My Terminator 4: Rise of the Resistance

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3 SOLDIERS lay, dead, just within the entrance of the LARGE CAVE, their bodies still smoldering from PULSE CANNON ENERGY BLASTS.

A second DRONE CHASSIS also sparks and burns, crashed and destroyed, while FRIGHTENED REFUGEES cower against the far wall of the chasm.

From another PASSAGEWAY off the LARGE CAVERN, more REFUGEES flood, screaming in terror and pain. PERRY kneels and scans the passage as the REFUGEES pass, and he is greeted by the familiar SHRIEK on fast approach. Multiple PULSE-PISTOL BURSTS light up the area behind the THIRD DRONE, a few finding their mark, enough to send the DRONE skittering into the CAVE WALL, crashing and exploding.

ONE FEMALE REFUGEE screams and sobs, crying out in fear

Kyle? Where's Kyle?!
Where is the boy? KYLE!

PERRY scans the PASSAGE as 4 of his TROOPERS stalk from the dark

ZWICK crosses the CAVERN to cover the only other PASSAGE

SOLOMON steps in, bringing up the rear, quickly taking a knee against the near PASSAGE ENTRANCE, scouting down that passage, maintaining a secure perimeter

PERRY moves to the FRANTIC REFUGEE, who is being threatened by a TROOPER

BE QUIET, Lady!!

(sternly, but compassionately)
ANDREWS! Stand down!
Don't worry ma'am...
we'll find your son.

No, not my son...
I promised to look after him if...
his parents... they didn't make it out...

Understood. Andrews, Kent, Davison with me! The rest of you, Rally Point is HERE!
Form a perimeter and keep the refugees safe! There's at least 1 more of these things out there, and who knows how many refugees scattered in these caves, so stay alert!

Across the cavern, KENT grumbles

What's the problem, rough-neck?

SGT KENT steps forward a few paces, whispering gruffly

You're sticking us with the rooks, Cap!
The kids! Me and Solly could mop up the last of the shriekers and rally the refugees back here in 2 shakes!

I aint about to get wasted babysittin' a coupla weak-kneed momma's boys...
c'mon, Cap!
Cut me some slack!

PERRY considers KENT'S concerns for a few beats

You're right, Sgt. Kent...
Sgt. Bjerken, front and center!
YOU take Andrews, Davison and a squad and clear these caves!

Recover whatever refugees you find stragglin' and rally them back here ASAP!

BJERKEN nods and quickly summons ANDREWS, DAVISON and 4 TROOPERS

PERRY steps up squarely into KENT'S face, steely-eyed and scowling

You're on my shit-list, Kent!
Med detail for you!
I want every cut, scrape, bruise and hangnail on the refugees documented and doctored. Every sniffle stifled, every cough contained!

And, if I hear even a whimper from any one of them or yourself, I swear by Christ I'll bust your ass right here in front of the whole lot of 'em... and not even Momma Zwick will hold your hand thru that!

Long moments of silence as KENT cowers and everyone else in the CAVE freezes and pretends not to be listening...

CAPT PERRY, having restored discipline and control amongst the SQUAD, carries on in fine military manner

Zwick, Solomon, maintain the perimeter!
And, Corporal Solomon, keep the comics stowed while you're on watch, or your ass will be joining Sergeant Kent on scab detail!

Move it out, people!
Everyone else, stand ready to defend...

The REMAINING TROOPS all go out about either assisting KENT administering first aid to the REFUGEES, or assisting ZWICK and SOLOMON with perimeter defense, cleaning, reloading weapons, or other manner of preparations to hold position in the cave

Just outside PERRY'S line of sight, CORPORAL SOLOMON squats in a slight alcove in the rock. Out of sight, out of mind, SOLOMON rustles thru his rucksack, collecting a few tattered COMIC BOOKS. With a hearty smile, SOLOMON hunches down in the alcove and begins scanning the colorful pages

PAN UP FROM SOLOMON'S POSITION: NOTE slight sprinkle of dust and debris from overhead...

BJERKEN, ANDREWS, DAVISON and 4 TROOPERS spread out and stalk along the dark and dreary pass, checking the branches and off-shoots and alcoves for any signs of REFUGEES or MINI-FLYER activity.

The group comes to a convergence, where multiple passages come together and cross. BJERKEN raises a closed fist, signaling HALT! and the group scatters to the walls of the passage

BJERKEN looks around the small cavern nervously, uncertain how to proceed where so many options are available. He checks his squad, then steps to DAVISON near the corner of the passage entrance to the cavern.

What'd'ya see Davison?

DAVISON flips down the NIGHT-VISION viewer attachment on his skull-cap and scans; far-left, left center, center, right-center...

Ohhh shiii----

A smallish heat signature registers, racing toward the group from a passage up ahead!

Before he can react further by raising his PULSE RIFLE, DAVISON is met by the ATTACKER head on, and both topple to the rocky cavern floor

The noise of the collision raises alarm with the others in the group and BJERKEN cracks a blue-light glo-stick, illuminating the area

Everyone else quickly draws a bead on the ATTACKER and DAVISON as they scuffle

DAVISON struggles for awhile under the weight and assault of the attacker, shrieking like a little girl the whole while, until finally he is able to shove his foe away.

Once free from the entanglement, DAVISON and everyone immediately notices that the assailant is a LITTLE BOY!

Kyle? Kyle Reese?

The boy seems to respond to the name looking apprehensively at the group of troops

Yeah, sure it's you!
You remember me, donchya, little dude?
We played that game on Sergeant Solomon the other day, fresh outta base-camp..
stole his favorite comics and hid out all afternoon, while he busted his ass looking all over! Busted Kent's ass too later, thinkin' he done it... -heh!-

DAVISON, a few TROOPERS chuckle some at ANDREWS recollection, obviously recalling the events of that day as well, recognizing the child, KYLE REESE

(confused, afraid)
Where? Where are they?
The shriekers?

ANDREWS steps up, helping DAVISON to his feet, while the others lower their weapons and let their guard down

Forget about the--


Before anyone can react, ANDREWS' chest explodes violently outward, and the tunnel is lit up by a thunderous blast of PLASMA-ENERGY from behind the TROOPERS!!

ANDREWS collapses with a whimper, his PLASMA RIFLE falling at KYLE'S feet.

The boy duck and crouches low to the ground, while the others turn to take aim at the SHRIEKING DRONE on approach

PULSE-WEAPON ENERGY BOLTS light up the passage

The FLYING MINI-H/K evades the first volley, firing repeated bursts of its own back on the TROOPS in the confined space.

2 of the 4 TROOPERS are caught in one of the blasts, scorched and fried, killing them instantly.

BJERKEN, DAVISON and the remaining TROOPERS continue firing upon the DRONE.

The DRONE suffers minor damage and streaks past the group, skittering down the left-center tunnel. 2 TROOPERS rush after the DRONE, into the intersection

KYLE sits up as the TROOPERS pass, clutching ANDREWS' PULSE RIFLE, trying desperately to lift it

Oh, no...

KYLE glances anxiously at BJERKEN as the TROOPERS approach the left-center passage

BJERKEN notes KYLE'S panic, realizes something too late

WAIT! Fall back!
Guys, stop!

Too late! the TROOPERS glance back in recognition of their leader's commands

A moment later a rapid-fire blast of PLASMA ENERGY envelopes them both, consuming their bodies, virtually vaporizing the TROOPERS where they stand, and the DRONE streaks from the RIGHT-CENTER tunnel!


DAVISON, BJERKEN rage, opening fire upon the DRONE once more, as the H/K pivots and floats about toward their positions.

Multiple PLASMA-RIFLE bursts finally penetrate the DRONE ARMOR-PLATE, and the DRONE explodes in a shower of sparks and energy

A few long-winded moments pass as the survivors survey the carnage

Tunnels all link up...
bet you got all turned around in there,
huh kid?

KYLE nods somberly, struggling with the PLASMA RIFLE

BJERKEN finally noticing what KYLE is doing, takes charge

You better let me take care of that, Little Soldier... You drop that and the plasma-pac ruptures, and you'll be toast for sure!

BJERKEN scoops up ANDREWS' PLASMA RIFLE from KYLE'S grasp, lifting the boy from the ground as well, because KYLE refuses to release his hold on the over-sized weapon

Jeez, Sarge!
Give the kid a break, huh?

BJERKEN does his best CAPT. PERRY expression, glaring at DAVISON

After what just went down, what we just lived through, you tellin' me you think this
8-year-old kid oughta be carrying around an
M-20 Phased Plasma Pulse Rifle, with half-
pac charge? Is that right, Davison?

DAVISON looks away, corrected and dejected

Now, by my count, that was Number 4...
These drones always travel in fours, so we're done here! Gather up whatever you can salvage from the gear, Corporal. We gotta get back to the Rally Point ASAP, so we can clear outta here before the reinforcements show!

BJERKEN shoulders the second PLASMA RIFLE and storms off down the single path to the rear, in retreat from the criss-crossed paths in the small cavern

DAVISON slips his skull-cap off his head, and ruffles KYLE'S hair, patting the cap in place on KYLE'S head, smiling at the boy

KYLE flips the NIGHT-VISION goggles in place, and gasps in awe at the sights, giggling

DAVISON moves amongst the various remnants and gore-stained blast patterns that were once his fellow fighters, collecting
rucksacks, ammunition and whatever else of value remains

He was wrong you know...

DAVISON pauses a moment glancing toward where he had left KYLE, but jumps with a start when KYLE appears right next to him, drooling over a RATION-PACK DAVISON had collected from a TROOPER

Wrong? Who was wrong?
Wrong about what?

DAVISON glances between KYLE and the RATION, shrugs and hands the food to the boy

KYLE accepts the RATION greedily, tearing into the plastic casing and attacking the enclosed freeze-dried and aluminum-sealed packages of food-stuffs

(mumbling, through mouthfuls)
The big ugly man... Sarge!
I'm not 8!
I'm only 6 and a half!

That's good kid...
real good...Let's move.

DAVISON and KYLE move quickly in retreat down the passage, trying to catch up with BJERKEN before he can get back to the CAVERN and make his report

CAPT. PERRY, SGT. KENT, 3 TROOPERS tend to wounds and needs of REFUGEES. SGT. ZWICK, 3 TROOPERS form ROVING PATROL around perimeter.

The FAR SIDE of the CAVERN is strangely devoid of much activity of life, except an occasional glimpse of CORPORAL SOLOMON'S dusty knee as he crouches against the alcove

SOLOMON'S COMM-UNIT ear-piece dangles loose from its place in his ear canal, instead swaying over his shoulder with each silent chuckle and turn of a page of his COMIC BOOKS


(on radio)
...repeat... Davis...
troops... dead... all targets...
RTB... ETA... minutes...


PAN ACROSS colorful scenes of WAR and BATTLE, bloodshed and death, firefights and explosions

SOLOMON revels in all the cartoonish chaos and destruction, blissfully unaware of his surroundings

Suddenly, a cloud of thick white smoke wafts across SOLOMON'S field of view, clouding the colorful pages of CAPTAIN SLAUGHTER, as CAPTAIN PERRY stands over SOLOMON chomping a fat cigar

I'm about to show you the REAL
Captain Slaughter! On your feet, soldier!

SOLOMON scrambles against the rock wall, righting himself and making every effort to hide the COMIC BOOK and go about his 'patrol duty'

(loud, too loud)

Suddenly, the crappy, craggy ceiling overhead caves in, showering SOLOMON with rock and debris, followed almost immediately by a powerful blast of PLASMA ENERGY from a gaping hole above

SOLOMON'S FACE melts, skull and jawbone super-heated by the intense BLAST. His brain boils over in microsecond, forcing the baked, brittle skull to expand and explode, splattering gore across the cave floor, blotting out the cartoon chaos on the pages that fall from his rucksack, aS his body falls over them

SHIT! Incoming!

ONE after ANOTHER after ANOTHER and ANOTHER FLYING HUNTER-KILLER DRONES dive into the cavern from the hole to the surface; 4 more DRONES, with the RESISTANCE FORCES splintered, separated into small groups around the cave, easy targets

While the H/K DRONES' PLASMA PULSE CANNONS unleash a fury on the screaming REFUGEES and TROOPERS, CAPT. PERRY scoops up SOLOMON'S EARPIECE and COMM-UNIT, ducking out of the cavern, into the passage

Sergeant Andrews! This is Captain Perry!
We are under fire! Four Shriekers!
Repeat Four! We are in deep shit!
Return to Rally Point Alpha NOW!
Sergeant Andrews, do you copy?

A DRONE slowly hovers into view over PERRY'S shoulder as he calls for help

A cry goes out from the cavern interior

CAPTAIN PERRY!! Hit the deck!!

PERRY complies, diving to the dirt and scuttling quickly around the bend in the passage as PULSE CANNON FIRE rains down from behind and above

When the smoke and dust clears, PERRY recovers and gets his bearings, looks up from his prone position

Like something ripped from the pages of SOLOMON'S COMICS,
SGT. KENT stomps through the haze, DUAL PLASMA RIFLES tucked against each hip, one still crackling with energy from recent use, the other spent of charge

KENT tosses the spent RIFLE to the ground, the weapon clatters against the charred remains of the H/K DRONE

PERRY recovers the PLASMA PULSE RIFLE, quickly slamming a fresh PLASMA-PAC into place

They've got us locked and pinned in here!
To the surface, get the refugees out!

NO SIR! We take a stand here!

PERRY seems ready to pull rank and make good on the promise to beat KENT into submission, but SCREAMS and BRILLIANT FLASHES of PLASMA ENERGY draw his attention, and his return fire, inside the cave

KENT spins on his heel, side-by-side with his C.O., PERRY and they light up the CAVERN with their own PLASMA RIFLE FIRE

PERRY screams sub-vocals into his COMM-UNIT, barely audible over the raging PLASMA PULSES

...evacuate... not secure...
relocate... surface... refugees...

Sudden, surprise bursts of CROSS-FIRE from across the CAVERN shocks everyone, human and DRONE alike, as much as machines can show surprise, as...

SGT. BJERKEN charges head-long into the fray, PLASMA RIFLE blazing, screaming a whooping BATTLE CRY

BJERKEN'S aim is dead-on, bringing a SECOND DRONE crashing to the cavern floor, before the remaining DRONES catch the savior Sergeant in their cross-hairs and cross-fire.

SGT. BJERKEN is utterly vaporized where he stands from the unrelenting volley of PLASMA PULSE ENERGY from 2 DRONES

Across the CAVERN, SGT. ZWICK lay, badly wounded, her LEFT ARM GONE at the shoulder, though the wound has been cauterized and seared by the PLASMA BLAST. Still, the SERGEANT draws fire from one of the DRONES, as she is able to blast away with her PLASMA PISTOL with her good hand

ZWICK'S hits are ineffective, and the DRONE blasts 2 TROOPERS before drawing its aim on ZWICK

Fortunately, PERRY and KENT tag-team the DRONE as it draws down on ZWICK

Unfortunately, the DRONE is able to unleash a final, fatal blast of PLASMA PULSE ENERGY before exploding under the barrage from the MEN across the CAVERN

PERRY roars as ZWICK collapses against the wall, fried & dead

PERRY takes aim, but his PLASMA RIFLE is spent again, and only crackles weakly at the final, offending DRONE -bzzzzzt-

PERRY flips the RIFLE, clutching the still crackling barrel in his fists, fully-prepared to charge the DRONE with his CLUB

Instead of charging forward, PERRY is vaulted BACK, shoved against the exterior passage wall by KENT!

OK, Cap! You were right!

PERRY nods and huffs, stumbling away, collecting what few straggling, wounded REFUGEES remain in proximity in the PASSAGE

KENT lays down a steady stream of cover fire while PERRY and the remaining TROOPERS and REFUGEES make their retreat

The remaining DRONE seeks, scans and targets the rubble and wreckage around the CAVERN, searching for further signs of life, before following the retreating RESISTANCE FORCES


NOTE: SOLOMON'S COMICS, similar scenes of carnage, death and destruction echoed in the burnt, bloodied pages...














WOW!! eek!

is that a good WOW, or a WOW! What a steaming pile of crap WOW!


WHOA dude that is amazing man !

You did the whole thing yourself !?

well, not exactly...

I had a little help from James Cameron, John Brancado and Michael Ferris and Tedi Sarafian, since they wrote T1 T2 and T3...

but, yes, in the fact that the whole Rise of the Resistance story, and all the characters that were not carried over from other films, are my own invention, creation and explanation of events following T3.

Yes, I wrote this Terminator story/script all by myself.

copyright ME 2002

I hope you like it!
If you like it enough, I might just punch out T5 and T6 and post them here too!

I think it rocks.


Could be both..

Not a very good script I would say...

Too much confusion going on there. There are two other scripts which I would prefer, but I liked "The Hope of the Future" the most since it fully explained all the sequences of T1, T2 and T3, and also had a major role for Arnold (although we all assume that he's not coming back for a main part. But who knows if Arnold will be re-elected again? He said he's up for T4 anyway!)

Maybe try avoid using TX-850A and B as we can't actually tell which is which apart from the letters. And I have absolutely no idea how you came up with that! They are of different sizes and technologies. And how can they possibility capture a T-X? If I assume you are using the severely damaged T-X from T3, how could it still have any poly-alloy on it? Not to mention that after a hydrogen bomb explosion (we see the effects of it in T3) there is hardly any usable parts left...

These are just some points to clarafy. I haven't actually quite finish the entire script as I lost interested in it. Sorry about that but I still look forward to your 2nd draft.

Uhh OK

If i recall correctly, one of the final scenes of T3 was a shot of the T-850's endo skull in the ashes, and it's eye dims out. It might also be possible that fragments of the T-X are also scattered somewhere in the rubble as well?

Btw, it's a nice script, Slick! big grin

I think it was kinda exaggerated that the T-850 actually survived the nuclear explosions to that degree.

I think the fuel-cell explosion itself should have pretty much totalled both Terminators.

Originally posted by TMACalicious
If i recall correctly, one of the final scenes of T3 was a shot of the T-850's endo skull in the ashes, and it's eye dims out. It might also be possible that fragments of the T-X are also scattered somewhere in the rubble as well?

That end scene with the slowly fading optical sensors is exactly the scene I used to base my assumption that the Terminators survived, at least, in part... or in parts...

along with the end narrative quote about the Battle For the Future was only just beginning...

so, I/We can assume that enough parts of both Terminator units survived the blast; the blast was minimized by the cramped 12 inches of space, by the beating and reboot the T-150 had already suffered, and by that special little catch-all called Writer's Creative License, the blast brought down the mountain, without bringing down the Terminators! Simple, not confusing... suspend your disbelief just enough to fathom the concept that a machine, a super computer brain from the future could invent time-travel and send back some other machines to stop the one man capable of stopping that super computer from achieving its goal of world domination... if you can conceive of such a twisted concept, then surely you could grasp the concept that those terminator machines are tough enough to withstand a lowly little nuke....

Still a little lost as to the confusion peace_seeker mentions, but, not bothered by it enough to give a $hit, so...

Originally posted by TMACalicious
Btw, it's a nice script, Slick! big grin

Thanks TMA!

Dude get a life!!!!!!! Terminator was a TRILOGY!!!!!!!!!!!! It's like going hay! Neo's Dead and the world is safe from evil...sounds like there could be a storyline there! ****N HELL!

actually TERMINATOR was originally shot to be a one-shot wonder, so (as Terminatory might say) **** you, *******. Although Cameron had invested time in inventing the back-story and future-story, including some great stuff that never made it to the final cut of the first, best The Original Terminator, he thought the story was complete, or complete enough, with that first film, and saw no need to go forward with any crappy, second-rate, second-chance sequel.

Only all those years later, were Cameron and crew enticed to revisit the story, dredge up some of the fantastic back- and future-story, and tack a second chapter to the Terminator tale.

Same thing as Mostow and the gang did with T3, took the story and added their own twisted turn to it, useless and pointless as certain folk might consider it to be...

and T4 is inevitable, so there.

Trilogies are so 80s...

Quadrilogies are the stuff of the new millennium!

TERMINATOR 4 RULZ!! (to put it in language u no doubt understand, Dude!)

1. The 80's gave birth to the best movies of all time.
2. Why would there be a 4th Terminator if its a trilogy of the 80's.
3. The Matrix Trilogy, The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy all part of the millenium, all TRILOGIES
4. I can think of only 1 trilogy that is to become a "quadrilogy" : Die Hard and even then Bruce Willis has to fund it because it's a stupid idea...woo yea Justin Timberlake as John McClane jr YIPPY KA AYE hee hee hee. I wonder how many terrorists he's gonna say "Im guna have ya naked by the end of this song" to.
5. I dont hate you. I pity you.

Oh and how can t4 be inevitable if Arnie's left the movie scene to focus on playing world domination; political style?!

What's with all this hostility, bahhh??? This is a discussion forum, not a place for you to be harassing other ppl.

Originally posted by bahhh_yeti
1. The 80's gave birth to the best movies of all time.

In your (amazingly sad) opinion...

Originally posted by bahhh_yeti
2. Why would there be a 4th Terminator if its a trilogy of the 80's.

T1 was in 1984, T2 was released in like 93, T3 in what 2002 or 2003, so your argument about 'Terminator= trilogy of the 80s' is as weak as the rest of your babble...

Originally posted by bahhh_yeti
3. The Matrix Trilogy, The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy all part of the millenium, all TRILOGIES

Originally posted by bahhh_yeti
4. I can think of only 1 trilogy that is to become a "quadrilogy" : Die Hard and even then Bruce Willis has to fund it because it's a stupid idea.... (blah blah blah more mindless, pointless babble)

think harder, dud (not a typo...)

STAR WARS saga, 6 movies ( or, by your feeble reckoning, 2 'trilogies' rather than a 6-flick saga, I suppose).. (begun in 1976, 24 years before 2000)
STAR TREK saga, 10 movies.. (6 Original Cast, 4 TNG cast) (many pre-2000) (3 TRILOGIES, plus 1, or what? moron)
JAMES BOND series, 22 movies.. (many pre-2000)(7 TRILOGIES +1??????????????????????????????????????????????)

let's just go with QUADRILOGY, since it's the wave of the new millennium

SUPERMAN QUADRILOGY (so far) (long before 2000)
BATMAN QUADRILOGY (+1 new one)(begun before 2000)
PLANET OF THE APES series 5 movies (way before 2000) + 1 remake
FRIDAY 13th, 11 movie series (2 QUADRILOGIES + 1 TRILOGY, so far)
JACK RYAN QUADRILOGY (Hunt For Red October, Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger, Sum of All Fears)

Originally posted by bahhh_yeti
5. I dont hate you. I pity you.

the feeling's mutual...

oh, wait.. I do hate...

not you per se, just closed-minded idiots in general, so don't take offense...

eek! big grin cool Happy Dance

any and/or all forms of movie series' don't have to just end with 3 because you say so!! Plenty of cinematic sagas go on beyond 3 installments. Get used to it!

Originally posted by bahhh_yeti
Oh and how can t4 be inevitable if Arnie's left the movie scene to focus on playing world domination; political style?!

Arnie is done with politics, or, when he is finally finished, he will return to the role that made him famous:


Originally posted by SlickRick69
Arnie is done with politics, or, when he is finally finished, he will return to the role that made him famous:


Arnie's term ends next year and he plans to run again, but many (including myself) believe he won't be winning this time in which case it is likely he 'will be back' for possibly one more film (likely T4 or True Lies 2). If the rumors are true of James Cameron returning to helm TL2 then you can bet Arnie will return as well, but if the rumors are false there is a healthy chance T4 will be his pick.

Earlier this month: Oct. 11

Originally posted by TheFilmProphet
Sci Fi Wire

Terminator Will Be Back

Creature-effects supervisor John Rosengrant of Stan Winston Studios confirmed to SCI FI Wire that he has met with director Jonathan Mostow recently about the possibility of a new Terminator movie, but nothing is a go yet. "It's too early to figure out what a new Terminator would look like, or anything like that," said Rosengrant, who was the creature-effects supervisor on the upcoming film Doom, starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

In the first three Terminator films, Arnold Schwarzenegger, now governor of California, starred as a robot from the future. The original 1984 film was one of the first projects for special-effects designer Stan Winston, whose studio created the effects for such films as Aliens and Jurassic Park, as well as the two Terminator sequels.

Rosengrant said it is too early to figure out what a new robot from the future would look like if the franchise were to continue. "You usually don't do that kind of thing," Rosengrant said about designing a new Terminator. "You see the script and what spark comes from that, with the director and see what the vision is. It does no good to dream it up unless you write a treatment and try to get out there and sell it yourself."

Mostow, who directed Terminator 3: The Rise of the Machines, has said he was interested in a fourth Terminator film and commissioned a story written by Terminator 3 screenwriters John D. Brancato and Michael Ferris. Nick Stahl, who starred as John Connor in the third film, is signed for two more sequels.

"I know Jonathan Mostow said he had a script idea for it, and I did talk to him, and he did say that, but I don't know," Rosengrant said. "I keep hearing that there's going to be a Terminator 4. That's all it's been, just rumblings."

U Neek
Hey Slick, how's it going?

First off: well done for writing your script! I think there are some good ideas in there. Please accept my apologies for not reading all of it but I get charged by the minute to use the Internet since my Internet Provider tried to screw me over with Broadband fees! (Long story...)

Secondly: everyone providing negative feedback about a T4 movie ever happening - please STOP. Part of this forum is based upon fans of the Terminator franchise pushing for a fourth T movie to be created to correct the wrongs of T3. Whether is happens or not is another matter. But for now, there is a slim chance if might happen, and the negative vibes you're bringing to the forum by putting down a fellow fan who got off their arse to write a script for a possible fourth T movie shows way more creativity then you or I ever will.

Keep up the good work Slick, it's much appreciated.


Slick> For those dudes hassling your script, just ask em if any one of them has the gumption or persistance to even write a quarter of what uve done.

I'm with U Neek here, you script bashers just back off.

Kenty T-1000
I haven't had time to read it completely, but what I've read so far is brilliant. Keep up the good work thumb up

As for the ones disrespecting the script, **** off. Unless you can do better I suggest you stop looking like pricks by slating it.

smile thanks gang

these are the title pages I came up with

That second poster in particular is great !

Im guessing you photoshopped some stills off T3.

Originally posted by vvvrulz
That second poster in particular is great !

Im guessing you photoshopped some stills off T3.

yep, stole a few shots from some site somewhere I forget, like marketing or publicity shots for T3... one had John in front of the crashed and burning helicopters, one had Kate in front of some other underground bunker background, and one was the Terminator with the bright sun/explosion behind him... they all had the orange tint, and the lighting detail, I just cut and pasted them from 3 pics into 1 background that I messed around with until the lighting was closest I could get it.

shitty pic but it's just for fun, like the script.

same with the black poster, stole the Terminator and the TX pics, which were on black background, with the T3 title underneath, sliced the T-X cyborg half-skull and cut and pasted it to match the Arnold face as close as I could get it, so we got the 'good' red-eye Terminator facing off against the 'bad' blue-eye Terminator...
then altered some Rise of the Machines Titles using that fabulous Terminator font, to spell our 'Resistance' and that was that!

glad you like 'em, thanks for the props! Happy Dance cool

Totally wicked script eek! Maybe you could do some story boards for it big grin
You've got a great talent. You should copy right it and send it to James Cameron. If it gets made maybe you can be in it.

Benhacker cool

P.S. : Here's a wallpaper I found

Originally posted by Benhacker
Totally wicked script eek! Maybe you could do some story boards for it big grin
You've got a great talent. You should copy right it and send it to James Cameron. If it gets made maybe you can be in it.

Benhacker cool

P.S. : Here's a wallpaper I found

LOL! if you would settle for stick figure story-boards, I'll get right on it!!

here's a start

war "The future is not set... it was a lie... War, started by machines... mankind was obsolete..."


Kate and John survived, but were trapped under Crystal Peak...


Kate rebuilt BOTH Terminators...

gunsmilie raygunpokeyusaflag pile

John rallied the Resistance forces...


Kate and John fell in inlove


The Terminators clash, and face-off...

in the end: blowupblowup

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