The Best Game Of All Time

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This is a few weeks old but it is still goin on, go and vote NOW

This is awesome! I like some of the old match ups, Mario 3 vs. Tetris. 'Was sorry to see Goldeneye go down... wink

that's completely assnine. how can you even put starcraft in the same genre as Counter-strike...

Rogue Jedi
tekken tag tournament is the best game ever.

I'd say one of these maybe??:

1. PacMan
2. Kingdom Hearts 1/2
3. Final Fantasy VII, X, X-2 (maybe), and XI
4. Gran Turismo 3 and 4 (I like
5. Tetris (can get pretty frustrating
6. Mario Bros. 1+2+3, etc.
7. And the list goes on and on and on....

Worst Games of all time:

1. Midnight Club 1 and maybe 2
2. ??

I dunno...I like SC better than CS messed

Unreal Tournament 2004
Quake 2
NBA Street Vol. 2
Cant think of any more right now...

Vice City! or The Thing

Red Superfly
The Legend Of Zelda and Metal Gear Solid need to be represented.

Probably Final Fantasy 7, Metal Gear solid

Half Life

Over a, they've got a Most Pop Game ever. So far, I'm 3/3 going soon to be 4/4 in the tournoment. Make sure u vote over there and help me out.

mad Doom lost too Mario mad

Vote Metriod for 4/6/04. I want to go at least 25/32 in the first round. Vote Metroid at

my fav game is uhh ..
Socom 2 ... online ....
its not so much my fav as it is ... i play the most ..

Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour expansion.... for me.....

Someone guess as to what I'm gonna say.

Bad Wolf

General Zodiac
My favorite game is...Resident Evil 4 or Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Originally posted by Linkalicious
that's completely assnine. how can you even put starcraft in the same genre as Counter-strike... you took the words out my mouth...

"Half life defeats diablo II" ?... wtf... thats even worse than the versus forum's "Wonder woman vs Brolli" thread


I remember that feature that Gamespy had.
I also remember that Half Life won against SMB3.
Also, that Halo beat HalfLife, but then the guys at gamespy relized that it got hacked and every vote was a fake vote for Halo. So they redid it and Half Life won.

Its not far fetched that it did because Half Life is one of the best games out there, but so is SMB3, and some others.

black robb
Where is Perfect Dark,City of Heroes,or GTA San Andreas at?

Alpha Centauri
Resident Evil 4.


Red Superfly
Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

Resident Evil 4

Half-Life/Half-Life 2

One of these gets my vote. I'm basing this off of sheer gameplay experience, a big epic adventure where you feel truly part of something while feeling cool as hell, not to mention these games have the perfect difficulty curve, and whatever they do, they do it expertly. They can get challenging, but are a joy to play from beginning to end.

If we were talking multiplayer then Goldeneye and/or Counterstrike would get my vote.

But, I'd like to go with Zelda. It was magic in a cartridge.

1)Legend of Zelda Ocarina Of Time.

2)Link to the past

3)Super Mario Bros 3

4)Metroid Prime

5)Secret of Mana

Thats some odd taste there...

Originally posted by CorderaMitchell
Thats some odd taste there...

lol whys that? Those games are good!!!

Best game of all time?

If it had multiplayer, RE4. But sadly, no.

Red Superfly
Originally posted by CorderaMitchell
Thats some odd taste there...

No it isn't. That's a damn fine list if I may say so.

I forgot about Mario Bros. 3. That should be recognised as being one truly ground-breaking game, especially mainly because it did amazing new things like the level-select-map system (which hadn't been done before then). Not only that but the Green Boot Of Death was the best power up ever!

Originally posted by Alpha Centauri
Resident Evil 4.


It was THAT good?

I loved the old duke nukem. eek!

Baldur's gate for life, #1 and #2

Ast Rofan
1. LoZ: Ocarina of Time(doesnt look to fall anytime soon)
2. Super Mario Bros. 3
3. Resident Evil 4
4. Perfect Dark(hours of multiplayer madness)
5. GTA III(may have been outdone by SA, but this game was revolutionary and has led to many now common things like open ended gameplay and massive living worlds)


Mike Tyson's Punch Out. Best and funniest game ever, especially when the Chinese guy moved his eyebrows, or King Hippo's reaction when he was punched in the stomach.

Final Fantasy 6.

General Zodiac
1=Super Mario Bros
2=Sonic the Hedgehog 2
3=Halo 2 (Online play never gets old)
4=Resident Evil 4
5=Final Fantasy 7 (Everyone loves this game)

Ast Rofan
Originally posted by General Zodiac
5=Final Fantasy 7 (Everyone loves this game)

Not everyone stick out tongue

I cant stand the FF games, I like to believe I am actually playing a game when I am playing a game. confused

half life 2

Best games of all time in no particular order:

Super Mario Bros. 3,
Zelda: Ocarina of Time,
Deus Ex,
GTA.... VC or SA
Grim Fandango,
Discworld Noir,
Res Evil 2,
Res Evil 4,
Total War : Rome
Thief II,
Ninja Gaiden.

Marvel vs Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes

GoldenEye or original Mario

second best = Halo 2

Final Fantasy VII, Resident Evil 4, Halo 2, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, or Super Mario Bros.

This is such a f*cking hard choice, but i'd probably go with...Super Mario World.


Super Smash Bros. Melee is definetly is my best game for the Gamecube, it's f*cking hard to choose between Super Mario World and Melee though. I might just have to go with Melee.

Yeah. Melee never gets old. So much to do in that game and its fun beating your friends when they are Ganondorf or Bowser with Pichu or Peach. laughing

Hahahahaha yeah.

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