Colossus vs. Ironman

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clownAlright. The X-men are sick of being made clowns of.
If theyre gonna take down the Avengers, someone has to be a match for Ironman.
Colossus has been the biggest clown of all the X-men. Poor Petey...we know. So do you think the Originators had Colossus someday being a match for the Invincible Ironman.
I think so.
I know theres another thread with these two and someone else in it. I hope its ok to trim it down to one on one matches.


if colossus can get a hold of him maybe... though i don't think tony is stupid enough to get that close...


Iron Man.

Tony's too smart and resourceful for Pete.

What is Colosus ? A strong tough guy... Badly, Ironman is stronger and more durable than Colosus, what the hell he gonna do ?
Colosus is really no match for IM.

iron man is not more durable than colossus

Tony Stark
I think just as durable at worst. IMO

I would disagree about the durability question. As an example, I'm forced to use an Ultimate X-Men issue (I realize the Ultimate series isn't always the greatest benchmark for power structure) but they actually "fought" once in an issue. Tony has just flown through a wall of a building, Peter is inside...Colossus jumps in front of him as IM flies by and Colossus merely stands there while IM goes accordion against C's body. He's not seriously injured, but he's made pretty useless in the fight.
So "just as durable" I would refute because of that. That said, this was a special case where IM didn't know what was happening until it was too late. In a deathmatch situation, Tony would be more aware...but honestly, Peter's not an idiot, so even though Tony is "smarter" I'd still vote for Colossus.

Cosmic Cube
Iron Man and Colossus are at equal strength, and durability levels. However, Iron Man is WAY faster, able to attain speeds of Mach 10 or greater. He also has far greater reflexes, thanks to his armor's sentience. And let's not forget the repulsor blasts, uni beam, and his host of other potent high-tech weaponry. Colossus is outmatched.

He only had one sentient armor, which was a bizarre mistake unable to be duplicated. However, I still go with Iron Man.

the "sentience" in the sentient armour was an earlier version of Ultron (the one that fell in love with Pym)

Iron Man is too resourceful for colossus, he can switch attacks in an instant...... go from fists to repulsors to sonics to missiles to uni beam, or he can mix and match with these all while keeping up his force field

I think that iron man is too much for colossus. Colossus has only strenght and durability. Iron man has strenght and durability, but also he can fly, he has repulsors armors, laser rays, missiles, sonics, uni beam, force fields, etc. Also, stark is smarter than colossus.

IM is just too smart, resourceful, powerful... for Col. He'd beam through Col's armor with an energy ray.

black wolverine
iron man would beat him i love collosus but ironman is too smart for pioter

pluse ironman is a mexican

Iron Man is Mexican?

When the hell did this happen and more importantly, what factor does his "Mexican" ethnicity play into the outcome of a battle?

I dont see how IM can hurt Colossus. But being that he can fly and has projectile weapons its not really a fair fight. So IM might win. But if IM is dumb enough to go hand to hand he goes down imo.

Tony's definitely not dumb enough to go hand to hand with Colossus, even though he's done it against the Hulk.

I just don't see Colossus winning this one.

ironman class 100 colossus class 100

the equal in strength but ironman would win hes to much for piotr.

hand to hand colossus can take him, but if tony keeps his distance his payload will do all the work for him...

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