Freddy's Song

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Could sum1 tell me that song the little girls we're singing in Freddy vs. Jason I know it starts:
1, 2 Freddy's Coming For You
3, 4 Better Lock The Door
Then 9, 10 Never Sleep again
But I don't remember the rest.

1, 2 freddys coming for you
3,4 better lock your door
5,6 grab a crucifix
7,8 gonna stay up late
9,10 never sleep again


there is like 3 diff versions to it ..

1,2 blah blah blah
7,8 gonna stay up late

and another version is

7,8 better stay awake
9,10 hes back again

I thought you were referring to the Stephen Sondheim song from the toe-tappin' musical "Freddy!":

(verse 1)
Why must they shun me?
Why must they treat me so shab-bi-ly?
Just because I slaughter their children in their dreams
Sometimes it though they are holding a grudge
I'm not one to judge
But I wish I could be loved like a flower in the raiiiiiin

While I sharpen my claws
On unsuspecting teens
I simply must take a pause
and knowwwwww...I'm fulfilling my dreams

(tap dance solo)

(Repeat chorus)

(verse 2)
Look out Broadway! I'm comin' for youuuuu!
You ain't seen nothin' till you see what I dooooo!
Here comes your Freddy, your American doll!
Look at me ma, I'm the king of them allllll!

Yessiree! the king...of them allllllll!

laughing out loud there aren't really any different versions some of em' just had different voices.

Evil Dead
Original song:

1-2 Freddy's coming for you
3-4 Better lock your door
5-6 Grab your crucifix
7-8 Better stay up late
9-10 Never sleep again

There have been slight variations over the years......I do recall one time the last line being "Freddy's back again"......but that is the only one I can think of. Sometimes people say "GET your crucifix" instead of "Grab your crucifix"......or "GONNA stay up late" instead of "Better stay up late".......but I cannot find any movie where those words are substituted. I chok that up to the person either not paying attention while the song is being sang or the person having a bad memory. If anybody (JasonKrueger) can give me the specific movie (round about scene preferably) where you believe these words were substituted, by all means tell me. I'll pop in the dvd real quick to check.

haha my friend says it was 7 8 dont stay up too late!! eek! laughing


1 2 Jason's coming for you
3 4 Better lock your door
5 6 Get your crucifix
7 8 Don't stay out too late
9 10 You'll never be seen again!

hi anyone watch jc2

I always thought it was "7, 8, Gonna stay up late" for kind of a word variation. "3, 4, Better lock your door" so they wouldn't use the word "better" again.

I thought it would be better instead of "3, 4, Better lock your door" it would be "3, 4, He's at your door". Does anyone think a locked door can stop Freddy? It kinda slowed him down in the first movie, but didn't stop him.

not really the point, a locked door wont stop many people if their determined to get inside

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