Luke Cage VS. Bane

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They both have similar strength, ummm Cage can lift up to 3 tons, I don't know how strong Bane is, but I'm sure it's close. A fist fight. Who takes it. Oh Bane has found a new way of injecting that serum stuff, so it won't be obvious to Luke Cage to pull it out of his neck or his back, or his a$$ or wherever he shoves that tube.

I say Luke Cage would definitely take this one

Cage can lift a WHOLE lot more than three tons !! And is very durable too. This is not even a half decent fight.

luke cadge can lift a hell of alot more than three tons, last time i checked he was closer to 50...

the marvel website list him as strength 4..... which i think means pressing anywhere between 800 lbs to 25 tons........ nice and accurate, other than that i know he has steel hard skin so a punch from anyone at that strength with a steel hand would be like getting hit by anything from a sledgehammer to a train

Holy crap, big mismatch. I've got some old school Cage comics when he was battling Diamondback, Boss Morgan and guys lile that.He had a heck of time picking up on of those delivery trucks, not semis, ummm, something like a U-Haul truck. Thanks for letting me know. Well I guess Cage wins for sure then.

i'm not saying he is a 25 tonner, just that marvel's website is woefully inaccurate

although i don't think he is 25 ton range......... more likely around 15 to 20 ........... the scorpion kicked the living sh*t out of him in an issue of spider-man unlimited, iron fist came into the story too, it was one of my favourite issues of that line

current luke around 45 ton range.

Alpha Centauri
Made me laugh in that New Avengers.

Murdock: Foggy, get behind Luke.
Foggy: No way, YOU get behind Luke.
Murdock: He's got unbreakable skin. You get behind him, that's why we hired him.


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