip-offs until they're all accounted for. THEN the fight begins.

The prize, is NIN tickets.


1) Superman Prime: By FAR!
2) Superman 1,000,000: If the fight is based in the future, where the supersun makes him nigh omnipotent (plus the fact he has extra magic-based powers due to the inter-marriages with Mr Mxzptlk's 5th dimension). In the present he is just a stronger normal superman without a magic invulnerability, but in the future only Prime is stronger (although Prime is still stronger by far).
3) Mr Majestic: Majestros is basically everything Pre-Crisis Superman was, but with a very cool intellect and the experience of being an immortal Kherubim warlord that has lived for several thousand years. Also add really powerful Kherubim warware that can fend off an entire alien armada, plus tech that allows him to augment his own abilities. He moved an entire solar system, and was the last living thing in the universe before he merged with the future SPartan to create a new universe (long story). But he is really mighty.
4) All the rest. Doesn't really matter. Although Pre-Crisis would make a strong showing (since he could get any power based on the way he was written), and the Kryptonian would give some good fireworks before he was mown down by Prime.

Actually, to be honest, you could have all of the Supermen clones together against Prime solo, and Prime would still win.

But if I was to pick 3 to stand with me I'd pick Prime, 1mil, and Majestros. With those 3 i would basically have all the powers of the rest (from hyperion's chronos effect to the Kryptonian's cosmic powers to the Gladiator's cool efficiency).

And if i was to pick one it would easily be Superman Prime.

I already included one version of Superman, the currect version. The other versions don't qualify as rip-offs, because they aren't a different chartacter. It's still Superman. That means no Superman Prime, and noe Superman 1 million.

Maybe Superboy is elidgable, but he really isn't enough of a heavyweight to hang with these guys.

Lol, I like your post, but when he said Prime, I don't think he meant Superman Prime. I'm pretty sure he meant Prime from (I think) Malibu comics who was basically a Captain Marvel ripoff, but instead of gettinghit by lightning he was surrounded by green goo that hardened into a huge superman-like body.

You WERE right about Majestic, though, who would qualify for this fight. He's somewhat below actual Pre-crisis Supes, but makes up for it with experience, intelligence, and ruthlessness. He would at least mkae it to the finals, and considering the fact that he is resistant to telepathy and magic, along with having no other random weaknesses like radiation or certain rocks (or a conscience >_&gtwink, he stands a good chance of taking home the, uhh, tickets.

For the moment, my choice is Supreme. Anyone who has read his comics would understand why. Ruthless doesn't begin to describe him. The man does not **** around.

Neither does Majestros, but hes a tactical genius to boot.

Why not put Sentry in that last spot?

Actually Superman 1 Million isn't a different version of Supes...he's a decendant. But he's still not a rip-off so he can't really be used.

Oh, did not see that they had to be rip-offs.

In that case the winner would be just as easy.

Mr Majestic is basically a character with as many powers as Pre-Crisis Superman, the same cunning and cool calculation as Gladiator, is a Kherubim warlord who is immortal and has several millenia of battle experience, deals with cosmic level threats (even when they need moving a solar system or splitting a start into two), and has access to highly advanced Khera technology that is augmented to some degree by magics.
Oh, and he has no known weaknesses.

Mr Majestic would win this if it is simply against rip-offs. The only one that i know could beat him is Superman Prime, and he is not included in this.

Majestros wins.

p.s: There is one Superman i think you left off. The Eradicator.

what about that Black Adam guy? i only recently became aware of him (through the tournament) but he sounds like he can kick ass
gladiator is as ruthless as anyone and shouldn''t be taken lightly by anybody
is the captain marvel mentioned the DC guy? i assume so, as he's more SM like than genis

doesn't gladiator move at 100 times the speed of light? just asking.......

>>>>plus the fact he has extra magic-based powers due to the inter-marriages with Mr Mxzptlk's 5th dimension


"Along with the traditional Kryptonian senses ten new abilities were added to the Dynasty by the marriage of a Superman to Queen Gzntplzk of the Fifth Dimension. These new abilities include techno-rapport (the ability to control computers), limited control of magnetism, genesis level intellect, super-ESP (a form of super-hypnosis), no longer as susceptible to magic, the ability to think billions of different lines of thought at the same time, etc".

He does not have extra magic-based powers.

Yeah, Superman Prime is the most powerful version. The individual who created the character says so.

Anyway, for those who never read the DC 1,000,000 crossover, Justice League Alpha is sick.

Here are the bios.

NO it is not an "official" site; however, if you READ the comic books, you know that it is accurate.

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