Me, myself and I!

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Sick Girl
Hello everyone!
Please allow me to introduce myself, i'm a 25 year old from germany. =)
I found this site while searching for some movie infos and found it very interesting, i registered and the rest is history... wink
I hope i'll meet a lot of nice people here and have some good discussions about the movies!

Bienvenidos al mundo del KMC welcome2

Welcome wavey

Hello and welcome to KMC. clap


hey wavey
welcome to kmc
im sure youll have fun happy

Sick Girl
thanks everybody for the warm welcome! happy
it takes a lil to read through this board (and i am not done yet ^^) but from what i can say now it seems fun and entertaining to be here!
*goes back to read some more* cool

Slytherin Girl
Welcome Sick Girl bunny

Welcome to the forums.

Bun Bun

hey i new too and i also found this site looking for info

Welcome to KMC may i take your order? smile


Maya Zurak
und nochmal... bin ich hier ^^
konichiwa + hola + hallo + hello...

Sick Girl
thanxs again to everybody! big grin i feel more and more welcome here!
@corran: nice introduction^^
@Maya: hehe, vielen dank! stimmt....du hast hier schon mal geschrieben. (back to englishsmile i see....already you changed your name?!

Maya Zurak
Yes ^^'

I tried to use Slytherin Girl
but few days later I've decided to come back to my old nick ^^
you can find me in google too xD

Sick Girl
i think i will try that out later...=)
oh and congrats n your new job as barmaid in the pub!
we are colleagues now i guess ^^

Maya Zurak
right! hehe ...
it takes us not long ago to find a job ^^
wooo... sure we'll have lot of fun @work !!!

Sick Girl
yeah, wanted to say the same!
i am only here for like a week and already have a job!
looking forward to work with you at the pub!^^

Maya Zurak
sure me too!!!
thats crazy xDD

and we live so close each other *g*
i can drive you home... hahaha

Sick Girl
we can alternate with the driving. i drive at the one day, you at the next...
where does Kharhmah come from? maybe we can drive her home too?

Maya Zurak
good question, we can ask her!

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