tony hawk underground

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does anyone have or player it? its awesome!


it is an awesome game .. one of my favs .. thumb up

cool cool, me too

I bought it a week or so ago.

It's awesome!!! I am on Normal mode (this is the second time I have gone through it, each time with a different character I made) right now, and after I finish that, I'm going to Sick mode.

It's an awesome game but it was pretty easy...sad

...and a lot of the music is bad, I only have about 10 of the songs enabled messed

I have the game on Gameboy Advance and also play it alot on my best friends Gamecube. It's obe of my all-time favorite games. I hate video games but, with a few I could sit their and play some games all day if I really wanted to and Tony Hawk Underground is one of those games.

i beat it all the way through on the hardest mode...i think it's "sick mode" i don't remember. It's by far my favorite Tony Hawk game....IMO they just keep getting better and better.

i bought it last week and it totally rocks (like HIM)

Yep that's Sick Mode alright.

BTW, I finished Normal Mode last night and unlocked Gene Simmons and Ironman...

I'm 1/4th of the way through sick mode right now. I'm kinda stuck in Tampa I need to do the "Chris' Best Combo's" or "Wallplant/Manual Combo" to continue.

steely balls
very good game but beat in a week

It's really easy, but still great fun to just ride around the big levels or create your own ones.

I still haven't created one yet, I might do that on one of my days off next week.

haha .. in your avvy it says I rock stick out tongue

yes i have beaten this game on every difficulty not too hard .... but it is the funnest one so far

I finally found the Hanger secret level that was in Moscow.

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