Thing vs. Gambit

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blue_bandanaWhat happens when two of the cooler hero's go toe to toe?shaun

long pig accidently put gambit in this instead of a worthy adversary...ehh its ok..happens to the best of us.

If gambit can charge things without making contact, then he wins. Otherwise, thing wins

if gambit charges the thing he'll win like eleven inches said but if he shoots through the cracks he might win and gambit could sooo beat beast <grumble> fan boys

Gambit will be a cajun-style pancake when Ben's done with him....this is so not-a-fight.

Is the Thing's stone hide a "inorganic matter". If so I think Gambit could manage to dodge most of the Thing's attacks so he can gradually charge the Thing's body. Although the Thing would win 99% of the time in my opinion.

the Thing is all organic, Gambit can't charge him....... and after 10 seconds of fighting the Thing, he won't be able to do anything ever again

Tony Stark
Ben would go Rocky "pun intended" on Gambit. Really a non-fight IMO.
THING wins handily.

i do wonder if his hide is organic...someone should find out.

well, gambit is fast enough to dodge most of thing's attacks, but all it takes is one hit.

the only way gambit wins is if he charges up like something about the size of a trash can. think about it: gambits cards cause grenade-like damage. a trash can lid would probably be something like a fighter jet missile.

Thing is organic....he may look like rock, but he IS organic

define organic...cuz rocks ARE organic... Maybe you guys meant "non-living"

In which case...uhh no the thing is NOT non-living.

organic in the sense that his skin is still skin....just extremely extremely eztremely dense and durable

thing wins no challange

If Thing can go toe-to-toe with the Hulk for prolonged periods of time,
then I highly doubt Gambit's cards are gonna hurt him that much.....
afterall, Gambit's charges are NOT more powerful than the Hulk......

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