Life in Cali.

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"Wake up Roy!Wake up" What i said.Then it was silent.My eyes slowly cracked open.The sun's ray hit my face with incredible force.I yawned and went to the bathroom to bursh my teeth and wash my face. Then my little brother came out his room.He was always energitic until that accident.
He just walked past me,like i wasn't there.My father went to work so i had the house to myself.It was 10:00 o'clock." Dam yo,I'm late".I put on my white and black barraklies,dickies white tee and and black jeans.I also took my flag.I walked through the 'Tiggas' block. One of them gave me a look while the others gave my 'those' looks.I got to Andre's house.His house was all white in a orange house neigerhood.He just came outta juve so he was very strong.I rang the door bell.
Andre came.He didn't even sleep.We just did our handshake.He walked up to his room.He turned around and looked at me.Andre was 5'6. Half of his afro was braieded the other half was an afro with a pic in it.U could tell he was from the hood."how u doing man". 'I'm good.How bout u.Still on the that heavy shit.He took out a big blunt and lite it up.
"Yep".He replied with a smrick on his face.We entered his room.
It had a whitebed a tv and a cabnet.He opened the cabinet and in it 4 colt,5 magnums and an uzi."I was stunned" where u get all these burners from" I said.From the last driveby.
Oh.those Tiggas are gonna pay he said.they killed ur mother.U goota do somein'.I was afraid.I never killed a person.Ever since the last driveby i became a "Marc" to get revenge on the Tigas.

This is my life in Cali

I'm maaad tried.N e ways.This a story about a boy named Roy.He is a "Marc".A gang in Cali that wear all white.And the rival gang are called the Tiggas.They wear orange.One day his mama got shot by the Tiggas and he wants revenge.So he become Marc.

As the story goes on he relizes he is doing the wrong thing.But one day he kills a Tigga and he is afraid even go outside.His brother plays a important role in this too.Uhh that it for now.Part 2 is on its way

i like ur story cooties!!

Tx u Ignite.Uhh
it could be beter

it culd be worse stick out tongue


Ok part 2.

We pulled up on Piru street.There were mad Tiggas near their cars.One of them was smoking while the another one had a crobar in his hand.I bet there were 24 of them one just one block.They were all wearing orange tee's and had orange caddillacs.There were only 10 of us.
We pulled up on the curve of the street.Andre came out walking towards the Tiggas leaders.The Tig's leader had a thick goatee and was very bulky."Who is that" I asked Mic."Thats the Tiggas leader.He went to jail for 10 years and when he came out he started their clique"

After standing in the middle of the block for about 5 mintues Andre came back.He looked shooked."What did he say"I ask.Andre looked me dead in the eye.For some reason his eyes were always cold and sent a jolt thought my body."We're playing on their turf....They're using burners.Every man for himself..I can't help you Roy".....There was a eerie silence.I was leaning on the car trying to lookk calm but deep in i was scared as hell.My palms were sweating,my pupils contracted and my throat was dry as if i was in a dessert.Ok i said with a shook in my voice.Suddenly the Tiggas came running at us.I took out my colt shaking it violently.I took off the safety and fired it,The blast almost sent me flying back wards.Mic ran behind the car shooting randomly everyone in orange.
I couldn't believe my eyes.My best friend Mic shooting kids his age like he had no soul,no mind,no heart.As if he was a mass murderer.Andre pushed me down and started shooting Tiggas wildly.As soon in less than 5 seconds i saw 6 kids fall to the ground.There was a puddle of blood where they rest dead.

I ran behind the gun reloading my colt.Suddenly there was a hail of bullets over my head."They're using uzis" shouted Andre warning me and Mic not to get up.I looked under the bottom of the car and saw 10 kids drop in an instant.It was a massacre. All the Tiggas started backing up and entering their cars.

Mic ran out behind the coverage of the car shouting his gun wildily."Nooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"I shouted.Then the bullets from his gun stop.I peeked over the car and saw Mic fall to the pavement.At this point my heart stopped beating."Mic!!!Noooooo!!"

I ran to his side.He was shot four times.His eyes were still open and the Tiggas started laughing.As if it were a joke.I looked the Tiggas way.Pointing my gun to one of their heads.I was not thinking.I pulled the trigger.I shot the driver.The car spunned outta controll and the car rolled over and Andre and the rest of the Marcs shoot the car.

"Why" i asked to my self..."Why"......

Uhh.this part of the story is mostly 3rd person.
I won't give away the plot so i won't say any more.

i still like it big grin

Tx u.
U make a story Iggy.
I am looking forward for it

me make one? not brave enuff to let ppl read it

U don't have to right about urself.
How about a love or sci-fi story.
Oh my new aka name is Lem'n'Lime.Why??Cause i like green and yellow.
Mostly green.
Tx any way.

i have others yeh ...but still its weird showing ppl!!
dont u think?? lol...i cant take rejection

Iggy.If u don't want to u don't have too.
LEM' N 'LIME!!!!!!!!!!!!

lem n lime is cool, but im still gonna call u cooties :P

sooo whats upppppppppppp

No more Cooties.
Lem n Lime.

Darth Odious
what ups Ketchuptome. I think your stuff is pretty cool. It's down to earth and vivid 2. You've got a good sense of diologue. I've never grew up in the hood but I always liked movies like Menace to Society, Juice, and of course New Jack City was big when I was young. Alot of white kids from surburbia weren't rich or poor...we were just f*uckin bored man!
I'm not trying to kiss ass or nothing but I always wanted to write a quick drive by story cause I'm pretty good at writing action scenes.Mine's of a 30's mobster one. I've writing for almost a year now. I just finished my seventh short story and just got the writer's market 2005, I trying to find a publisher but theres alot of then. The books 1000 pages man! you should get it though. It's theshit!!!!!

Darth Odious
I knew Mick was on his way. I had heard of what happened in the night club last night. Hams and his shit for brain crew had waltz into the place with their tommy's and sprayed bullets left to right, like they was watering the lawn. I was mildey pissed. The club was a front for the Max's family, me and Mick included. They only got on of our guy and to be honest I never like him anyways. The guy never brushed his teeth was one of those that had to talk real close to you for some reason. He always got mad when I brought it up, like I'm the one with with a bag of shit stuck in my throat. Good riddance. The rest of the 13 dead were just customers that came in and made the place look respectable. Who care. Plenty of people in the city ya know? Hell it'll put us on the map and we'll have to hire more waiters so the customer don't whine our ears off.
Mick was another story though. Hey I love the guy but he can be a little dramatic if you get my meaning. He ain't like a woman or nothin, he a tough bastard, but yeah think a guy who drank so much coulds be a little
more relaxed. But that didn't. The wind could blow hard and he start ranting about that, with his waving around like an Italian with too much coffee in his guts. One time he was yelling about some guy who cut him of the other day and pulled out his gun and started shooting his own car.
His own car christ sake? Max had a long talk with Mick about but we all knew Max would never drop Mick. He was the first to know Max and help him take out the Commisso family way back. Come to think about it I was in my diapers back then. Funny when ya look back huh?
I sat in apartment and flicked on the radio and waited to hear Micks Packard come roaring around the corner. I lit a smoke and filled my flask with whiskey. Heres to your prohibtion Hoover, I thought, and ya mother too.
I was half way through my smoke when I heard a screeching of brakes.
Some yelled from the side walk at that. Then I heard Mick voice blast across the block.
" Hey go **** ya self ya old prick!" Mick bellowed. I grabbed my my hat and flew out my door and down the stair. I had to before Mick killed the
guy. Max was tired of paying off the cops.
When I walked out of the building Mick almost slammed into me.

Darth Odious
" Hey your ready! Thats good kid, I thought I'd have to bust in and bonk ya on the head." Mick grinned. He was drunker than hell, but never seem to stumble. Just ramble. " What did Max call you? Those ****s, those bastard kids. I swear to god I'm gonna take Hams head myself, you watch and learn. Lets go."
" Hey you can have his head. I'll just take his balls." I smirked.
Mick cackled as he got behind the wheel." That a good one Frank! I should have said that! I looked under the dash and saw a tommy gun waiting for me. I was gonna do the spraying today. I didn't mind since I'm a good shot anyway. Any mack that says ya don't need any skill to mow down a group of dumb goombas hanging out on a corner is probrobly a guy who's never tried it. The timings gotta be right right or else your gonna find yourself reloading halfway through. I always pull the trigger right before I get to the first guys shoulders. By the time I run out bullets, were half way down the block. After that we can run up the street and finish off the rest.
Mick got me out of my head when he handed me the dynamite.
" Holy shit Mickey, you serious?" I muttered with wide eyes.
" Yeah so is Max. I'm gonna throw it over the roof at them while your shooting. Don't worry college boy, I ain't gonna knock your hat off." Mick snickered and fished his flask out of his pocket.
College boy. I read alot of books. Mick says I know too much for a guy who gets paid to kill. He's always cracking on me for being well read.
" Well I'd rather be a college boy than a shit for brains wop like you." I sneered.
Mick chuckled" There ya go Frank, now your talkin like a gangster. Good ol' Frank ain't gettin soft. That's Frank." Mick spun the car around and roared back up the street.
Yeah thats me. Good ol' Frank
I snapped the drum in the tommy gun's belly. Then I cocked it. Now all that came next was the blood and smoke. I wasn't nervous. I never was.
I was just Frank. Thats me.
Thats it for now. I'm gonna finish this up later
I'm out.

blink .... big grin

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