Interesting site, thank you for the welcome!

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Hi, I am probably your senior member. I love movies and always have. I am afraid that many of you are way too young to have experienced the wonderful days at the movies that my generation had. Saturday Matinees, double features with a cliff hanging serial we couldn't miss. Cost 15 cents for all of that. Good clean entertainment too. The movie versions of books really ended the same way then, too.

Anyway, I am a grandmother, retired from the United States, living now in Shanghai, China where I teach English to Chinese students, and to adults. I also train their English teachers. It is exciting and a new adventure everyday.

It is easy to get movies here, they steal everything. Makes me sad in a way, but then I would not get to see them at all if they didn't. The worse part is that those in the inside of the studios and people in the Academy, people in trusted positions, are making extra money, because many of the dvds have "property of.....for screening purposes only...for members of the academy only....and director's screening copy only...not for sale or rent....and this flashes across the screen. No big loss to the buyer as they only cost the equivalent of 1.20 u.s. but what a loss to the artists and to the studios, too bad!.. anyway, hello and thanx for the welcome.

Bienvenidos al mundo del KMC welcome2

long pig
A grandmother!
Grammies= All thats is awesome!

wave hello

Seyo Kane
Welcome there, Baiyun. A bad matter, all this piracy stuff.

hey welcome to KMC!!

Welcome to humanity's greatest product of insanity - The KMC forums.

Welcome Baiyun. I totall agree in regards to people stealing movies. It looks like the Motion Picture Association is really cracking down. I just read about them arresting some college student for doing this.

Mr Parker
Wow,you sound like a really interesting person.welcome. smile

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