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This movie really pissed me off.mad I remember watching it one night on cable but it was really late and I couldn't finish seeing the ending, so I was like oh well I'll just have to catch it some other time. All the while I was really curious thinking what would ultimately happen in the end. I was hoping those dumbass cops would eventually figure out every thing that happened and I couldn't wait to see what would happen to Diane Lane's character. So finally it comes on again and I'm able to see the ending. Man was I disapointed to say the least. I literally wanted to jump thru the screen and choke Richard Gere's character to death with my bare hands. What a f***ing pussy whipped loser thumb down they ended up portraying him as.

Anyway, I was reminded about the movie again just recently because I got into a discussion about it with a friend of mine. He watched it with his girl and was more pissed off at Diane Lane's character than Richard Gere and he said his girl blamed them both.

So I was just wondering what you guys thought about it? Did you think it was a good movie with a good ending? Who do you think deserved the most blame for what happened or which character did you end up hating the most? Diane Lane, the guy she was screwing, Richard Gere, the bogus cops?...

Well.. those kinds of things are common in a marriage environment.. (not the do all end all.. but fairly common) in the end it really takes both of your strength to make things work out.. if even one person gives up, then things like this are bound to happen.. so you really have to communicate with your significant other loud and clear.

I totally agree with your friends girl.. she wouldnt have went out and sought gratification from a 3rd party if her husband really let her know how he felt. I dont blame the guy she was screwing (at least not as much) because she let him do those things to her since she wanted it..

I dont see how you thought richard gere was the whipped loser.. lol , he just wound up doing what any angry husband would have liked to do to the person who slept with their wife.. the ending was a lil unrealistic though, but hey.. thats why we have movies wink
I liked it.. but it was borderline trashy..

Havnt totally seen all of it.
But I especially like the rendition of a Radiohead called Exit Music. I always felt that Radiohead should be involved in music for movies.

Adrian Lyne has done a pretty good job at this kind of film in the past. Though this one certainly not as good as, say, Fatal Attraction, it's still very watchable.

I haven't seen it, but the boy toy she cheats with looks quite yummy...

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