Guilty As Charged: A James Bond 007 Story

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I'm thinking of beginning work on a James Bond Story just to take a break from The Matrix "mood" and get a little more of the old school action of 007. Look for the beginning of the story soon

before i start this story i have to ask, does anyone freakin wanna read it?

that being said, i will post the intro later. peace

arite, i dont care, im gonna post it anyway

It was well past midnight in downtown Las Vegas, and there were hundreds of different cars and limos parked outside the Coronade Casino. A pure black Lincoln Continental Limo pulled up to the front entrance of the Casino, which was lined with a red velvet carpet and bright lights. It was opening night, and the Casino would have a busy early morning hour. Out of the Continental stepped a leg adorned in black pants and sparkling black shoes. The whole man came out, and his whole outfit was black, except for his shirt which was red, his hat that was light blue, and his sunglasses, which were orange. The man had a thin face with prominent cheek bones and chin. His hair was curly only at the ends, so it looked as if he was wearing a crown of hair just below his top hat. He handed his coat to the driver and walked the red carpet into the Casino. Inside, the place was as busy as a beehive. There were couples everywhere, guys with one eye, guys with one leg, tall guys, skinny guys, ugly ladys, pretty ladys, old couples, every single type of person one could think of. There were hundreds of grass green poker tables, roulette boards, craps areas, and tons of bars. THe man walked over slowly to the bar, not diverting his gaze anywhere but in front of him. He reached the bar and sat down in one of the tall barstools, and casually rested his elbow on the counter. A bartender with an eyepatch limped on over to where the man was sitting.
"What can I getcha buddy?"
The man removed his sunglasses and revealed brilliant blue eyes.
"A martini: shaken... not stirred."
The bartender gave a smirk. "You got a tab, buddy?"
"I do. The name's Bond. James Bond."

decent start,but i think you should always start off with the villian,any ideas for the villian yet?

actually yea, i was planin on startin out with a villian, but decided against it, because if people always start off with a villian, then its like me to start off with the opposite. i did notice a mistake i made tho. it is the casino's first night and bond already has a tab. so the bartender shouldve asked him if he wanted to start a tab. thanks for the comment tho. more later.

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