original x-men vs original fantastic four

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cray z 4 sarah
sorry if its been done before but i thought of it and i thought it would be a great battle, consider the fact that this is the original teams with original power levels (example invisible woman can not create force fields, thing can only lift 5 tons, iceman is not practicaly a demigod, angel has no healing factor or mystic sword):
ff- invisible woman, human torch, mr.fantastic, thing
x-men- iceman, jean grey, cyclops, angel, beast

please disregard this post

cray z 4 sarah
"please disregard this post"

what do you mean? was there something wrong

Alpha Centauri
This is over before it starts.

Literally. Absolutely NO contest whatsoever.


Actually it MIGHT be somewhat of a battle. Johnny could only throw fireballs. The Thing was only Class 5 at the time. IW could only turn invisible. And MF was still inexperienced with his powers.

Same with the X-Men.

The FF4 would still win though.

i realise everyone is siding with the FF on this, but if you split it up and look at it it isn't that clear cut

Thing: class 5, Tough hide Vs Beast: class 1, agility + speed = either way
Torch: flight, fireballs, is hot Vs Ice-Man: slides, snowballs, is cold = Torch
I-Woman: Invisible Vs Jean Grey: limited TK and telepathy, will be able to find I-W = Jean
Mr Fantastic Stretchy, smart Vs Angel: Flight, can be annoying = Mr F

so we got 2 for the FF and 1 for X-Men with Thing and Beast undecided.... but in the earliest version of the 2 teams Cyclops is the most powerful and would take out Thing no sweat, then Torch, with I-Woman down that leaves mr stretchy......... he won't last long

X-Men win

Agreed. This is HARDLY a no-contest. You guys rate the FF as highly as you do mainly because of Sue. At the time, Sue was considered the weakest member of the 4. I say X-men take this handily.

Sue could only turn invisible back then. She was extremely weak.

Although nowadays she can take on nearly half of Marvel Earth.

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