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Stealth Agent
Im a noob when it comes to Star Wars Expanded Universe but i'd like to get into can some please tel me where to start. With what comic or what book or with what?

For the Clone Wars:
There are many books that follow a certain timeline, and in one of the books you can look at the beginning and it will show the first Clone Wars book that was released, I think it is Shatterpoint. Also the DVD for the first season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars micro-series comes out on March 22nd. For comics, read Star Wars Republic issues 50-73 (the current one) Then read Star Wars Obsession, which is a mini series that leads up to ROTS. They have 3 issues out so far.

After that, you might want to read some of the Thrawn books by Timothy Zahn. Then move on to the NJO (New Jedi Order) series, which takes place roughly twenty years after A New Hope.

Hope that helps.

Captain REX
If you want to start at the beginning, read the books/comics that deal with the creation of the Sith and the Jedi...

It all depends on your personal tastes:
Would you like to learn more about the Clone Wars? How about the Sith Wars? The ancient Jedi? What happened to the OT Character? About them before the OT? etc......

Stealth Agent
It all sounds cool but i really want to know the sith wars and clone wars

Well then, good luck in trying to find some ten year old Tales of the Jedi/Sith comics......stick out tongue

For Clone Wars, follow SnakeEyes' suggestions above.....wink

Stealth Agent
cool thanks

If you're into video games pick up KOTOR. It takes place 4,000 or so years before the movies and lets you in on allot of the ideals behind the Sith and Jedi philosophies.

Games to pick up:
KotOR, (an RPG); KotOR II: The Sith Lords, (another RPG); Republic Commando, (a first-person shooter); The Clone Wars, (third-person action-adventure game); Star Wars: Battlefront, (first/third-person shooter game)....and last but definitely not least, SUPER The Empire Strikes Back.....stick out tongue

Stealth Agent
Alright i went to borders looking for what started after Rotj. i got really confused there were alot of books with differenet authors i didnt know how many alternate timelines there were or who was grouped together.
i picked up Jedi Search by kevin J. Anderson. Also I have Star Wars The glove of Darth Vader by paul Davids and hollace davids.. Also out of interest i picked up Star Wars labryinth of evil

Can anyone help or advise me.

Stealth Agent

"The Glove of Darth Vader" isn't very good, and isn't considered real "EU-canon". wink
Books to pick up> For Clone Wars: Republic Commando: Hard Contact; Jedi Trial; Yoda Rendevouz (or something like that :confusedsmile; Labyrinth of Evil is supposed to be good, which you picked up, and it leads into Ep. III; get some of the Republic Comics as well. wink
For OT Time: The Han Solo series by Brian Daley, and the one by A.C. Crispin; definitely Shadows of the Empire, which is set in-between ANH and ESB. wink
Others there are, yet those are usually best....wink

Stealth Agent
alright well i was looking for what leads after the OT trilogy, is jedi Search where I should start

No...too far ahead.....that's seven years after RotJ....wink
Start with Truce at Bakura.....wink

In most of the books, there should be a timeline somewhere, either before the story begins or in the back. That will list the years the book take place in relation to the films.

My reccommendations:
Pre PT: Tales of the Jedi vol 1-6. May be available through (the comic company which produces them, type Tales of the Jedi into their search box). I work in a comic shop, and these were recently made available again so get them quick, they're really good.

Followed by "Jedi vs Sith" from Dark Horse which introduces Darth Bane, the sith who's name was acutally Darth. The tales tells of how he forces the sith into the "only two are there" rule.

Then I reccomend "Jango Fett Open Seasons" from Dark Horse which explains Fett's back story, tells of the end of the Mandalorians, and how Jango becomes the clone army model.

Then I'd read the novel (I forget the title, somebody help me out) by Greg Bear that takes place between episodes I and II. Its about Anakin's training, and how he talks to Qui-gon's ghost and no one believes him. It also shows an early brush with the Dark Side.

Then the Clone Wars novels, these have a time line in them. I personally reccommend, in this order since they lead into the film well: Jedi Trial (Anakin's knighthood and how he earns it), Dark Rendezvous (Yoda tries to bring Dooku back to the light), and Labrynth of Evil (Anakin and Obi-wan try to find Darth Sidious, great book, the last third leads directly into ROTS, like a cut away from the opening scene).

Also the Clone Wars series from Dark Horse which goes by the name of Star Wars Republic. But you can get them as Clone Wars Volume 1-5 (collected editions) to get up to speed faster and cheaper than buying individual issues which can get costly. That series is hot.

Then Shadows of the Empire (novel) which is between ESB and ROTJ. Great great great book.

Then Truce at Bakurra (novel) which takes place immediately after ROTJ.

Followed by Courtship of Princess Leia (novel) about her marriage to Han.

Then the Thrawn trilogy by Timothy Zahn.

Then the Jedi Search trilogy you have the first book for. Not the best read, but useful since its how Luke restarts the Jedi.

Then I'd skip ALL the other crap until the the Hand of Thrawn duology which takes place right before the NJO and features Luke's marriage.

Then the WHOLE NJO since it features Han and Leia's kids acutally being cool (reasonably), some interesting bit with Chewie (I don't want to be specific if you haven't heard what he does), and just a whole lotta other cool stuff.

And that will bring you up to date.

The Timothy Zahn trilogy "Heir to the Empire" etc were the first to be released and imo by far the best quality. Even now after all these years I go back and re-read them.

If I had it to do over again I would still start with the Zahn trilogy.

Yeah, those books really are the cream of the EU crop. I've really been suprised with the quality of some of the Clone Wars novels and comics lately. Seems like Lucasfilm is really watching them more nowadays and not just letting anybody with a literary agent take a crap on Star Wars. It only took 'em, what?, like ten years to realize the reason the Zahn books sold so well was that they were actually well written!

I suggest Splinter of the Mind's Eye if you want a good laugh.

Splinter of the Mind's Eye. And yeah...really not remotely close to where everything went with the Saga...good call Lance!

Edited...for some reason I was thinking of Splinter of the Mind's Eye and Spector of the Past at the same time...laughing out loud

No!!! don't mix the good books with the bad!!! laughing

I didn't mean to! It's because the post before mine mentioned Timothy Zahn...and I was thinking the Thrawn Trilogy and Hand of Thrawn Duology

Stealth Agent
Alright thanks guys, Arn't comics the hardest to get ahold of and the most expensive?

only if you go for the individual issues. The collected editions are much cheaper, they can be anywhere from 10-30 bucks, but they never really acrue value. So you should always pay cover price. Luckily, all the Star Wars comics get printed by dark horse comics so if you head over to their site ( and browse the star wars comics, you can find all the ones I listed for regular price plus shipping. You can also try and barnes& since they have used book sections on their sites, sometimes you can find trade paperbacks (the collected editions) for less than cover price. But yeah, I strongly reccoment NOT trying to get individual issues if your interest is merely for reading them as it can get very costly. So for your purposes, the Trade Paper Backs are perfect.

Stealth Agent
alright thanks guys i really appreciate this

Try to get the RotS: Visual Dictionary - it helps to blend together the Clone Wars EU and Movie Canon....wink

Stealth Agent
Hey what was the name of the book/comic where luke turned to the darkside?????

Dark Empire I and II. wink

Stealth Agent
cool thanks those book or comics

Comics. wink
Empire I was good, but after that, it sorta' went....too EU. wink

If u want to kno about the beginning of the sith wars play the old republic
1)the greatest game
2)star wars
3) It will tell u about the old republic

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