who plays stacy from the stacy's mom video?

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can anyone here tell me who plays stacy in the stacy's mom video by fountains of wayne? and maybe somebody can also tell me the mother's name from the video.thanks for the help guys. Happy Dance

i slayed buffy
the mum is rachel hunter

yeah she is married to rod stewart

total metalhead
poor gal confused

yeah i know thats foul

Evil Dead
I thought her and Stewart got divorced a few years back.........I'm soooo out of the loop.

yeah......Hunter has been the inspiration for many a masturbatory fantasy for me.

nobody knows the girl's name then? thanks for hte help guys

Her name is Gianna Distenca.

This is confirmed on the official website of Rachel Hunter; Rachel Hunter herself says so. Scroll about halfway down on this page.

Wasn't she on the cover of a recent magazine??

thanks roundisfunny

Can anyone here tell me exactly what happend at the end of the satcy's mom video. cus i know she goes in and sees something but i dont know what exactly she sees confused

he is masturbating

okay........i was going to ask that too..........

Beyond Image
you sound like Mary's brother from Something about Mary.


twas a nice little piss take on 'fun times a ridgemont high' (i think that was the name of the movie, Evil Dead, you know?)

it was fast times at ridgmont high

i knew it was something along those lines!

her and rod stewart divorced a long time ago - Rachel Hunter dated idiot Robbie Williams for awhile

Jackie Malfoy
There is a music video on that song?Cool!Where can I see it.If it is online anyone have a link for it?jmJumpy

hayden's minx
Is the little boy the same lad from the offspring video for original prankster ... you know where he puts dog sh*t on the sandwich.

Gianna Distenca i think is the most Perfect girl i have ever seen. If i ever met this girl i would Definatly Die for her because i am 14 and life with girls have gone real bad with me.............

the girls nme in stcys mum video is gianna distenca. hope this helps

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