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Since DN and I both are writing it, it should classify as multiple author, right? Well anyway, here's a little....

Blaster entered the room without waiting. He needed desperately to speak with his boss about the situation they were in. As soon as he got to his desk, though, his thoughts took an abrupt turn for silence. Someone was in his chair.
Blaster steamed with rage. His red face and narrow eyes didn't attract his visitor's attention. He took out his gun and thought back to the last time he had fed his crocodiles. They'll be hungry today...
Quietly, without so much as squeaking a floorboard, Blaster_86 crept toward the mahogany chair, which was facing the map covered wall. He put his finger on the trigger and brought his target into range. Adrenaline rushed through his body, and he could feel the smile crack on his lips. One less worker. At once, the chair spun around, revealing Nerian Apocca grinning wickedly. Blaster jumped back a few steps in amazement. Realizing he was still aiming his gun at his boss, he backed away and lowered his arm. His eyes rested on the torn and bloodied clothes of the man in his chair. The sleeves of his shirt were ripped off, showing his muscular biceps.
"Twinkle..." Nerian began in a sarcastic tone, raising a bushy eyebrow. "Do you have the card?"
Blaster groaned, hearing his despised last name. "Yes, sir."
"May I see it?"
"Roper has it."
"Ah..." Nerain breathed, gritting his teeth. "Roper. Just the guy I wanted to see. You see, there are rumors that he killed my wife..."
Suddenly, little Tamika, Nerian's step-daughter, rushed into the room. She noticed her step-father and hid behind Blaster.
"Come here, sweetie," cooed Nerian. Tamika continued to cower behind Blaster's pant-leg. "What have you done to my daughter, Twinkle?!"
"You mean My Daughter," replied Blaster.
"But..." stammered Nerian. "You! You shall die for this insult!"
"Bring it on!" cried Blaster_86, pulling his gun out again.

Add on, and have a ball... This should be good evil face

Both Nerian and Blaster aimed their weapons at each other, the sight leveled to their repective heads. Neither hand quivered nor did their eyes betray weakness. They were at an impasse. Tamika stood motionless, not of fear but in bewilderment. Time stood still as each man face one another, their gazes intent. Tamika whimpered.

That's when it happened. Without turning, Nerian's eyes went to Tamika. It was the last thing he did. Blaster lowered his weapon as he lifted the little girl and held her close. Tears streamed from her eyes and her heart pounded like a jackhammer within her little body.

Blaster looked at the dead sprawled body of Nerian. Blood and brain matter covered the wall and window just behind the dead Nerian.

A thought came to Blaster. Escape. But with Tamika in tow, she would be a hindrance, a liability. He had to find a safehouse and quick.

I don't wanna interfere...

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You are correct, it goes here.

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